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Seattle Flying Dragon Boat Club
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Event: Seattle
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Seattle Flying Dragons Fundraising Page

Paddling for a Cure!


Thanks for coming to the Seattle Flying Dragons fundraising page for the 2011 Row for the Cure.  Row for the Cure offers both paddlers and non-paddlers the chance to make a difference in the lives of many. Each stroke we take and every dollar you contribute helps in the fight to prevent and cure breast cancer.

The Seattle Flying Dragons will be paddling in this event -- hopefully with two full boats of paddlers and a couple of ''virtual boats' filled with contributors!

To fill each virtual dragon boat we need 20 virtual paddlers, 1 virtual steersperson, and 1 virtual drummer. A $25 donation will earn you a spot in one of our virtual boats.

We'll write down your name on a dragon boat seating chart and carry you with us during the race. Or, if you know someone who is in treatment, who is a survivor, or who has died from breast cancer, We'd be honored to carry that person's name instead. Just let us know. Contact Carol Horowitz, chhorowitz@msn.com, of the Flying Dragons if you have any questions or would like to make a special request.

You can all truly come along with us on race day.  So will you, or someone you love who has been touched by this disease, please join us as a virtual paddler?

Donate right here and come along with us on race day, September 18! And thank you!

Donor Name Date Amount
Jennifer Costales 10/26/11 $100.00
Nancy Coleman 9/28/11 $25.00
Nancy Coleman 9/28/11 $25.00
Danco Improvements 9/22/11 $50.00
Karen Johnson 9/22/11 $25.00
Theresa & Donald Choy 9/22/11 $25.00
Lee & Jean Bjorklund 9/18/11 $200.00
Marjorie Horowitz 9/18/11 $25.00
Anonymous 9/18/11 $100.00
Anonymous 9/17/11 $500.00
Judy Bowden 9/17/11 $25.00
Sarah Lewontin 9/16/11 $50.00
Kathleen O'Keeffe 9/15/11 $25.00
Carol Proud 9/15/11 $25.00
David Horowitz 9/15/11 $25.00
Heather Vick 9/14/11 $25.00
Susan Johnson 9/14/11 $25.00
Arthur Jenkins 9/14/11 $25.00
Bruce Finlayson 9/14/11 $25.00
Joan Morgan 9/14/11 $50.00
Sharon Kaylen 9/13/11 $25.00
Clare Bright 9/13/11 $50.00
Gabriel Shapiro 9/11/11 $25.00
Marilyln Jacobson 9/11/11 $10.00
Jean Langford 9/10/11 $25.00
Alice Goldberg 9/9/11 $25.00
Martha McLean 9/9/11 $100.00
Debra Kappler 9/9/11 $50.00
Linda Robinson 9/9/11 $50.00
Keith Baillie 9/9/11 $25.00
Farida Dowler 9/8/11 $25.00
Meg Brennand 9/8/11 $75.00
Patricia Reeves 9/7/11 $25.00
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