22nd Annual Busfield Regatta

  • Hosted By: Binghamton Rowing
  • Cancelled

22nd Annual Busfield Memorial Regatta

April 18th, 2020

Registration is on Regatta Central.


The Busfield Memorial Regatta is a Collegiate/Open 2k Sprint race held in Owego, New York at the Hiawatha Island Boat Club. The racecourse, on the Susquehanna River, is suitable for 3 lanes of rowing and allows for a "floating start". Both Novice and Varsity events are held each year. It is organized by the Binghamton University Rowing Club and officiated by US Rowing referees.



3348 NY-17C, Owego, NY 13827


Race Organizers:

Nicholas Suarez and Meaghan McNair: [email protected]


About the Race

The race will be run according to the rules of USRowing with the following local exceptions/notes:

  • 2000 meter sprint, 3 lanes, unbuoyed (4 buoys, marking 500m, 1000m, 1500m and finish), racing is with the current, floating start
  • This race is early in the season so in the interests of safety racers are strongly advised to dress warmly including long sleeves and leg coverings; racers will not be allowed on the water with short sleeves and leg coverings should the temperatures be such that hypothermia is a possibility with such clothing
  • Boat Safety Checks will be carried out and no boat will be permitted to launch that does not meet these requirements:

    From the Rules of Rowing:

    • Requirement of a bowball on the boat that meets the specifications in Article III (“Equipment”)

    • Requirement of foot release devices that meets the specifications in Article III (“Equipment”)

      3-105 Bowballs

      Every boat shall have a supple or plastic ball, of a white or fluorescent color, firmly attached and mounted on its bow, unless equivalent provision for visibility and protection against puncture injury is included in the boat’s basic construction. The bowball shall be at least 4 centimeters in diameter.

      3-108 Footgear Release (*)

      (a) In all boats, the foot stretchers, shoes or other devices holding the feet of the Rowers shall be a type which allows the Rowers to get clear of the boat with no delay.

      (b) Where shoes or other devices holding the feet will remain in the boat, each shoe or device shall be independently restrained such that the heel will not lift more than three inches (7.5 cm) above the foot board to which it is anchored.

  • The floating start is very similar to a stake boat start. Coxswains must row past the start ~500 meters max and turn around. Before the start of the race, the referee will begin asking coxswains to align the boats and will give commands for coxswains to back/paddle. Since the boats are likely to be moving slightly with the current, there may be a delay in making sure all boats are lined up together. Please be patient!
  • The legitimacy of the start will be determined by the referee, and once started no protests about the start will be entertained. The referee may restart the race based on his discretion
  • Winners of each heat will be awarded medals. Heats will be constructed to promote competitive racing
  • The start times listed on Regatta Central and our website are subject to change as determined by the number of entries; the revised start times will be listed in the race instructions available on site but will not be prior to the times posted herein


Race Day Information

Course/Race Notes

  • Races will be 10 minutes apart
  • There are 1 docks. The left side of the dock is reserved for launching and the right side of the dock is reserved for docking (as observed from land)
  • Launching
    • Crews will launch 30 minutes before their start time
    • Boats will approach the left dock with their bow-ball first
    • Bow balls and heel ties will be inspected prior to launching
    • Boats launching from the docks will abide by a left-hand rule, contrary to common practice
    • The start is approximately 1.2km upstream from the docks
  • Crews must row past the start and turn around for a floating start (floating start details in section above)
    • The warm-up area is located just beyond the starting line. Do not row beyond ~500m because that area usually has a few shallow spots
  • Race Markers
    • The start will be marked by a white flag along the trees on the same side as the dock
    • There will be red buoys marking every 500m and the finish
    • The docks also signify ~800m left in the race
    • An audible horn will be used to signal each boat crossing the finish
  • Finish/Docking
    • There is only about 200m between the finish line and the shore. 
    • Crews must turn around and follow the same left-hand rule when returning to the docks. 

The following map shows the race course and key locations. 

Racecourse Map

Parking, Trailers, Tents, Etc.

The map below outlines the location of parking for cars, trucks, and trailers upon arrival at the regatta. There will be a number of volunteers to assist in parking on race day. Trailers may be left overnight on Friday, but please contact us first at [email protected]

Race Day Map



The Binghamton Rowing Club will make every effort to announce weather-related cancellations 48 hours prior to the race. In the event of such cancellations, all entry fees will be refunded.


Any Questions?

Nicholas Suarez and Meaghan McNair

[email protected]



This spring marks the 22nd annual Busfield Memorial Regatta started in honor of the donation made by the Busfield/Rees family. On April 13th, 1997 two Vespoli shells were christened as the S. Fenton Busfield and the Ethel S. Busfield, in Owego, NY. This occasion marked the beginning of Binghamton Rowing and the desire to host a regatta. When it all started back in 1998, Binghamton Rowing collaborated with RIT Crew and hosted the first regatta; which happened every spring for two years and then the crews went their separate ways. The original regatta was then replaced by the SUNY Regatta at the Les Wagner Rowing Center. At the 6th annual regatta in 2003, the race was re-established back to the Busfield Memorial Regatta, bringing back a tradition to Binghamton Rowing.



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