Cornhusker State Games Regatta

  • Jul 17, 2021
  • virtual
  • Omaha, NE (USA)
  • Hosted By: Omaha Rowing Association

                                     Announcing the Cornhusker State Games Virtual Regatta                                  

  • While the pandemic has partially eased its grip, it’s still not completely over. This year, the Omaha Rowing Association will host a virtual regatta for all to enjoy on their own rowing machines (ergs). The event is being held in conjunction with our summer sports festival, the Cornhusker State Games (CSG).
  • This regatta will take place virtually and all competitors are responsible for their own facilities and equipment.  Competitors will follow all local regulations and safety procedures (including those related to COVID-19).  
  • There are two race options to compete in the CSG regatta: Live  (synchronous) and asynchronous.  The live option will take place on July 17, 2021 and will be timed by Time Team. The cost per rower per event is $30. The asynchronous event will occur at any time during the week preceding the live event (July 10 -17).  Competitors in the asynchronous option will use the honor system and will validate their race times with a photo of  their times and distances on their ergometers  Cost per asynchronous rower per event is $25.  Rowers may compete in both options and may enter as many events for which they are eligible. Rowers in the Masters category will race 1000 meters. All other competitors will race 2000 meters. 
  • Please read details under Rules and Eligibility in the REGISTRATION Section.  
  • Added note: 7/9/21: The Registration Deadline has been extended to July 12.
  • Added Note: 7/9/21 Live Events have been Cancelled; Asynchronous Events  Remain open. 
Contact Terry Donohue
Email [email protected]
Phone 402-680-0415
Chief Referee Not yet posted
Juniors Yes
High School Yes
Middle School No
Collegiate No
Open Yes
Masters Yes
Elite No
Para No
Inclusion No
Entry Fees (USD)
Standard Cost
Asynchronous 1x $25.00
Asynchronous 2x $50.00
Asynchronous 4x $100.00
Live 1x $30.00
Live 2x $60.00
Live 4x $120.00
Plus taxes if applicable