USRowing Summer National Championships

  • Jul 13, 2023 To Jul 16, 2023
  • sprint
  • Bethel, OH (USA)
  • Hosted By: USRowing
  • USRowing Owned


7/15 - 1:15 PM 

Weather looks to be clearing up this afternoon. Our first race will take place at 4:15 p.m. with the launch docks opening at 3:30 p.m.

We will finish all time trials today and go until approximately 8:05 p.m. tonight.

Semi finals have been officially cancelled. We will adjust the progression to have 7 boats progress from time trials to grand finals.

An updated schedule will be sent out ASAP.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these weather challenges.


7/15 - 12:00 PM Afternoon weather appears to be clearing. We will send out our next update at 1:00 p.m. as it becomes more evident on how we can proceed.

7/15 - 10:07 AM Due to inclement weather, racing is still suspended. We will send another update to everyone at 12:00 p.m.

7/15 - 9:05 AM  All teams/athletes/spectators should retreat to their vehicles due to inclement weather. 

7/15 - 8:46 AM  We are clearing the course. Event 51 (Womens U23 4x) will now be coming off the water. 

7/15 - 8:38 AM  The docks are currently closed due to weather. We are holding all crews starting with event 52 (Mens U23 4x).



7/14 - 6:33 PM  Welcome to all crews who are competing in the U23/Open events at the USRowing Summer National Championships.

We are expecting some inclement weather to come in throughout the day tomorrow.

We are adjusting tomorrow’s start time to 7:30 a.m.

If we are unable to complete a sufficient number of time trial races tomorrow, we are planning to remove the semi finals and progress 7 boats to the grand finals. We will reassess as conditions evolve and update you accordingly

We will update everyone via RegattaCentral email and post schedule updates on the RegattaCentral overview page as we determine any schedule or event updates.

Please click here for the updated schedule.


7/13 - 4:50 PM  


Thank you for your patience as we ensure safe and fair competition for all participants at the 2023 USRowing Summer National Championships.

Per the schedule change priority system in the regatta entry packet, we are omitting all semi finals from the progression. The top seven boats from each event’s time trial will progress to their grand final. The time-trials that did not take place today, will start our morning on Friday. Final-only events will row as planned.

Click here for the most up to date schedule.

The Thursday College Fair has also been cancelled. We will host the Friday College Fair at the following times



Please find the most up to date College Fair information on RegattaCentral here.


7/13 - 2:57 PM  Due to forecasted weather, racing for the rest of today (Thursday) has been cancelled. We will provide a schedule update with tomorrow’s plan (Friday) by 5:00PM this evening. 

7/13 - 1:54 PM  Racing is currently suspended. We will provide an update at 3PM whether racing will restart at 3:45PM or be suspended for the remainder of the day.

7/13 - 1:29 PM   Due to weather, racing is delayed until further notice. We will update you as we have more information.

7/13 - 1:07 PM Docks are now open and we will resume launching. We will continue to follow the planned schedule. 

7/13 - 12:41 PM The launch docks are currently closed. We are pausing all launching starting with the Men's U17 4+ due to weather. All other boats on the water will currently race as planned. We will update you when we have more information. 

7/13 - 7:55 AM Good luck to all crews on the first day of racing! Please note that we are tracking weather throughout the day and will alert times via RegattaCentral if there are any schedule changes. 


Schedule, Heat Sheets, & Results

Click here for the race schedule.

Click here for the heat sheets.

Click here for the results.


Coaches and Coxswains Meeting

Click here to register for the Coaches & Coxswains meeting (Tuesday, July 11, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. ET). 

Click here for the Coaches & Coxswains meeting recording. 

Click here for the Coaches & Coxswains meeting slide deck. 



We will host one award ceremony at the stage near the finish line tent starting at 1:15pm.

Awards will be announced in the order of event. Please see race schedule for order of events.


Event Livestream

The USRowing Summer National Championships will livestream all sprint racing at the regatta and will have a jumbotron on site for your viewing pleasure. This will be broadcasted on the USRowing YoutTube channel. Click here for the livestream. 


2023 College Fair

The 2023 College Fair will take place on July 13th and July 14th at the 2023 USRowing Summer National Championships in Bethel, Ohio.

The college fair will ONLY be open to rising seniors and parents/guardians of rising seniors.

NCSA College Recruiting Sessions will be open to ALL athletes, parents/guardiants, and coaches. Please read below-

NCSA College Recruiting is the nation’s largest and most successful college athletic recruiting platform. With over 35,000 college coaches across 35 sports utilizing the platform, NCSA has helped more than 250,000 student-athletes find the right college fit to play at the next level.

As part of your US Rowing Summer Nationals experience, we welcome parents to join Scott Lefker, Director of Regional Recruiting & Team Solutions at NCSA, as he covers recruiting timelines, NCAA academic guidelines, scholarships and how to use technology to maximize exposure and simplify recruiting.

College Fair Update -

The College Fair will take place tomorrow, Friday, July 14th, at the following times:


~30 minute lunch break~



NCSA Session Update -

 The NCSA information session will take place tomorrow, Friday, July 14th, 1:30pm-2:00pm.


To register as a college coach, please CLICK HERE.

To register as a rising senior, please CLICK HERE.

To register as the parent/guardian of a rising senior, please CLICK HERE.

2023 College Fair - College Coach Attendance

Contact Sarah MAulife
Email [email protected]
Phone Please contact regatta via email
  Information Packet
Sanctioned by  
Chief Referee Letcher Ross
Juniors Yes
High School Yes
Middle School Yes
Collegiate No
Open Yes
Masters No
Elite Yes
Para Yes
Inclusion Yes
Entry Fees (USD)
Standard Cost Late Cost
1x $99.00 $139.00
2x/2- $149.00 $189.00
4x/4+/4- $249.00 $279.00
8+ $299.00 $339.00
Plus taxes if applicable
Max entries 73125 entries. This venue has a restriction on how many entries are permitted. Registration is closed when this cap is reach ( or the deadline passes, whichever occurs first.)