USRowing Youth National Championship

  • Hosted By USRowing
  • 2016 Owned Regatta


Event# Time* Code Event Competitors
Friday, June 10, 2011
1 Womens Youth 1x
2 Mens Youth 1x
    Ashland Rowing Club (A)
T. Sell
    Dallas Rowing Club (A)
O. Salonna
    Humboldt Bay Rowing Association (A)
E. Carlson
    Lake Stevens Rowing Club (A)
M. Johnston
    Miami Rowing and Watersports Center, Inc. (A)
R. Silva Urbaneja
    Narragansett Boat Club (A)
A. Weiss
    Northfield Mount Hermon School (A)
N. Benning
    O.A.R.S., Inc. dba Albany Rowing Center (A)
N. Timmons
    Pittsburgh Rowing Club (A)
A. Kleijn
    Saratoga Rowing Association, Inc./ Saratoga Springs High School (A)
R. Allen
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC (A)
M. Meyer-Bosse
    Southgate Anderson High School (A)
J. Marok
    St. Andrew Rowing Club (A)
S. Podwojski
    Steel City Rowing Club (A)
A. Todd
    Unaffiliated (USA) (A)
R. Ellis
3 Womens Ltwt Youth 2x
4 Womens Youth 2x
5 Mens Ltwt Youth 2x
6 Mens Youth 2x
    Augusta Rowing Club Junior Program (A)
N. Fahrion/T. Stanton
    Cazenovia Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
E. Schoonmaker/C. Anderson
    Cincinnati Country Day School Rowing Team (A)
C. Magarian/H. Pease
    Cleveland Foundry Juniors (A)
D. Conroy/M. Trebilcock
    Dallas Rowing Club (A)
O. Salonna/A. Boonyachai
    GMS Rowing Center (A)
G. Burke/S. Rouse
    Lake Stevens Rowing Club (A)
B. Dickson/A. McCrea
    Long Beach Junior Crew (A)
G. Hawkins/N. McCutcheon
    Los Gatos Rowing Club (A)
J. Chuter/B. Chuter
    Maclay Crew (A)
J. Willis/D. Hendon
    Malvern Preparatory School (A)
M. Lewers/A. Moore
    Narragansett Boat Club (A)
R. Wagner/C. Buchholz
    New Canaan High School Crew (A)
C. Campbell/J. Rosow
    River City Rowing Club (A)
C. Green/A. Hopkins
    Sammamish Rowing Association (A)
J. Laurence-Chasen/A. Bolves
    Sarasota Scullers (A)
K. Norder/R. Houser
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC (A)
G. Anderson/M. Meyer-Bosse
7 Womens Youth 2-
8 Mens Youth 2-
9 Womens Youth 4x
10 Mens Youth 4x
    Charlotte Youth Rowing (A)
E. Long/H. Smith/A. Taylor/W. Sink
    Conestoga Crew Club (A)
B. Landis/J. Wright/J. Hoban/T. Hersh
    Dayton Boat Club (A)
K. Elsbernd/Z. Thomas/T. Flinn/P. Skrobot
    Episcopal School of Dallas (A)
N. Laba/R. Nelson/P. Jamieson/W. Meier
    Lake Braddock Crew Booster Club, Inc. (A)
I. Davidson/T. Wimer/W. Benz/M. Maltenfort
    Lake Stevens Rowing Club (A)
M. Johnston/N. Johnston/K. Moody/R. Hickey
    Long Beach Junior Crew (A)
    Malvern Preparatory School (A)
P. Donohue/A. Bury/A. Somers/D. Schwarz
    Maritime Rowing Club (A)
T. Klutey/G. Mink/D. Kircher/R. Burnaman
    Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club (A)
V. Tarrau/F. Guistini/S. Sardi/S. Mainegra
    Narragansett Boat Club (A)
A. Weiss/C. Buchholz/E. Esposito/R. Wagner
    New Canaan High School Crew (A)
C. Campbell/H. Franco/S. Yanoff/J. Rosow
    Niskayuna Rowing (A)
A. Dwyer/N. Wolfe/E. Powzyk/A. Patt
    North Allegheny Rowing Association/ N. Allegheny H.S. (A)
J. Rectenwald/J. Lennon/S. Sheridan/N. Neugebauer
    Pelham Community Rowing Association (A)
P. Goldstein/M. Palmer/G. Paternoster/N. Ippolito
    Pocock Rowing Center (A)
A. Johnson/S. Pettet/T. Daly/J. Kelly
    Redwood Scullers/PACJC (A)
N. Talbott/J. Herd/C. Mathieu/S. Gharda
    San Diego Rowing Club (A)
s. goicoechea/C. Vilanilam/T. Maytom/L. Dillard
    St. Andrew Rowing Club (A)
C. Ward/S. Podwojski/J. Holland/T. Summers
    St. Louis Rowing Club (A)
K. Naveed/R. Cohen/J. Francis/B. Jones
    Texas Rowing Center (A)
W. Lantta/A. Siegel/J. Dunne/R. Woodfin
    Y Quad Cities Rowing (A)
J. Tinsman/K. Trahan/K. Farrell/C. Tinsman
11 Womens Ltwt Youth 8+
12 Womens Youth 4+
13 Mens Ltwt Youth 4+
14 Mens Youth 4+
15 Womens Ltwt Youth 4+
16 Mens Ltwt Youth 8+
17 Womens Youth 8+
18 Mens Youth 8+
*-Event times, if listed, are tentative and subject to change