USRowing November Small Boats Regatta

  • Hosted By: USRowing
  • 2016 Owned Regatta


Event# Time* Code Event Competitors
Saturday, November 18, 2006
1 Mens Ltwt 1x
2 Womens Ltwt 1x
    Vesper Boat Club (..)
M. Hall
    Austin Rowing Club (A)
C. Wagner
    Penn A.C. Rowing Association (A)
M. Picone
    Riverside Boat Club (A)
G. HornerWright
    Riverside Boat Club (A)
H. Moon
    Riverside Boat Club (A)
A. Blake
    Rose City Rowing Club (A)
L. Schlenker
    Three Rivers Rowing Association (A)
E. MacKay
    Unaffiliated (USA) (A)
E. Burton
    Undine Barge Club of Philadelphia (A)
M. Welsh
    Union Boat Club (A)
A. Crawford
    Vesper Boat Club (A)
W. Campanella
    Vesper Boat Club (A)
J. Barker
    GMS Rowing Center (B)
K. Taschereau
    New York Athletic Club (B)
S. Bates
    Riverside Boat Club (B)
C. Wallace
    Undine Barge Club of Philadelphia (B)
J. Grudziak
    Vesper Boat Club (B)
C. Brezler
    Riverside Boat Club (C)
M. Page
    Undine Barge Club of Philadelphia (C)
R. Smith
    Union Boat Club (C)
C. Infantino
    Vesper Boat Club (C)
H. Moore
    USRowing Training Center - Princeton (H)
R. Hykel
    Vesper Boat Club (K)
J. Nichols
3 Mens 1x
4 Womens 1x
5 Mens 2-
6 Womens 2-
7 Mens Ltwt 2-
*-Event times, if listed, are tentative and subject to change