Head of the Genesee (Open/Collegiate)

  • Hosted By Rochester Community Rowing
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


Event# Time* Code Event Competitors
Saturday, October 13, 2012
break Launch @9:00, continuous, 25-30 mins to start of respective races
1 Mens Open 4+
    Brown University Men's Crew (A)
T. Emanuels/c. fish/Q. Richardson/J. Pardoe/W. Quirk (Cox)
    Clarkson University Crew Club (A)
M. Walck/D. Allen/A. Chen/G. Mahnken (Cox)
    Geneseo Crew Club (A)
    Hamilton College (A)
A. Whiteman/D. Jackson/G. Meglis/L. Morin/J. Leiva-Cabrera (Cox)
    Hobart College (A)
    Ithaca College Crew (A)
D. Dyson/B. Windschitl/T. Lemmons/D. Kershaw/J. Silberstein (Cox)
    Rochester Institute of Technology (A)
J. Massari/C. Massey/S. Kennelly/D. Gasser/L. Potrikus (Cox)
    St. John Fisher College Rowing (A)
S. Mullen/G. MacDonald/M. Cooper/Q. White/T. Dawson (Cox)
    Union College (A)
    Clarkson University Crew Club (B)
N. Bayer/D. Decker/B. Murphy/T. Taylor/B. Sansonetti (Cox)
    Rochester Institute of Technology (B)
F. Confer/G. Spragins/C. Donnelly/C. Monkhouse/T. Binotto (Cox)
2 Womens Open 4+
3 Womens Ltwt 8+
4 Womens Collegiate 8+
5 Womens Open 8+
6 Mens Ltwt 8+
7 Mens Collegiate 8+
8 Mens Open 8+
    Brown University Men's Crew (A)
A. Fleming/A. Resnick/T. Brown/M. Gerlak/M. Aspholm/V. Chupryna/B. Dann/G. Silverberg/L. Carroll (Cox)
    Canisius College (A)
    Cornell University (A)
    Brown University Men's Crew (B)
C. Aronson/G. Whitridge/S. Grogan/J. Greenberg/O. Traynor/B. Willis/T. Sheffels/A. Mantegani/S. Thompson (Cox)
    Cornell University (B)
T. Pritz/J. McGrorty/J. Stamp/J. Ross/K. Good/K. Zadeh/M. Tarnapoll/C. Schang/A. Cardi (Cox)
    Brown University Men's Crew (C)
M. Filmer/W. Mills/A. Weiss/W. Tennis/G. Traynor/D. Delaney/n. talbott/H. Leeming/H. Blatt (Cox)
    Cornell University (C)
    Cornell University (D)
T. Black/W. Brownlee/N. Hardy/P. Harris/R. Barakat/R. McIntyre/R. Pederson/W. Richhart/K. Falb (Cox)
9 Mens Novice 8+ (Head Racing Only; no sprinting in the PM)
10 Womens Novice 8+ (Head Racing Only; no sprinting in the PM)
11 Alumni 8+
12 12:00 PM Corporate Challenge Mixed 8+
break 1:15 AM Sprint Racing post 1:15pm Reverse order of finish
*-Event times, if listed, are tentative and subject to change