USRowing Youth National Championship

  • Hosted By: USRowing
  • 2016 Owned Regatta


Event# Time* Code Event Competitors
Friday, June 7, 2013
1 Womens Youth 1x
2 Mens Youth 1x
3 Womens Ltwt Youth 2x
    Augusta Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
L. Crute/A. Lemmon
    Conestoga Crew Club (A)
E. Ryle/M. Amsterdam
    Dallas Rowing Club (A)
P. Queralt/A. Schwarz
    Episcopal School of Dallas (A)
E. Jenevein/C. Brennan
    Essex Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
S. Giovenelli/J. Hagerman
    Friends of Shenendehowa Crew, Inc. (A)
N. Guardino/K. Volk
    GMS Rowing Center (A)
K. Krichko/A. Salazar
    Greater Dayton Rowing Association (A)
D. Hamilton/J. Turner/
    Haddon Township High School (A)
    Lake Union Crew (A)
M. Rutherford/H. Tuttle
    Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club (A)
D. Keeler/s. keeler/
    Norcal Crew (A)
K. Kelly/M. Karr-Warner
    North Allegheny Rowing Association/ N. Allegheny H.S. (A)
H. Ott/G. Lawhead/
    Redwood Scullers/PACJC (A)
A. Meyer/S. Wu
    Seattle Rowing Center (A)
T. Harris/B. Ledoux
    Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (A)
A. Canning/A. Noble
    Steel City Rowing Club (A)
N. Sebastian/S. Bowman
    Vashon Island Rowing Club (A)
S. Lipe/K. Carter/
    Y Quad Cities Rowing (A)
C. Sharis/L. Hoover
    Conestoga Crew Club (B)
K. Groves/J. Alcorn
4 Womens Youth 2x
5 Mens Ltwt Youth 2x
6 Mens Youth 2x
7 Womens Youth 2-
8 Mens Youth 2-
9 Womens Youth 4x
    Austin Rowing Club (A)
L. Allan/k. playfair/B. Bartholomew/L. Azuela
    Chattanooga Rowing (A)
R. Johnson/L. Simpson/G. Whittaker/S. Zeglen
    Conestoga Crew Club (A)
M. Hudson/M. Tessier-Kay/A. Graf/R. Simonetti
    Detroit Boat Club (A)
E. Hughes/I. Strickler/P. Swegles/N. Perry/
    GMS Rowing Center (A)
K. Krichko/J. Cloud/C. Habjan/G. Bundy
    Greater Dayton Rowing Association (A)
M. Higham/C. Maguire/A. Hamilton/K. Willis/
    Greenwich Crew (A)
M. Slabbert/M. Curtis/S. Reswow/A. Slabbert
    Holy Names Academy (A)
B. Adam/M. Del Pozzi/K. Howard/E. DELUCCHI
    Long Beach Junior Crew (A)
K. Newmarker/S. Moody/M. Anderson/R. Hayes
    New Canaan High School Crew (A)
    North Orlando Rowing (A)
M. Gillespie/E. Anderson/D. Caron/L. Stump/
    Pelham Community Rowing Association (A)
L. Lindsay/L. Veith/J. Sesler/E. Sawyer
    Sagamore Rowing Association (A)
    San Diego Rowing Club (A)
    Seattle Rowing Center (A)
S. Framson/G. Gray/R. MacAulay/A. Ernst
    St. Andrew Rowing Club (A)
J. Parker/S. Podwojski/J. Hatch/M. Nolan
    Texas Rowing Center (A)
S. Neaves/K. Brewer/A. Denis/P. Veeraraghavan
    Vashon Island Rowing Club (A)
K. Heffernan/K. Girard/A. Ripley/H. Russell/
    Village Rowing Foundation Inc. DBA Ridgewood Crew (A)
A. Criscitiello/E. Brickfield/K. Simon/B. Callaghan
    Y Quad Cities Rowing (A)
C. Heiderscheit/H. Zapolski/E. Delleman/T. Walsh
    Conestoga Crew Club (B)
S. Thomas/A. Connell/I. Geddes/A. Ruggirello
10 Mens Youth 4x
11 Womens Ltwt Youth 8+
12 Womens Youth 4+
13 Mens Ltwt Youth 4+
14 Mens Youth 4+
15 Womens Ltwt Youth 4+
16 Mens Ltwt Youth 8+
17 Womens Youth 8+
18 Mens Youth 8+
*-Event times, if listed, are tentative and subject to change