New York State Collegiate Championships

  • May 3, 2014 To May 4, 2014
  • sprint
  • Lake Whitney
  • Whitney Point, NY (USA)
  • Hosted By New York State Collegiate Championships
  • USRowing Registered


Event# Time* Code Event Competitors
Saturday, May 3, 2014
NOTE 1:30 PM Weigh-In (Coxes & Rowers only weigh-in once)
NOTE 2:30 PM Coaches & Coxes Meeting - MANDATORY
1 4:00 PM Womens Collegiate JV 8+
2 6:40 PM Mens Collegiate JV 8+
3 6:48 PM Mens Collegiate Ltwt 4+
4 6:56 PM Womens Collegiate Ltwt 4+
5 7:04 PM Womens Collegiate Varsity 2-
6 7:12 PM Mens Collegiate Varsity 2-
    Clarkson University Crew Club (A)
D. Allen/A. Dahl
    New York Maritime College Crew (A)
i. thomsen/M. Thomas/
    St. John Fisher College Rowing (A)
M. Pheilshifter/C. Brokaw
    Clarkson University Crew Club (B)
T. Taylor/A. Chen
7 7:20 PM Mens Open 4+
8 8:08 AM Womens Collegiate Varsity 8+
    Ithaca College Crew (A)
K. Syracuse/A. Schenk/J. Schaeffer/J. Peterson/E. Morley/C. Putnam/S. Theoharidis/M. Barry/L. Miller (Cox)
    Marist College Crew (A)
F. Siclovan/E. Hehir/A. Devorak/S. moriarty/B. Morrissey/J. Keen/j. rigothi/J. Collins/Z. Christopher (Cox)
    Rensselaer Crew Club (A)
A. Welling/E. Castro/M. Giblin/J. Amador/M. Hoover/J. Leach/K. Heisler/K. Newcomb/A. Lin (Cox)
    Rochester Institute of Technology (A)
R. Sabo/D. Musa/L. Alderfer/L. Schwartz/S. Foggett/A. Kilgore/N. Conway/A. Weinstein/W. Gutcher (Cox)/
    St. John Fisher College Rowing (A)
N. Vainauskas/M. Pfuntner/K. Donaldson/M. Swartwood/A. Brunner/E. Brenner/E. Chetwin/E. Johnson/R. Beldner (Cox)
    St. Lawrence University Rowing Club (A)
K. Blakelock/H. Durant/A. McIvor/J. Kloss/E. Jones/G. Schreffler/D. Stokes/H. Weiss/Y. McQueeney (Cox)
    Union College (A)
H. Richards/E. Webb/L. Hafkemeyer/R. Hunt/I. Kozain/M. Hoffman/I. McRae/E. Asche/J. Pulling (Cox)
    University of Rochester Rowing (A)
G. Clemente/R. Vaughn/S. Sevenler/E. Widra/A. Born/C. McMahon/J. Orlov/M. Cepulis/J. Evans (Cox)
    William Smith College (A)
K. Paige/N. Reilly/L. Blake-Whitney/C. Deweirdt/M. Atanasio/E. Dow/A. Trebilcock/L. Hughes/E. Davidowitz (Cox)/
9 8:24 AM Mens Collegiate Varsity 8+
10 8:40 AM Womens Collegiate Varsity 4+
11 8:56 AM Mens Collegiate Varsity 4+
    Binghamton Rowing (A)
J. Jeong/J. Arnott/D. Hartwick/J. Moss/D. Bell (Cox)
    Cazenovia College Crew (A)
R. Wagner/K. Gamache/N. Neuenhoff/C. Garcia/K. Locey (Cox)/
    Clarkson University Crew Club (A)
B. Cooper/D. Glasser/T. Lemieur/D. Decker/G. Mahnken (Cox)
    Colgate University Rowing (A)
R. Kelliher/S. Curasi/C. Cady/G. Horman/N. Smith (Cox)
    Friends of Albany Rowing, Inc. (A)
J. Pardo/B. Smith/K. Heesemann/T. Weinheimer/T. Bender (Cox)
    Ithaca College Crew (A)
D. Kershaw/J. Manrow/T. Lemmons/S. Bocciolatt/S. Eckstein (Cox)
    Marist College Crew (A)
G. Kogel/M. Pair/C. Sargent/C. Garrido/E. Collins (Cox)
    New York Maritime College Crew (A)
D. Albert/M. Nash/m. kane/c. dundas/c. hughes (Cox)/
    New York University Crew (A)
D. Wilmes/M. Waldman/J. Lakin/C. Wang/L. Smith (Cox)
    St. John Fisher College Rowing (A)
M. Wolcott/R. Ceballo/M. Johnson/S. Mullen/T. Dawson (Cox)
    Binghamton Rowing (B)
I. Thane/T. Agbo/B. Murray/R. McKay/C. Milone (Cox)
    Clarkson University Crew Club (B)
D. Allen/A. Dahl/J. Calabrese/B. Murphy/K. Snyder (Cox)
12 9:12 AM Womens Collegiate Novice 8+
13 9:28 AM Mens Collegiate Novice 8+
14 9:44 AM Womens Collegiate Novice 4+
15 10:08 AM Mens Collegiate Novice 4+
16 10:24 AM Womens Open 4+
NOTE Events and times listed above are Finals ONLY
NOTE A more detailed schedule is posted under Heat Sheet/Draw
*-Event times, if listed, are tentative and subject to change