51st Head Of The Charles

  • Hosted By: Head Of The Charles Regatta
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


Event# Time* Code Event Competitors
Saturday, October 17, 2015
1 8:00 AM M SR-VET 1X Men's Senior Veteran Singles I and II [70+]
2 8:20 AM W SR-VET 1X Women's Veteran I/II and Senior Veteran I/II [60 - 69, 70+]
3 8:55 AM M VET 1X Men's Veteran Singles I and II [60+]
    Cambridge Boat Club
G. Stone
    Orleans Sweeps and Sculls
A. Flanders
    Wiener Ruderclub Lia
R. Haberl
    Rockford Crew
R. Anderson
    Ridley Graduate Boat Club
J. Pauls
    Quintin Boat Club
T. Bishop
    Occoquan Boat Club
R. Spousta
    Merrimac River Rowing Association
R. Sengstaken/
    All American Rowing Camp, LLC
J. Dietz
    Unaffiliated (USA)
A. Nelson
    Cambridge Boat Club
P. Rioux
    Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc.
B. Schumacher
    Pettipaug YC Rowing
P. Flory
    K.A.R.&Z.V.De Hoop
j. shamir
    612endurance Racing
S. Michals/
    Potomac Boat Club
C. Selden
    Water Sports Center, Inc. dba Maritime Rowing Club
F. Krupp
    Community Rowing, Inc.
H. Scott
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
B. Haney
    Prairie Rowing
D. Lee
    Unaffiliated (USA)
J. Clary
    Unaffiliated (USA)
D. Ledkovsky
    Harvard Sculling Club
k. mcgrath
    Harvard Sculling Club
J. Stock
    Maine Rowing Association
T. Cattell
    Unaffiliated (USA)
f. Shuckerow
    Unaffiliated (USA)
M. Pope
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
D. Schley
    East End Rowing Institute, LTD.
S. Gould
    Cascadilla Boat Club, Ltd.
T. Willsallen
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
W. Shaw
    Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
S. Tremaine
    Riverside Boat Club
P. Brown
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
S. Majd
    Cascadilla Boat Club, Ltd.
K. Mcknight
    Community Rowing, Inc.
D. Holler
    New Haven Rowing Club
S. Davies
    Minnesota Boat Club
T. Perry
    Kent School Boat Club
F. Elliott
    Nassau Rowing Club
P. Fletcher
    Unaffiliated (CAN)
C. Doucet
    Rio Salado Rowing Club, Inc.
P. Walsh
    Whistler Rowing Club
G. Groff
    San Diego Rowing Club
R. Orsi
    New York Athletic Club
J. brisson
    Riverside Boat Club
P. Dale
    Riverside Boat Club
R. Emmel
    Unaffiliated (USA)
S. Belk
    Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club
E. Brand
    New York Athletic Club
B. Karol
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
T. Boyle
4 9:20 AM M GM 1X Men's Grand Master Singles [50+]
    Cambridge Boat Club
G. Benning/
    Unaffiliated (USA)
J. Dahl
    Community Rowing, Inc.
B. Eldridge
    Norwich Rowing Club
V. Audinis
    Potomac Boat Club
S. Schmitt
    Cambridge Boat Club
B. Crawford
    Cambridge Boat Club
J. Randle
    Riverside Boat Club
J. Tracey
    Argonaut Rowing Club
P. Macaulay
    Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club
F. Viacava
    Potomac Boat Club
P. Bogden
    Riverside Boat Club
T. Lowe
    Ridley Graduate Boat Club
P. MacGowan
    Royal Navy and Royal Marines Amateur Rowing Association
J. Clarke
    Megunticook Rowing
M. Vannorsdall
    River City Rowing Club
J. Griffith
    Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club
K. Cereceda
    Cambridge Boat Club
K. Galie/
    Cambridge Boat Club
G. Stuart
    Union Boat Club
R. Wettach
    Narragansett Boat Club
D. Gray
    Ravens Boat Club
B. Julicher
    Yarmouth Rowing Club
S. Hornney
    Indian River Rowing Club, Inc
T. Young
    Wichita Rowing Association
W. Van Sickle
    Community Rowing, Inc.
F. Horton
    Cambridge Boat Club
J. Hammitt
    Washington Rowing School
c. Arnold/
    Cambridge Boat Club
R. Murphy
    Quinsigamond Rowing Club Inc.
H. Songerath
    Argonaut Rowing Club
G. Sommers/
    Atlanta Rowing Club, Inc.
W. Cloherty
    University Barge Club
J. Purtill
    Carolina Masters Crew Club
D. Margolis
    Great Bay Rowing
M. Bannister
    Lake Quinsigamond Community Rowing
G. Smith
    Riverfront Recapture, Inc.
C. Resnick
    Narragansett Boat Club
J. Ryan
    Ruderclub Rigi Kuessnacht
C. Hoffer
    Argonaut Rowing Club
R. Blunt
    New York Athletic Club
M. Carr
    Unaffiliated (USA)
A. Morrone
    Grasshopper Club Zurich
G. Tintor
    Western Rowing Club
S. Matthews
    Malta Boat Club
M. Brown
    Narragansett Boat Club
D. Rand
    Riverside Boat Club
R. White
    Wilmington Rowing Center (WRC)
R. Fisher
    Unaffiliated (USA)
J. Rivero
    Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc.
D. Kenney
    612endurance Racing
J. Alfano
    Raleigh Rowing Center
A. Whelan
    Union Boat Club
J. Bird
    Partez Rowing Club
K. Kamoi
    Maine Rowing Association
J. Graham
    Minneapolis Rowing Club
S. Faber
    Lea Rowing Club
M. Hyndman
    Virginia Boat Club
S. Chilmaid
    Cambridge Boat Club
M. Findeis
5 9:42 AM W GM 1X Women's Grand Master Singles [50+]
6 10:05 AM M SM 8+ Men's Senior Master Eights [50+]
7 10:26 AM W SM 8+ Women's Senior Master Eights [50+]
8 10:44 AM M SM 4+ Men's Senior Master Fours [50+]
9 11:05 AM W SM 4+ Women's Senior Master Fours [50+]
10 11:30 AM M SM 2X Men's Senior Master Doubles [50+]
11 11:45 AM W SM 2X Women's Senior Master Doubles [50+]
12 12:03 PM M SM 1X Men's Senior Master Singles [40+]
13 12:15 PM W SM 1X Women's Senior Masters Singles [40+]
14 12:32 PM M ALUM 8+ Men's Alumni Eights
15 12:54 PM W ALUM 8+ Women's Alumni Eights
16 1:15 PM M CLUB 4+ Men's Club Fours
17 1:35 PM W CLUB 4+ Women's Club Fours
18 2:04 PM M CLUB 8+ Men's Club Eights
19 2:19 PM W CLUB 8+ Women's Club Eights
20 2:36 PM M MSTR 4+ Men's Master Fours [40+]
21 2:49 PM W MSTR 4+ Women's Master Fours [40+]
22 3:08 PM M MSTR 8+ Men's Master Eights [40+]
23 3:19 PM W MSTR 8+ Women's Master Eights [40+]
24 3:33 PM M CHAMP 2X Men's Championship Doubles
25 3:42 PM W CHAMP 2X Women's Championship Doubles
26 3:54 PM M COLLEGE 4+ Men's Collegiate Fours
27 4:08 PM W COLLEGE 4+ Women's Collegiate Fours
28 4:24 PM M CHAMP 1X Men's Championship Singles
29 4:33 PM W CHAMP 1X Women's Championship Singles
DCPC2X 4:43 PM DC PC 2X Directors' Challenge Parent/Child Doubles
DCMX2X 5:03 PM DC MX 2X Directors Challenge Mixed Doubles
    Sammamish Rowing Association (A)
C. Suzzarini/D. DeWinter
    Western Reserve Rowing Association (A)
E. Krengel/K. Krengel
    Cambridge Boat Club (A)
L. Pierce/J. Randle
    Farmington Valley Rowing Association (A)
R. McMahon/K. Ouellette
    Unaffiliated (USA) (A)
E. Geyh/H. Hutton
    Minneapolis Rowing Club (A)
B. Gustafson/J. Cooper
    Composite: Riverside, Cincinnati RC (A)
M. Brundage/T. Dryer
    Unaffiliated (USA) (B)
M. Dennis/J. Rivero
    St. Catharines Rowing Club (A)
B. Thorne/V. Moors
    Cambridge Boat Club (B)
m. zezza/c. zezza
    Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
S. Legler/M. Brown
    Delta Deas Rowing Club (A)
S. Gauvin/J. Norris
    Three Rivers Rowing Association (A)
W. Anderson/E. Szigethy
    New Haven Rowing Club (A)
D. Davies/S. Davies
    Recovery on Water, Inc. (B)
t. Opferman/M. Willmott
    Rivanna Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
C. Collins/G. DeAngelis
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC (A)
D. Schley/A. Kerns
    Unaffiliated (USA) (A)
N. Carter/B. Coloyan
    Composite: Tideway Scullers, London (A)
R. Humphreys/S. Heap
    Gainesville Area Rowing, Inc. (A)
W. Griffith/J. Figueroa
    Composite: Rocky Mountain, Boulder (A)
R. Whidden/M. Gasper
    Greater Columbus Rowing Association (A)
J. Waterfield/L. Odronic
    Composite: Lake Washington, University of Essex RC (A)
J. Walker/s. zimmerman
    Narragansett Boat Club (A)
a. arena/M. Berkson
    Cambridge Boat Club (C)
k. glasgow/R. Schouten/
    Rockford Crew (A)
M. Raisky/C. Raisky
    St. Louis Rowing Club (A)
L. Perry/S. Condrin
    Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club (E)
G. Fields/E. Dickson
    Quintin Boat Club (A)
H. Cook/T. Bishop
    Community Rowing, Inc. (B)
A. Harris/R. Ezzell
    University Barge Club (A)
K. Cook/A. COOK
    Gorge Narrows Rowing Club (A)
P. Desjardins/D. Morris
    Quinsigamond Rowing Club Inc. (A)
H. Songerath/A. Mehr
    Community Rowing, Inc. (A)
E. Webb/J. Coyne
    Carolina Masters Crew Club (A)
R. Kyle/K. Kyle
    Greenwich Crew (A)
R. Haberl/M. McCormack
    Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club (A)
J. Moss/J. Hettler
    Composite: Blood Street Sculls, Riverside (A)
D. Whelen/L. Gulich
    Water Sports Center, Inc. dba Maritime Rowing Club (A)
L. Auger/D. Stephanie
Sunday, October 18, 2015
30 8:00 AM MX ADAPT 4+ Mixed Legs/Trunk/Arms Fours
EXHB2X 8:13 AM EXHB 2x Adaptive Inclusion 2x [Exhibition]
31 8:21 AM TA 2X Mixed/Same Gender Trunk/Arms Doubles
32a 8:40 AM M CLUB 1X Men's Club Singles
32b 8:40 AM M YOUTH 1X Men's Youth Singles
33a 9:04 AM W CLUB 1X Womens Club Singles
33b 9:04 AM WYOUTH 1X Women's Youth Singles
34 9:28 AM M YOUTH 4+ Men's Youth Fours
DCW4X 10:03 AM DC W 4X Directors' Challenge Women's Quads
35 10:29 AM M YOUTH 8+ Men's Youth Eights
36 10:56 AM M MSTR 1X Men's Master Singles
37 11:05 AM W MSTR 1X Women's Master Singles
38 11:21 AM M YOUTH 2X Men's Youth Doubles
    Riverside Boat Club (A)
Z. Altshuler/G. Roudebush
    Cascadilla Boat Club, Ltd. (A)
G. Marteal/C. Sharp-O'Connor
    Westminster School Boat Club (A)
J. Plaut/N. Plaut
    Narragansett Boat Club (A)
H. Snow/T. Golstein/
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC (A)
J. Banbury/D. Korsun
    Detroit Boat Club (A)
S. Koszyk/A. Kelly/
    Crescent Boat Club (A)
A. Panchella/M. Dogan
    St. Catharines Rowing Club (A)
E. McAlpine/O. Voelkner
    Norwalk River Rowing Association (A)
C. Martensson/K. Andersen/
    GMS Rowing Center (A)
C. Donadio/F. Conley
    South Niagara Rowing Club (A)
    New Canaan High School Crew (A)
D. Orner/J. Norton
    Brophy College Preparatory Crew (A)
    Salisbury School (A)
    GMS Rowing Center (B)
J. Habjan/J. Schlyer
    Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club (A)
A. Martinez/C. Israel
    Belen Jesuit Prep School (A)
    Stowe Sculling Club (A)
G. Shcherbakov/A. Buswell
    Seattle Rowing Center (A)
S. Farnham/h. hardman
    Bromfield Acton Boxborough Rowing (A)
C. Winsor/J. Walsh
    St Benedict's College (A)
D. Kruger/G. Catinella/
    Roman Catholic High School (A)
A. Williams III/T. Moyer
    Worcester Public High Schools (A)
A. DePalo/R. Smith
    Atomic Rowing (A)
J. Grice/P. Palmer
    Upper Valley Rowing Foundation (A)
D. Tengdin/A. Margotta
    Whitemarsh Boat Club (A)
    Brunswick School Boat Club (A)
M. Womble/A. Kern
    Malvern Preparatory School (A)
B. Allan/S. Ward
    The Derryfield School Crew (A)
A. Kaufman/S. Smiley
    Norwalk River Rowing Association (B)
D. Crameri/M. Ukropina/
    Nassau Rowing Club (A)
L. Fountain/L. Pyfrom
    Los Gatos Rowing Club (A)
C. Kirschman/K. Isaacson
    Advanced Community Rowing Association INC. (A)
K. Woolley/R. Sullivan
    Peconic Community Rowing Association (A)
    Community Rowing, Inc. (A)
    Conshohocken Rowing Center Inc. (A)
A. Del Vescovo/P. Keenan
    Noank Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
    Westminster School Boat Club (B)
o. Stocker/O. Arzt-Jones
    Baltimore Rowing Club (A)
J. Quinn/P. Leung
    Space Coast Crew (A)
    Long Beach Junior Crew (A)
R. Pavlovich/R. Parejo
    Don Rowing Club (A)
    Resilient Rowing Club (A)
D. Braatz/H. Davis/
    Litchfield Hills Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
N. Legendre/C. Hannon
    Noble & Greenough School (A)
C. Kinghorn/T. McEvoy
    The Haverford School (A)
S. Zelov/W. Pechet
    St. Joseph High School Crew / Falcon Rowing (A)
C. Rivera/J. Zebrowski/
    Shaker Rowing Association/High School (A)
L. Finning/B. Beretvas
    Hollywood Rowing Club (A)
R. Merenfeld/H. Shanahan
    Greenwich Crew (A)
J. Smith/A. Woo
    Brockville Rowing Club (A)
N. Everett/Q. Basiren/
39 11:37 AM W YOUTH 2X Women's Youth Doubles
    Y Quad Cities Rowing (A)
E. Delleman/C. Sharis
    Ottawa Rowing Club (A)
G. Cross/H. Watt/
    Seattle Rowing Center (A)
J. Hardman/K. Barrows
    Water Sports Center, Inc. dba Maritime Rowing Club (A)
M. Owen/G. Kulesz
    Narragansett Boat Club (A)
G. Jones/H. Fitts/
    Cambridge Boat Club (A)
A. Phaneuf/A. Matthes
    Cooper Training Center (A)
M. Murphy/M. Koelsch
    Baldwin School Crew (A)
O. Lanchoney/Z. Wenzinger
    City Island Rowing (A)
N. Smoor/A. Cestaro
    Nereid Boat Club, Inc. (A)
L. Klarin/J. DiLauro
    Founders Rowing Club (A)
K. Fraser/A. Glasgow
    St. Catharines Rowing Club (A)
A. Piazza/C. Davidson
    Lady Eleanor Holles School Boat Club (A)
    St. Stephens & St. Agnes High School (A)
P. Solms/E. Solms
    Brighton Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
H. Siegrist/F. Parker-Hale/
    Undine Barge Club of Philadelphia (A)
E. Grugan/J. Greytok
    Pelham Community Rowing Association (A)
    Cambridge Boat Club (B)
H. Alitz/S. Brown/
    Dexter Southfield (C)
V. Barletta/S. McGurty
    Philadelphia Girls' Rowing Club (A)
G. D'Arcangelo/M. Brown-Hunt
    Litchfield Hills Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
H. Lucas/C. Miller
    Long Island Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
M. Prince/A. wall
    Manhasset High School (A)
J. Wu/R. Corcoran
    Resilient Rowing Club (A)
G. McDonald/K. Wingate/
    Noble & Greenough School (A)
H. Jensen/H. McNeill
    California Yacht Club (A)
N. Schindler/B. O'Callahan/
    Neponset Rowing Club (A)
M. Smith/E. Heller
    Durham Boat Club (A)
G. Seuter/O. Healy
    Minnesota Boat Club (A)
S. Gardner/G. Gardner/
    CRI- Row Boston (A)
N. Abdi/I. Maximo
    Haddon Township High School (A)
K. Shuttleworth/O. Herbstritt/
    Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club (A)
M. Tonini/S. Gelber
    Rivanna Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
S. Cliborne/L. Eisenberg/
    RowLA (A)
N. Viviani/G. Schumaker/
    South Niagara Rowing Club (A)
    Newport Rowing Club (A)
R. Carr/T. Carr
40 11:53 AM M LW 1X Men's Lightweight Singles
41 11:55 AM W LW 1X Women's Lightweight Singles
42 12:02 PM W YOUTH 4+ Women's Youth Fours
DCM4X 12:56 PM DC M 4X Directors' Challenge Men's Quads
43 1:12 PM W YOUTH 8+ Women's Youth Eights
44 1:45 PM M MSTR 2X Men's Master Doubles [40+]
45 1:55 PM W MSTR 2X Women's Master Doubles [40+]
46 2:10 PM M CHAMP 4+ Men's Championship Fours
47 2:16 PM W CHAMP 4+ Women's Championship Fours
48 2:30 PM M CHAMP 8+ Men's Championship Eights
49 2:44 PM W CHAMP 8+ Women's Championship Eights
DCMX4X 2:59 PM DC MX 4X Directors' Challenge Mixed Quads
50 3:17 PM M COLLEGE 8+ Men's Collegiate Eights
51 3:31 PM W COLLEGE 8+ Women's Collegiate Eights
52 3:46 PM M LW 4+ Men's Lightweight Fours
53 3:53 PM W LW 4+ Women's Lightweight Fours
54 4:06 PM M LW 8+ Men's Lightweight Eights
55 4:12 PM W LW 8+ Women's Lightweight Eights
*-Event times, if listed, are tentative and subject to change