53rd Head Of The Charles

  • Hosted By Head of the Charles
  • 2017 USRowing Sanctioned Regatta (Special)


Event# Time* Code Event Competitors
Saturday, October 21, 2017
1 7:45 AM M SR-VET 1X Men's Senior Veteran Singles I and II [70+]
2 8:05 AM W SR-VET 1X Women's Veteran I/II and Senior Veteran I/II Singles [60 - 69, 70+]
3 8:40 AM M VET 1X Men's Veteran Singles I and II [60+]
4 9:06 AM M GM 1X Men's Grand Master Singles [50+]
5 9:26 AM W GM 1X Women's Grand Master Singles [50+]
6 9:50 AM M SM 8+ Men's Senior Master Eights [50+]
7 10:11 AM W SM 8+ Women's Senior Master Eights [50+]
8 10:29 AM M SM 4+ Men's Senior Master Fours [50+]
9 10:47 AM W SM 4+ Women's Senior Master Fours [50+]
10 11:11 AM M MSTR 2X Men's Master Doubles [40+]
11 11:20 AM M SM 2X Men's Senior Master Doubles [50+]
12 11:40 AM W MSTR 2X Women's Master Doubles [40+]
13 11:50 AM W SM 2X Women's Senior Master Doubles [50+]
    Cambridge Boat Club
C. Matthes/M. Mazzio
    612endurance Racing
S. Whicher/L. Randazzo
    Maritime Rowing Club
L. Krichko/L. Devitt
    Composite: Victoria City, Burnaby Lake
G. Bickel/T. Taylor
    Composite: Lincoln Park Boat Club, RV Ister Linz
I. Stekl/F. Tuite
    Capital Rowing Club
R. Hollins/C. Dinion
    Maritime Rowing Club
M. Collins/E. Picard/
    Narragansett Boat Club
A. Fleet/J. Brush
    Composite: Narragansett, Upper Valley Rowing
T. Glover/C. Reynolds
    Riverside Boat Club
L. Osborn/P. Belden
    Minneapolis Rowing Club
K. Lund/J. Cooper
    Chinook Performance Racing
T. Walters/R. Whidden
    Fairmount Rowing Association
S. Sargent/B. Hogan
    Community Rowing, Inc.
P. Montain/A. Redmon/
    Potomac Boat Club
J. Lytel/l. porter
    Dallas Rowing Club
K. Elting/A. Molenaar
    Narragansett Boat Club
D. Nardone/J. Martin
    Composite: Cambridge, Open Water
E. Hansen/J. Moore
    Cincinnati Rowing Club
M. Alonso/M. Hatfield
    Green Mountain Rowing Club
M. Breiland/L. Graves
    Rivanna Rowing Club, Inc.
A. Cann/C. Coffman
    California Yacht Club
M. Cate/J. palchikoff
    Buffalo Scholastic Rowing Association
J. Kratt/C. Flaherty
    Station L Rowing Club
c. heron/L. Jensen
    Maritime Rowing Club
P. Ellett/M. Flaherty-Ludwig
    Washington Rowing School
P. Jackman/L. Arnold/
    Indianapolis Rowing Center
G. Vance/W. Vik
    Narragansett Boat Club
S. Cutts/C. Browning
    Composite: Cambridge, College Club Seattle
N. Andreadis/B. Mooney
    Upper Thames Rowing Club
E. gleave/J. Burne
    Composite: Riverside, Rio Salado
R. Levy/K. Sullivan
    Unaffiliated (USA)
T. Otsuka/A. Roosendahl/
    Litchfield Hills Rowing Club, Inc.
A. Dyer/A. Hermans
    Independence Rowing Club
G. LaFreniere/M. Beckett
14 12:07 PM M MSTR 1X Men's Master Singles [30+]
15 12:19 PM M SM 1X Men's Senior Master Singles [40+]
16 12:31 PM W MSTR 1X Women's Master Singles [30+]
17 12:41 PM W SM 1X Women's Senior Masters Singles [40+]
    Ridley Graduate Boat Club
M. Prince/
    Potomac Boat Club
E. Stieve-Caldwell
    Dolphin Club
R. Perry
    Greater Columbus Rowing Association
J. Bullock
    Union Boat Club
C. Infantino
    Peachtree City Rowing Club
M. Gradek
    Don Rowing Club
A. Oke/
    Greenwich Crew
K. DeLuca/
    Lansing Rowing Club
L. Weise
    Cambridge Boat Club
M. Watkins
    Texas Rowing Center
K. Wilson
    Riverside Boat Club
B. McConarty
    South End Rowing Club
K. Pross
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
K. Williams
    East End Rowing Institute, LTD.
J. Gatz
    City of Bristol (UK) Rowing Club
H. Fullman
    Union Boat Club
C. McCarthy
    Maritime Rowing Club
J. Sherman
    Orleans Sweeps and Sculls
A. Flanders
    Sag Harbor Community Rowing
S. Fitzgibbon
    Merrimac River Rowing Association
E. Lallemand
    Harvard Sculling Club
c. graves
    Narragansett Boat Club
G. Simmons
    Occoquan Boat Club
G. Koloszyc
    California Yacht Club
S. Karasik
    Unaffiliated (USA)
A. Moquin
    Rockford YMCA Rowing Club
K. Polen
    Potomac Boat Club
L. Wetten
    Vesper Boat Club
M. Hilton
    Long Beach Rowing Association
S. Kline
18 12:59 PM M ALUM 8+ Men's Alumni Eights
19 1:18 PM W ALUM 8+ Women's Alumni Eights
20 1:37 PM M CLUB 4+ Men's Club Fours
21 1:57 PM W CLUB 4+ Women's Club Fours
22 2:23 PM M CLUB 8+ Men's Club Eights
23 2:37 PM W CLUB 8+ Women's Club Eights
24 2:55 PM M MSTR 4+ Men's Master Fours [40+]
25 3:07 PM W MSTR 4+ Women's Master Fours [40+]
26 3:25 PM M MSTR 8+ Men's Master Eights [40+]
27 3:37 PM W MSTR 8+ Women's Master Eights [40+]
28 3:51 PM M CHAMP 2X Men's Championship Doubles
29 4:00 PM W CHAMP 2X Women's Championship Doubles
30a 4:11 PM M CHAMP 1X Men's Championship Singles
30b M LW 1X Men's Lightweight Singles
31a 4:26 PM W CHAMP 1X Women's Championship Singles
31b W LW 1X Women's Lightweight Singles
32a 4:45 PM MX PARA 4+ Mixed Legs/Trunk/Arms Fours
32b MX INCL 4+ Mixed Inclusion 4+
Sunday, October 22, 2017
33a 7:45 AM MX INCL 2x Mixed Inclusion 2x
33b TA 2X Trunk/Arms Doubles
34a 8:08 AM M CLUB 1X Men's Club Singles
    Undine Barge Club of Philadelphia
L. Rein/
    Cornell University
P. McKendall
    Seattle Rowing Center
D. Lee/
    Atlanta Rowing Club, Inc.
A. Chavez
    Lookout Rowing Club
J. Moore
    Seattle Rowing Center
S. McVeety
    Maritime Rowing Club
C. Bowen
    Unaffiliated (USA)
P. Belmonte
    Aqueduct Rowing Club
M. Kokurin
    Potomac Boat Club
K. Cronin
    California Yacht Club
M. Schaeffer
    New York Athletic Club
S. Marsico
    Weld Scullers
J. James
    Clarkson University Crew Club
S. Berry
    Cotuit Rowing Club
R. Mitchell
    Undine Barge Club of Philadelphia
J. Cipolla
    Potomac Boat Club
J. Olbrys/
    Essex Rowing Club, Inc.
M. Poreba/
    Cork Boat Club
D. Collins/
    Unaffiliated (USA)
H. Palmer
    Harvard Sculling Club
B. Oseroff
    Vesper Boat Club
R. Boyd
    West Side Rowing Club
G. Hobika
    Riverside Boat Club
T. Chandler
    RTHC Bayer Leverkusen e.V. Ruderabteilung
G. Mimberg
    Bair Island Aquatic Center (BIAC)
M. Kimmins
    Unaffiliated (USA)
A. Dillon/
    Hanlan Boat Club
M. Plaudis/
    Anchorage Rowing Association
R. Connell
    Weld Scullers
J. Copeland
    Fairmount Rowing Association
K. Kelly/
    Potomac Boat Club
W. Meeker/
    Unaffiliated (GEO)
L. Khizanishvili
    Sydney Rowing Club
J. Quinn
    Steel City Rowing Club
A. Ascoli
    Weld Scullers
W. Rafey
    University of Pittsburgh
B. Luksik
34b M YOUTH 1X Men's Youth Singles
35a 8:31 AM W CLUB 1X Womens Club Singles
35b W YOUTH 1X Women's Youth Singles
    The American School in London
E. Lambden/
    Cambridge Boat Club
A. Matthes
    Shaker Heights High School Crew
S. Calabrese
    North Palm Beach Rowing Club
A. Ramsey
    Cape Cod Youth Rowing
L. Fournier/
    Nereid Boat Club, Inc.
J. DiLauro
    Maritime Rowing Club
N. Partlow
    Leander Boat Club
A. Maillet/
    West Cambridge Rowing
C. Reed
    Niagara Falls Rowing Club
K. Verbraeken/
    St. Catharines Rowing Club
L. Kelly/
    Seattle Rowing Center
E. Andrews/
    Rivanna Rowing Club, Inc.
E. Wuensch/
    Amadeusz Rowing Academy
A. Hutzel
    Unaffiliated (USA)
S. Egan
    Germantown Friends School Rowing
L. Zukin
    Founders Rowing Club
J. Knowles
    Unaffiliated (USA)
J. Bausano
    Don Rowing Club
A. Caromicoli/
    Atomic Rowing
C. Hay/
    Bergen County Rowing Academy
M. McCarthy/
    California Yacht Club
D. Brattesani/
    East End Rowing Institute, LTD.
H. O'Neill
    Long Lake Rowing Crew
A. Winkels
    Dayton Boat Club
H. Braum
36 8:53 AM W YOUTH 4+ Women's Youth Fours
DCW4X 9:29 AM DC W 4X Directors' Challenge Women's Quads
37 9:47 AM W YOUTH 4X Womens Youth Coxed Quad
38 10:06 AM W YOUTH 8+ Women's Youth Eights
DCPC2X 10:40 AM DC PC 2X Directors' Challenge Parent/Child Doubles
39 11:01 AM M YOUTH 2X Men's Youth Doubles
    Narragansett Boat Club (A)
J. Fay/M. Kiselev
    GMS Rowing Center (A)
N. Salazar/J. Schlyer/
    South Niagara Rowing Club (A)
O. Noel/C. Rusin/
    GMS Rowing Center (A)
O. Peacock/L. Jenkins/
    Seattle Rowing Center (A)
R. Schulz/M. Shure/
    Seattle Rowing Center (A)
J. Harper/E. Evans/
    Norwalk River Rowing Association (A)
C. Lawrence/A. Stepnowsky
    Ridley College (A)
S. Moyer/E. Enns
    Sarasota Scullers (A)
P. Watson/K. Bowles
    California Yacht Club (A)
Z. Steinfeld/S. Cox/
    CRI- Row Boston (A)
R. Pease/D. Rao
    Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
A. DeGrado/I. Mignone/
    Wayland-Weston Rowing Association, Inc. (A)
H. Tager/M. Grieco
    Pegasus Rowing Club (A)
N. Palmer/A. Zisling
    Mile High Rowing Club (A)
H. Toll/E. Williams/
    Cape Cod Youth Rowing (A)
E. Singer/G. Foschi Walko/
    Village Rowing Foundation Inc. DBA Ridgewood Crew (A)
E. Hida/J. O'Keefe
    West Cambridge Rowing (A)
T. Winkler/D. Niles
    Litchfield Hills Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
A. Butler/P. Fancher
    Tampa Preparatory School (A)
C. Stec/G. klotz
    Hollis Brookline Cavaliers Crew (A)
T. Jimeno/M. Lewis/
    CHARGERS Rowing Club (A)
D. DeNoble/A. Hobler/
    Cambridge Boat Club (A)
J. Leong/L. Abeln
    Charlotte Youth Rowing (A)
J. Sullivan/H. McGrath
    Miami International RowHouse (A)
C. Sahs/G. Echarte
    Amadeusz Rowing Academy
A. Zimny/K. Dworak
    Cortlandt Community Rowing Association, Inc. (A)
D. French/T. Fan
    Brunswick School Boat Club (A)
C. Bass/B. Shore
    Maidenhead Rowing Club (A)
E. O'Connor/L. Howlett
    Rivanna Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
A. Pierce/L. Rickard/
    Middletown High School (A)
T. Resor/B. Clark
    Miami Rowing and Watersports Center, Inc. (A)
R. Uribe/R. Cancio/
    The Derryfield School Crew (A)
M. Rotering/M. Karpawich
    RowAmerica Rye (A)
J. Muirhead/H. Keegan
    Haddon Township High School (A)
V. Fitzpatrick/A. Cronin
    Maritime Rowing Club (A)
G. Cain/T. Cone/
    St. Peters Preparatory School (A)
D. Dias/D. Yee
    The American School in London (A)
N. Mannhardt/N. Kuenstler/
    Burnt Hills Rowing Association, Inc. (A)
B. Veresko/M. Veresko
    Nereid Boat Club, Inc. (A)
S. Brown/D. Sprawka
    Maritime Rowing Club (A)
G. Lathrop/Q. Daly/
    Manhasset High School (A)
T. Tsimis/L. O'Day
    Cooper Training Center (A)
J. Raab/C. O'Neill
    Boston Latin School Crew (A)
R. Ciliberto/K. Eskew
    Cold Spring Harbor HS/Cold Spring Harbor Rowing Association, Inc. (A)
N. Aronow/A. Milhim
    Whitemarsh Boat Club (A)
D. Wierzbicki/H. Terry/
    Camden Hills Crew (A)
T. Gilson/Z. Markowitz
    Passaic River Rowing Association (PRRA) (A)
J. Varela/M. Paolazzi
40 11:16 AM W YOUTH 2X Women's Youth Doubles
    Y Quad Cities Rowing (A)
D. Evans/C. Sharis/
    Cambridge Boat Club (A)
H. Jensen/M. Rodriguez
    Narragansett Boat Club (A)
C. VanderMeer/K. Dolan/
    GMS Rowing Center (A)
I. Papov/E. Schlyer/
    New Canaan High School Crew (A)
M. Adams/I. DeSpirito/
    South Niagara Rowing Club (A)
M. Thomas/P. Learn/
    Headington School Oxford Boat Club (A)
B. Jones/A. Peach
    California Yacht Club (A)
S. Hart/B. O'Callahan/
    Tempe Junior Crew, Inc. (A)
J. Neil/J. Meekin/
    Dwight-Englewood School (A)
R. Colquitt/M. Gagnon/
    Passaic River Rowing Association (PRRA) (A)
M. Polanco/E. Karras
    Village Rowing Foundation Inc. DBA Ridgewood Crew (A)
A. Perez/A. Walton Roth
    Triangle Rowing Club (A)
C. Crouse/B. Benestad
    Pelham Community Rowing Association (A)
K. Rubbo/D. Walters
    Koninklijke Roei- en Zeilvereniging De Maas (A)
F. van der Vliet/I. Feenstra
    Vesper Boat Club (A)
D. Marlin Andrews/A. Hain
    Palo Alto Rowing Club (A)
I. Ulitsky/e. ulitsky/
    Kai Tak Youth Rowing Community Limited (A)
C. Chan/L. Lo/
    Friends of Brookline Rowing (A)
D. Bogdanovic/E. Whitehead
    Miami International RowHouse (A)
M. Mora/G. Ouellette
    Lincoln School (A)
P. Gaitskell/D. Bernier/
    London Rowing Club (ON) (A)
D. Darvill-Kaiser/R. Haines/
    South Jersey Rowing Club (B)
E. Caton/H. Towhey
    Cape Cod Youth Rowing (A)
m. rudman/S. Dumaresq/
    RowAmerica Rye (A)
e. napack/C. Santry
    Middletown High School (A)
K. Tarnacki/C. Tyszka
    St. Catharines Rowing Club (A)
H. Mercuri/G. Humphrey
    Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club (A)
O. Larder/I. Larder
    City of Oxford Rowing Club (A)
G. Cherry/R. Coleman/
    Norwalk River Rowing Association (A)
A. Delphino/G. Rizzo
    Litchfield Hills Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
R. Hatfield/R. Kelly
    Long Lake Rowing Crew (A)
M. Bomsta/E. Harris
    Y Quad Cities Rowing (B)
T. English/E. Mask/
    Cooper Training Center (A)
V. Wilson/M. Cicha
    Narragansett Boat Club (C)
E. Vieten/M. Czech/
    Manhasset High School (A)
I. Caton/F. Flood
    Old Lyme Rowing Association/ Blood Street Sculls (A)
G. Nobile/H. Stevens/
    Redwood Scullers/PACJC (A)
E. Rabinovitsj/L. Howe
    Narragansett Boat Club (B)
E. Hamilton/C. Noble Shriver/
    Noble & Greenough School (A)
S. Nomicos/S. Averill/
    St. Paul's School (A)
C. Congdon/V. Barletta/
    Haddon Township High School (A)
A. Tingley/G. Dengler
    White Rock Boathouse, Inc. (A)
K. Lay/S. Prado
    Bergen County Rowing Academy (A)
K. Gotrell/E. Maron/
    Pegasus Rowing Club (A)
M. Janda/S. Gross
    Tampa Training Center (A)
A. Williams/M. Turinsky
41 11:36 AM M YOUTH 4+ Men's Youth Fours
DCM4X 12:11 PM DC M 4X Directors' Challenge Men's Quads
42 12:27 PM M YOUTH 4x Mens Youth Coxed Quad
43 12:45 PM M YOUTH 8+ Men's Youth Eights
44a 1:16 PM M CHAMP 4+ Men's Championship Fours
44b M LW 4+ Men's Lightweight Fours
45a 1:30 PM W CHAMP 4+ Women's Championship Fours
45b W LW 4+ Women's Lightweight Fours
46a 1:48 PM M CHAMP 8+ Men's Championship Eights
46b M LW 8+ Men's Lightweight Eights
47 2:05 PM M COLLEGE 8+ Men's Collegiate Eights
48a 2:22 PM W CHAMP 8+ Women's Championship Eights
48b W LW 8+ Women's Lightweight Eights
49 2:39 PM W COLLEGE 8+ Women's Collegiate Eights
50 2:53 PM M COLLEGE 4+ Men's Collegiate Fours
51 3:08 PM W COLLEGE 4+ Women's Collegiate Fours
DCMX2X 3:29 PM DC MX 2X Directors Challenge Mixed Doubles
DCMX8 3:54 PM DC MX 8 Directors' Challenge Mixed Eight
*-Event times, if listed, are tentative and subject to change