USRowing Youth National Championship

  • Hosted By: USRowing
  • 2017 Owned Regatta


Event# Time* Code Event Competitors
Friday, June 9, 2017
1 Womens Youth 1x
2 Mens Youth 1x
    Amadeusz Rowing Academy (A)
m. evans/
    Artemis Rowing (A)
R. Skowronski/
    California Yacht Club (A)
Z. Steinfeld/
    Dallas United Crew, Inc. (A)
D. Deuel/
    Germantown Friends School Rowing (A)
J. Wright/
    GMS Rowing Center (A)
C. Donadio/
    Indianapolis Rowing Center (A)
J. Sears/
    McCallie School (A)
J. Moore/
    Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club (A)
J. Kahn/
    Mile High Rowing Club (A)
G. Cain/
    Narragansett Boat Club (A)
T. Satterthwaite/
    Parkersburg South HS Crew (A)
D. Chapman/
    Redwood Scullers/PACJC (A)
D. Finley/
    River City Crew (A)
A. Raber/
    Seattle Preparatory School (A)
M. Heid/
    Skyline Crew (A)
R. Cantrell/
    South Eugene Rowing Club (A)
A. Schoening/
    Village Rowing Foundation Inc. DBA Ridgewood Crew (A)
C. Koontz/
    Water Sports Center, Inc. dba Maritime Rowing Club (A)
A. Abbruzzese/
3 Womens Youth 2x
4 Mens Youth 2x
5 Womens Youth 2-
6 Mens Youth 2-
7 Womens Youth 4x
    Atlanta Junior Rowing Association (A)
E. Shinners/M. Schuster/K. Curry/E. Taylor/
    California Yacht Club (A)
S. Hart/S. Karasik/D. Brattesani/B. O'Callahan/
    Conestoga Crew Club (A)
K. Concannon/K. Hudson/V. Budike/L. Alcorn/
    Founders Rowing Club (A)
T. Toudouze/J. Valois/A. Glasgow/E. Royal/
    Greater Dayton Rowing Association (A)
M. Hinkle/E. Koenig/K. Picray/K. Eads/
    Holy Names Academy (A)
L. Sulcs/C. Widzgowski/C. Ewing/M. Olson/
    Lake Lanier Rowing Club (A)
C. Mudd/T. Wilson/A. Luttrell/E. Rundqwist/
    Long Beach Junior Crew (A)
Z. Chakos/A. Maxson/H. YOUNG/S. Quirke/
    Minnesota Boat Club (A)
S. Gardner/A. Peterson/B. Bahner/G. Gardner/
    Narragansett Boat Club (A)
    New Canaan High School Crew (A)
M. Owen/E. Caton/K. Dyrvik/S. Naughton/
    Oakland Strokes, Inc. (A)
K. Miles/P. Fraser/L. Mei/H. Mead/
    Olympia Area Rowing Association (O.A.R.) (A)
Z. Calambokidis/C. Zepeda/L. Landers/M. Anderson/
    Oregon Rowing Unlimited-PDX (A)
C. Whelan/R. Schinkelwitz/J. Whelan/M. Beremski/
    RowAmerica Rye (A)
S. Doyle/A. McIntyre/C. Cornacchia/E. Tonkel/
    Sarasota Crew (A)
J. Braz/A. Szabo/C. Strates/E. Kennedy/
    Saratoga Rowing Association, Inc./ Saratoga Springs High School (A)
M. Allen/M. Varcoe/H. Howe/Z. HASBROUCK/
    Seattle Rowing Center (A)
J. Hardman/E. Jordan/K. Barrows/K. Edwards/
    South Jersey Rowing Club (A)
M. Koelsch/A. Schmidt/C. Ricciardi/O. Herbstritt/
    Y Quad Cities Rowing (A)
C. Sharis/A. Phillips/T. English/C. Blunk/
    Saratoga Rowing Association, Inc./ Saratoga Springs High School (B)
B. Martin/S. Haley/O. Dolan/C. Pazderski/
8 Mens Youth 4x
9 Womens Ltwt Youth 2x
10 Mens Ltwt Youth 2x
11 Womens Youth 4+
12 Womens Ltwt Youth 8+
13 Mens Youth 4+
14 Mens Ltwt Youth 4+
15 Womens Ltwt Youth 4+
16 Mens Ltwt Youth 8+
17 Womens Youth 8+
18 Mens Youth 8+
*-Event times, if listed, are tentative and subject to change