54th Head Of The Charles

  • Hosted By: Head Of The Charles Regatta
  • 2018 USRowing Sanctioned Regatta (Special)


Event# Time* Code Event Competitors
Saturday, October 20, 2018
1 7:45 AM M SR-VET 1X Men's Senior Veteran Singles I and II [70+]
2 8:05 AM W SR-VET 1X Women's Veteran I/II and Senior Veteran I/II Singles [60 - 69, 70+]
3 8:36 AM M VET 1X Men's Veteran Singles I and II [60+]
4 9:03 AM M GM 1X Men's Grand Master Singles [50+]
    Cambridge Boat Club
G. Benning
    Wide Load Boat Club
R. Cone
    Riverside Boat Club
J. McGaffigan
    DeWolfe Rowing Club
T. Bohrer
    Craftsbury Sculling Center
T. Howell
    Ottawa Rowing Club
M. Chapman
    Argonaut Rowing Club
R. Blunt/
    Potomac Boat Club
P. Bogden
    Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club
J. Moss
    Union Boat Club
M. Cataldo
    DeWolfe Rowing Club
S. Hornney
    Fort Worth Rowing Club
P. McDonough
    Riverside Boat Club
R. White
    Bair Island Aquatic Center (BIAC)
J. Carlson/
    Linzer Ruderverein Ister
D. Kuttelwascher
    Riverside Boat Club
T. Lowe
    Lea Rowing Club
M. Hyndman
    Unaffiliated (USA)
A. Morrone
    Unaffiliated (USA)
K. Bedell
    Saratoga Springs Rowing Club, Inc.
J. Ball
    Pangbourne College Boat Club
T. Garnier/
    Narragansett Boat Club
B. Sandstede
    Community Rowing, Inc.
J. Nelson
    Yarmouth Rowing Club
S. Tenney
    Atlanta Rowing Club, Inc.
W. Cloherty
    CDB Madrid Velocidad
J. Aranzadi
    Great Bay Rowing
F. Loucks
    Lake Quinsigamond Community Rowing
R. Haddon
    Unaffiliated (USA)
J. Divan
    Leander Boat Club
R. Klajnscek
    Maine Rowing Association
J. Whiting
    New York Athletic Club
M. Carr
    Instituto Politecnico Nacional
K. Rasmussen
    Saratoga Springs Rowing Club, Inc.
S. Festin
    Baltimore Rowing Club
J. Jones
    Burnstown Rowing Club
L. Hall
    Western Rowing Club
T. Haines
    Marlow Rowing Club
M. Parsons
    Marlow Rowing Club
N. Galbraith
    Resilient Rowing Club
R. Haines
    Friends of WPI Rowing
P. Guida
    Western Reserve Rowing Association
B. Whitehead
    Boulder Community Rowing, Inc.
J. Linhoff
    Walbrook Rowing Club
N. Thomas
    Münchener Ruder-Club von 1880 e.V.
H. Weytjens
    Pocock Rowing Center
R. Lorentsen
    Maine Rowing Association
C. Thomas
    Unaffiliated (USA)
S. Cutter
    University Barge Club
J. Purtill
    Atlanta Rowing Club, Inc.
T. de Koekkoek
    Maritime Rowing Club
D. Townsend/
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
R. Gervase
    Amoskeag Rowing Club
M. Sheehan
    Undine Barge Club of Philadelphia
C. McElroy
    Washington Rowing School
S. Plog
    612endurance Racing
A. Green/
5 9:23 AM W GM 1X Women's Grand Master Singles [50+]
    Calm Waters Rowing
C. Hollings
    New Haven Rowing Club
M. Carr
    Whistler Rowing Club
M. Harriman
    Greenwich Crew
M. McCormack
    Cascadilla Boat Club, Ltd.
G. Haines-Sharp
    Rocky Mountain Rowing Club
K. Gress
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
K. de Biasi
    Detroit Waterfront Rowing Association
R. Kirchhoff/
    Hudson River Rowing Association, Inc.
E. Acworth
    Cambridge Boat Club
N. Strom
    Community Rowing, Inc.
    Cambridge Boat Club
B. Harling/
    Pettipaug YC Rowing
K. Elfstrom
    Maritime Rowing Club
H. Parkhurst/
    Cambridge Boat Club
L. Pierce
    Cambridge Boat Club
M. Farrell/
    University Barge Club
D. Eringis
    Genesee Rowing Club, Inc.
E. Perry
    Megunticook Rowing
A. Wilton
    Narragansett Boat Club
L. Evans
    Capital Rowing Club
R. Hollins
    Independence Rowing Club
A. Petrella
    Whitemarsh Boat Club
A. McBlane
    Potomac Boat Club
C. Dinion
    Minneapolis Rowing Club
L. Crandall
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
K. Davis
    Guelph Rowing Club
M. Richardson
    Vesper Boat Club
M. Tranel
    Sammamish Rowing Association
A. Creighton/
    Narragansett Boat Club
T. Hogan
    Maritime Rowing Club
H. Johnston/
    Yarmouth Rowing Club
C. Coughlan
    Cambridge Boat Club
S. Remmler
    Washington Rowing School
L. Arnold/
    Willamette Rowing Club
B. Kronick
    612endurance Racing
K. Green
    Marlow Rowing Club
A. Rice
    Saratoga Springs Rowing Club, Inc.
    612endurance Racing
J. LaMere/
    Cambridge Boat Club
k. Andres
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
A. Mikkola
    Narragansett Boat Club
J. Martin
    Dallas Rowing Club
K. Elting
6 9:47 AM M SM 8+ Men's Senior Master Eights [50+]
7 10:09 AM W SM 8+ Women's Senior Master Eights [50+]
8 10:28 AM M SM 4+ Men's Senior Master Fours [50+]
9 10:46 AM W SM 4+ Women's Senior Master Fours [50+]
10 11:10 AM M MSTR 2X Men's Master Doubles [40+]
11 11:19 AM M SM 2X Men's Senior Master Doubles [50+]
12 11:37 AM W MSTR 2X Women's Master Doubles [40+]
13 11:47 AM W SM 2X Women's Senior Master Doubles [50+]
14 12:04 PM M MSTR 1X Men's Master Singles [30+]
15 12:15 PM M SM 1X Men's Senior Master Singles [40+]
16 12:27 PM W MSTR 1X Women's Master Singles [30+]
17 12:38 PM W SM 1X Women's Senior Masters Singles [40+]
18 12:56 PM M ALUM 8+ Men's Alumni Eights
19 1:15 PM W ALUM 8+ Women's Alumni Eights
20 1:33 PM M CLUB 4+ Men's Club Fours
21 1:53 PM W CLUB 4+ Women's Club Fours
22 2:19 PM M CLUB 8+ Men's Club Eights
23 2:33 PM W CLUB 8+ Women's Club Eights
24 2:49 PM M MSTR 4+ Men's Master Fours [40+]
25 3:03 PM W MSTR 4+ Women's Master Fours [40+]
26 3:20 PM M MSTR 8+ Men's Master Eights [40+]
27 3:31 PM W MSTR 8+ Women's Master Eights [40+]
28 3:43 PM M CHAMP 2X Men's Championship Doubles
29 3:53 PM W CHAMP 2X Women's Championship Doubles
30 4:04 PM M CHAMP 1X Men's Championship Singles
31 M LW 1X Men's Lightweight Singles
32 4:19 PM W CHAMP 1X Women's Championship Singles
33 W LW 1X Women's Lightweight Singles
34 4:36 PM MX PARA 4+ Mixed Legs/Trunk/Arms Fours
35 MX INCL 4+ Mixed Inclusion 4+
Sunday, October 21, 2018
36 7:45 AM MX INCL 2x Mixed Inclusion 2x
37 TA 2X Trunk/Arms Doubles
38 8:08 AM M YOUTH 1X Men's Youth Singles
39 8:24 AM M CLUB 1X Men's Club Singles
40 8:37 AM W YOUTH 1X Women's Youth Singles
41 8:50 AM W CLUB 1X Womens Club Singles
42 9:04 AM W YOUTH 4+ Women's Youth Fours
DCW4X 9:40 AM DC W 4X Directors' Challenge Women's Quads
43 9:58 AM W YOUTH 4X Womens Youth Coxed Quad
44 10:19 AM W YOUTH 8+ Women's Youth Eights
DCMX2X 10:52 AM DC MX 2X Directors Challenge Mixed Doubles
45 11:14 AM M YOUTH 2X Men's Youth Doubles
46 11:28 AM W YOUTH 2X Women's Youth Doubles
    Y Quad Cities Rowing (A)
T. English/D. Evans/
    Y Quad Cities Rowing (B)
B. Morley/E. Mask/
    California Yacht Club (A)
D. Brattesani/A. Lange/
    South Niagara Rowing Club (A)
    Redwood Scullers/PACJC (A)
T. Lee/L. Howe
    Cambridge Boat Club (A)
E. McDonald/M. Rodriguez/
    White Rock Boathouse, Inc. (A)
K. Lay/A. Underdahl
    Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club (A)
M. Feldman/T. Andris
    St. Catharines Rowing Club (A)
E. Beaulne/O. Sommer
    GMS Rowing Center (A)
L. Blyn/G. Flanagan
    Narragansett Boat Club (A)
C. Noble Shriver/E. Hamilton
    Litchfield Hills Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
    Lincoln School (A)
M. Weaver/A. Gorriaran/
    Miami International RowHouse (A)
G. Amato/R. Sands
    Vesper Boat Club (A)
J. Bai/D. Marlin Andrews
    Warrington Rowing Club (A)
E. Stanhope/L. Myers
    Shaker Rowing Association/High School (A)
T. Bryan/O. Merolle
    The American School in London (A)
A. Bake/K. Lubkeman
    Niagara Falls Rowing Club (A)
E. Leavens/L. Nuccitelli
    Long Island Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
S. Pitfick/K. Warren
    612endurance Racing (A)
I. Smith/G. Morrow/
    Manchester Rowing Alliance (A)
S. Eckerson/H. Martinelli
    Fairfax High School Crew (A)
M. Anderson/N. Buice
    Cooper Training Center (B)
R. McDonnell/E. Caton
    Our Lady of Mercy High School (Rochester, NY) (A)
O. Schaertl/M. Mitchell
    Connecticut Boat Club (A)
G. Moore/W. Short
    Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club (A)
L. Henshaw/C. Carmody/
    The Agnes Irwin School (A)
P. Bond/E. Bonner
    Oakland Athletic Rowing Society (A)
M. Ma/n. herrera-ross
    RowAmerica Greenwich (A)
A. Freeman/A. Ragals
    Ready Set Row, LLC (A)
    Sagamore Rowing Association (A)
G. Grassi/G. DeMartino
    Burnaby Lake Rowing Club (A)
    Lake Quinsigamond Community Rowing (A)
M. Ostrowski/A. McElroy
    University Barge Club (A)
M. Fischer/C. Friedlander/
    Seattle Rowing Center (A)
K. Edwards/E. Andrews
    O.A.R.S., Inc. dba Albany Rowing Center (A)
M. Lahr/S. Ritchie/
    First Coast Rowing Club (A)
D. Forbes/I. Haueter
    Three Rivers Rowing Association (A)
A. lyda/A. Mico
    Cambridge Boat Club (B)
M. Kokot/C. Mungovan
    The American School in London (A)
E. Lambden/C. Parkinson
    Orleans Sweeps and Sculls (A)
M. Czech/L. Handy
    Y Quad Cities Rowing (C)
M. Beghtol/K. VanderWeele/
47 11:47 AM M YOUTH 4+ Men's Youth Fours
DCM4X 12:22 PM DC M 4X Directors' Challenge Men's Quads
    Composite: Vesper, New York AC, Texas Rowing Center (A)
S. Borchelt/M. Knifton/J. Kirkegaard/L. Futterman
0.0 (36)
    Fruit Loops Rowing Association (A)
0.0 (54)
    Unaffiliated (USA) (A)
T. Taaffe/A. Taaffe/J. Kelley/B. Taaffe/
0.0 (25)
    Riverside Boat Club (A)
K. Meador/J. Hanna/B. Harrington/S. Hausmann
0.0 (26)
    Norwich Rowing Club (A)
V. Audinis/N. Kippin/C. Scott/R. Conway
0.0 (59)
    Composite: Skibbereen, Irish Masters BC (A)
M. Donovan/S. O'Driscoll/J. Morris/G. Quin
0.0 (37)
    Cambridge Boat Club (B)
J. Grant/T. Darling/J. Pierce/J. Manson
0.0 (54)
    Composite: Maine Rowing Association, Upper Valley Rowing (A)
J. Tunnicliffe/P. Kermond/S. Hornney/M. Totta
0.0 (57)
    Unaffiliated (USA) (A)
M. Zavattaro/S. Pollmann/A. Towle/M. Butler
0.0 (54)
    Riverfront Recapture, Inc. (A)
0.0 (30)
    Composite: All-American Rowing Camp, Unaff. (USA), S&M Rowing (A)
W. Griffith/M. Grose/M. Brown/A. Rouse
0.0 (34)
    Tufts University Crew (A)
M. Facciuto/R. Rai/I. Mudge/T. Takata
0.0 (20)
    All American Rowing Camp, LLC (A)
J. Dietz/W. Castle/C. Somers/M. Wilson
0.0 (55)
    Rockland Rowing Association, Inc. (A)
T. Chyla/J. Bohan/P. Klose/I. Rudolph-Shabinsky
0.0 (50)
    Composite: Navesink River Rowing, New York AC, Baltimore, Whitemarsh Boat Club (A)
C. Windeknecht/K. Wobeser/M. Malone/M. Daemen
0.0 (57)
    Greenwich Crew (A)
J. Woody/P. Kaufer/T. Wike/D. Durkovic
0.0 (50)
    Unaffiliated (USA) (A)
R. Anderson/R. Slocum/R. Pinckney/B. Eldridge
0.0 (67)
    Shandon Boat Club (A)
J. Sheehan/D. Heffernan/B. O'Flynn/B. O'Keeffe
0.0 (40)
    Composite: Undine, Malta, New York AC, University (B)
M. Halpert/D. Smith/S. Ferenczy/S. Madden
0.0 (48)
    Rocky Mountain Rowing Club (A)
M. Gasper/M. Stormberg/A. Hashway/P. Morelli
0.0 (49)
    Belmont Hill School (A)
T. Fulham/A. Sacchetti/J. White/M. Findeis
0.0 (56)
    Dartmouth Rowing Club (A)
T. Hull/B. McNabb/P. Folger/K. Somerville
0.0 (60)
    Community Rowing, Inc. (A)
R. Lynch/J. Senner/S. Kovacs/P. Sobieszczyk
0.0 (53)
    Three Rivers Rowing Association (A)
R. Ulsh/R. Johnson/E. Bohn/M. McGuire
0.0 (63)
    Composite: Cambridge, San Diego RC (A)
C. Andrews/T. Pounds/R. Murphy/P. Rioux
0.0 (60)
    CHAOS Rowing (A)
R. McDonogh/F. Muhlebach/R. Brownstein/T. Bukowski/
0.0 (57)
    Community Rowing, Inc. (X)
W. Hatch/G. Hatch/F. Whitridge/R. Bettigole/
0.0 (62)
    Unaffiliated (USA) (C)
E. Olson/G. Corbellini/A. Cunha/T. Schumacher
0.0 (48)
    Community Rowing, Inc. (B)
D. Stevenson/R. Bacon/A. Milia/J. Hadley
0.0 (55)
    Nashaquitsa Rowing Club (A)
B. Potts/J. Cusack/K. Iscol/J. Born
0.0 (67)
    Long Beach Rowing Association (A)
D. Kerns/S. Hoadley/S. Milosevic/M. O'Donnell
0.0 (42)
    Unaffiliated (USA) (A)
H. Wyss/M. Teti/K. Worthington/J. Archibald
0.0 (62)
    Harvard University Boat Club (A)
0.0 (71)
    Duxbury Bay Maritime School (A)
R. Lyons/C. Rubin/C. Jamieson/m. rugnetta
0.0 (52)
    Narragansett Boat Club (B)
B. Sandstede/M. Hamilton/J. Ryan/P. Evans
0.0 (57)
    Greenwich Crew (A)
J. Slabbert/A. Thomas/T. Geffs/P. Bogin
0.0 (50)
48 12:37 PM M YOUTH 4x Mens Youth Coxed Quad
49 12:57 PM M YOUTH 8+ Men's Youth Eights
50 1:27 PM M CHAMP 4+ Men's Championship Fours
51 M LW 4+ Men's Lightweight Fours
52 1:38 PM W CHAMP 4+ Women's Championship Fours
53 W LW 4+ Women's Lightweight Fours
54 1:55 PM M CHAMP 8+ Men's Championship Eights
55 M LW 8+ Men's Lightweight Eights
56 2:12 PM M COLLEGE 8+ Men's Collegiate Eights
57 2:26 PM W CHAMP 8+ Women's Championship Eights
58 W LW 8+ Women's Lightweight Eights
59 2:41 PM W COLLEGE 8+ Women's Collegiate Eights
60 2:55 PM M COLLEGE 4+ Men's Collegiate Fours
61 3:09 PM W COLLEGE 4+ Women's Collegiate Fours
DCPC2X 3:27 PM DC PC 2X Directors' Challenge Parent/Child Doubles
DCMX8 3:49 PM DC MX 8 Directors' Challenge Mixed Eight
*-Event times, if listed, are tentative and subject to change