Canadian University Rowing Championship

  • Hosted By: University of Victoria Rowing Club
  • Sanctioned by RCA and Rowing BC (2019)


Event# Time* Code Event Competitors
Saturday, November 2, 2019
1 9:00 AM Mens Open 1x
2 9:30 AM Womens Ltwt 2x
3 10:00 AM Mens Ltwt 1x
4 10:30 AM Womens Open 2-
    Brock University (A)
A. Maloney/A. Martin/
    Carleton University (A)
A. Allair/J. Zebarth/
    Lakehead University Varsity Rowing Team (A)
L. Mason/W. Mangelli/
    McGill University Rowing Club (A)
J. Hillyard/V. Leger/
    McMaster University Rowing Club (A)
D. Martire/B. Reed/
    Queen's University (A)
P. Adams/C. Ellison
    Trent University Rowing (A)
T. West/P. Burns
    University of Alberta (A)
K. Hartley/R. Cameron/
    University of British Columbia (A)
C. Greber/L. Vincent-Smith
    University of Calgary Rowing Club (A)
C. Kruschel/E. Dawson
    University of Guelph (A)
P. Hutchinson/S. McCarthy/
    University of Toronto (A)
K. Gay/C. Kendall
    University of Victoria Rowing Club (A)
M. Simpson/P. Battersby
    Western University (UWO) (A)
C. Deane/E. Bolinger/
5 11:00 AM Mens Open 8+
6 11:30 AM Womens Ltwt 4+
7 12:30 PM Womens Open 1x
    Brock University
A. Maloney/
    Carleton University
T. MacMillan/
    Club d'aviron de l'Universite de Montreal
A. Brien/
    Laurentian University
H. Chase
    McMaster University Rowing Club
D. Martire/
    Queen's University
S. de Paiva
    University of Alberta
K. Hartley/
    University of British Columbia
K. Clark
    University of Calgary Rowing Club
H. Anderson/
    University of Guelph
G. Hutton/
    University of Toronto
J. Toljagic
    University of Victoria Rowing Club
L. Balooch
    Western University (UWO)
Y. Ensminger/
8 1:00 PM Mens Ltwt 2x
9 1:30 PM Mens Open 2-
10 2:00 PM Womens Ltwt 1x
11 2:30 PM Mens Ltwt 4+
12 3:00 PM Womens Open 8+
*-Event times, if listed, are tentative and subject to change