Head of the Welland - Five Bridges Fall Classic

  • Hosted By: South Niagara Rowing Club
Note: For updates and last minute changes be sure to check the news and heat-sheet/draw pages.
Event# Time* Event Code Event
Saturday, September 24, 2011
1a Mens Open 1x
1b Mens Junior 1x
1c Womens Open 1x
1d Womens Junior 1x
2a Mens Open 4+
2b Mens Junior 4+
2c Womens Open 4+
2d Womens Junior 4+
3a Mens Masters 1x
3b Womens Masters 1x
4a Mens Open Lightweight 8+
4b Mens Junior Lightweight 8+
4c Mens Masters 8+
4e Womens Lightweight 8+
4f Womens Masters 8+
4g Womens Novice 8+
5a Mens Open 2x
5b Mens Junior 2x
5c Womens Open 2x
5d Womens Junior 2x
6a Mens Lightweight 1x
6b Womens Lightweight 1x
6c Mens Novice 1x
6d Womens Novice 1x
7a Mens Junior 8+
7b Womens Junior 8+
7c Mens Novice 8+
7d Mixed Masters 8+
lunch Lunch Break
8a Mens Adaptive 1x
8b Mens Adaptive 2x
8c Mens Adaptive 2-
8d Womens Adaptive 1x
8e Womens Adaptive 2x
8f Womens Adaptive 2-
8g Mixed Adaptive 2x
8h Mixed Adaptive 2-
9a Mens Open Lightweight 4+
9b Mens Masters 4+
9c Womens Open Lightweight 4+
9d Womens Junior Lightweight 4+
9e Womens Masters 4+
9f Womens Novice 4+
9g Mens Novice 4+
10a Mens Lightweight 2x
10b Womens Lightweight 2x
10c Mens Masters 2x
10d Womens Masters 2x
10e Mixed Masters 2x
11a Mens Open 4x
11b Mens Junior 4x
11c Womens Open 4x
11d Womens Junior 4x
11e Mixed Masters 4x
12a Mens Open 8+
12b Womens Open 8+

Event times (if listed) are typically for the finals. The schedule is tentative and subject to change