San Diego Crew Classic

  • Hosted By: San Diego Crew Classic
  • 2018 USRowing Sanctioned Regatta (Special)
Note: For updates and last minute changes be sure to check the news and heat-sheet/draw pages.
Event# Time* Event Code Event
Saturday, March 24, 2018
NOTES Event #s listed below may be different in the final schedule.
Events will only be held if at least 3 entries are received.
The LOC may cancel or combine events as necessary.
1 COL V J-W Womens Collegiate Varsity Jessop-Whittier Cup Invitational
2 COL V CAL Womens Collegiate Varsity Cal Cup
3 COL V DII Womens Collegiate Varsity DII/III/Club
4 COL LW Womens Collegiate Ltwt
5 COL V Womens Collegiate Varsity 4+ Karen Plumleigh Cortney Cup
6 COL B Womens Collegiate 4+ B entries Final Only
7 COL DII/DIII Womens Collegiate DII/DIII Club 4+
8 COL 2V Womens Collegiate 2V Jackie Ann Stitt Hungness Trophy
9 COL NOV Womens Collegiate Novice Laurel Korholz Perpetual Trophy
10 COL DII NOV Womens DII/DIII/Club Novice
11 COL V COPLEY Mens Collegiate Varsity Copley Cup Invitational
12 COL V Mens Varsity American Specialty Health Cup
13 COL LW Mens Collegiate Ltwt Secretary of the Navy Cup**
14 COL 2V Mens Collegiate 2V Sharp Memorial Cup
15 COL 3V Mens Collegiate 3V
16 COL NOV Mens Collegiate Novice Derek Guelker Memorial Cup
17 COL NOV B Mens Collegiate Novice 8+ B Entries Final Only
18 HS V Womens Varsity High School 4x
19 HS V Womens HS Varsity Gilman-Mulliken Cup
20 HS JV Womens HS JV ZLAC Rowing Club Cup
21 HS NOV Womens HS Novice
22 HS V Mens Varsity High School 4x
23 HS LW Womens HS Ltwt
24 HS V Mens HS Varsity
25 HS JV Mens HS JV Jean Jessop Hervey Cup
26 HS NOV Mens HS Novice
27 HS LW Mens HS Ltwt Shimano Rowing Dynamics Cup
28 OPEN Womens Open Carley Copley Cup
29 ALUM Womens Alumni Prudential, Dunn REALTORS Cup**
30 OPEN Mens Open
31 ALUM Mens Alumni Cup
32 MST CLUB Womens Masters Club Champ Thalia Kelly Considine Cup
33 MST A Womens Masters A Cup (27-35)
34 MST B Womens Masters B Fred Rickon Memorial Cup (36-42)
35 MST C Womens Masters C Margi Fetter Graham Trophy (43-49)
36 MST D Womens Masters D Waddell & Reed, Inc. Cup (50-54)
37 MST E Womens Masters E Kearney Johnston Cup (55-59)
38 MST F+ Womens Masters F+ Campland on the Bay Trophy (60+
39 MST CLUB Mens Masters Club Champ
40 MST A Mens Masters A (27-35)
41 MST B Mens Masters B Presidents Trophy (36-42)
42 MST C Mens Masters C Coach Del Beekley Volunteer Cup (43-49)
43 MST D Mens Masters D (50-54)
44 MST E Mens Masters E Stewards Cup
45 MST F+ Mens Masters F+ (60+)
46 ADAPT Freedom Rows

Event times (if listed) are typically for the finals. The schedule is tentative and subject to change