Philadelphia Youth Regatta

  • Hosted By: Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia
  • Cancelled
Note: For updates and last minute changes be sure to check the news and heat-sheet/draw pages.
Event# Time* Event Code Event
Saturday, July 18, 2020
1 Boys Novice Single (1000m) - started racing after Jan 1
2 Girls Novice Quad (1000m) - started racing after Jan 1
3 Mixed/Boys/Girls Tyro U14 Eight (1000m)
4 Boys Cadet U19 Quad
5 Girls Cadet U19 Quad
6 Boys Colt U17 Eight
7 Girls Colt U17 Eight
8 Boys Tyro U14 Quad (1000m)
9 Girls Tyro U14 Quad (1000m)
10 Boys Cadet U19 Four
11 Girls Cadet U19 Four
12 Boys Colt U17 Double
13 Girls Cadet U19 Double
14 Boys Cadet U19 Double
15 Girls Colt U17 Double
16 Boys Cadet U19 Pair w/o
17 Girls Cadet U19 Pair w/o
18 Boys Colt U17 Single
19 Girls Colt U17 Single
20 Boys Colt U17 Four
21 Girls Colt U17 Four
22 Girls Novice Single (1000m) - started racing after Jan 1
23 Boys Novice Quad (1000m) - started racing after Jan 1
24 Boys Cadet U19 Single
25 Girls Cadet U19 Single
26 Boys Cadet U19 Eight
27 Girls Cadet U19 Eight
28 Mixed Cadet U19 Double
29 Boys Colt U17 Quad
30 Girls Colt U17 Quad
31 Mixed/Boys/Girls Cadet U19 Octuple
32 Boys Cadet U19 Eight Dash
33 Girls Cadet U19 Eight Dash
34 Boys Cadet U19 Single Dash
35 Girls Cadet U19 Single Dash
36 Mixed Cadet U19 Eight Dash

Event times (if listed) are typically for the finals. The schedule is tentative and subject to change