Erg Sprints Para

  • Hosted By: Alexandria Crew Boosters Club, Inc.
  • USRowing Indoor Open Regatta
Note: For updates and last minute changes be sure to check the news and heat-sheet/draw pages.
Event# Time* Event Code Event
Saturday, February 4, 2023

PR1 USRowing Para Classification

101 PR1-U19-1K U19 PR1 1000M
102 PR1-U23-1K U23 PR1 1000M
103 PR1-M-1K Masters PR1 1000M
104 PR1-O-2K Open PR1 2000M

PR2 USRowing Para Classification

111 PR2-U19-1K U19 PR2 1000M
112 PR2-U23-1K U23 PR2 1000M
113 PR2-M-1K Masters PR2 1000M
114 PR2-O-2K Open PR2 2000M

PR3 Physical Impairment (PI) Class

121 PR3-U19-1K U19 PR3 (PI) 1000M
122 PR3-U23-1K U23 PR3 (PI) 1000M
123 PR3-M-1K Masters PR3 (PI) 1000M
124 PR3-O-2K Open PR3 (PI) 2000M

PR3 Visual Impairment (VI) Class

131 PR3VIU191K U19 PR3 (VI) 1000M
132 PR3VIU231K U23 PR3 (VI) 1000M
133 PR3VIM1K Masters PR3 (VI) 1000M
134 PR3VIO2K Open PR3 (VI) 2000M

PR3 Virtus II-1 Para Classification

141 PR3II1U19 U19 PR3 Virtus II-1 1000M
142 PR3II1U23 U23 PR3 Virtus II-1 1000M
143 PR3II1M Masters PR3 Virtus II-1 1000M
144 PR3II1O2K Open PR3 Virtus II-1 2000M

PR3 Virtus II-2 Para Classification

151 PR3II2U19 U19 PR3 Virtus II-2 1000M
152 PR3II2U23 U23 PR3 Virtus II-2 1000M
153 PR3II2M Masters PR3 Virtus II-2 1000M
154 PR3II2O2K Open PR3 Virtus II-2 2000M

PR3 Virtus II-3 Para Classification

161 PR3II3U19 U19 PR3 Virtus II-3 1000M
162 PR3II3U23 U23 PR3 Virtus II-3 1000M
163 PR3II3M Masters PR3 Virtus II-3 1000M
164 PR3II3O2K Open PR3 Virtus II-3 2000M

Event times (if listed) are typically for the finals. The schedule is tentative and subject to change