FSRA Sweep Championships

  • Apr 30, 2016 To May 1, 2016
  • sprint
  • Benderson Park
  • Sarasota, FL (USA)
  • Hosted By: Florida Scholastic Rowing Association

sweep logoOfficial Medal Pictures and other vendor info on Sponsors page.

NBP Drone overview: https://youtu.be/TcsMoUp9g1M

Saturday, April 30, Lunch time regatta island flyover: https://youtu.be/2wsTwb_QcgI

Race Schedule  (Sunday, May 01)
Race # Race Name Drone Video Link
1FA Girls 4th Varsity 8+ Final No https://youtu.be/lqgDRy9pL0M
10S1 Boys Freshman 4+ Semi-Final 1 No https://youtu.be/hi0VeOV9jWw
10S2 Boys Freshman 4+ Semi-Final 2 No https://youtu.be/hi0VeOV9jWw
2FA Boys 4th Varsity 8+ Final No https://youtu.be/VbGFWoxeYF0
17S1 Girls Junior 4+ Semi-Final 1 No https://youtu.be/yUKdBCpmJog
17S2 Girls Junior 4+ Semi-Final 2 No https://youtu.be/yUKdBCpmJog
3FA Girls 3rd Varsity 8+ Final No https://youtu.be/7RvfwMPbmkg
4FA Boys 3rd Varsity 8+ Final No https://youtu.be/ciMZeROU7oE
5FB Girls 2- Petite Final No https://youtu.be/HeUgfs-Tjxk
5FA Girls 2- Final No https://youtu.be/HeUgfs-Tjxk
6FB Boys 2- Petite Final No https://youtu.be/dQT_BOQr8RY
6FA Boys 2- Final No https://youtu.be/dQT_BOQr8RY
7FA Girls 2nd Freshman 8+ Final No https://youtu.be/-jd-X_PTp8A
8FA Boys 2nd Freshman 8+ Final No https://youtu.be/LBItIqOk3k0
9FB Girls Freshman 4+ Petite Final No https://youtu.be/kVDRTITOmF4
9FA Girls Freshman 4+ Final No https://youtu.be/kVDRTITOmF4
11FB Girls 1st Freshman 8+ Petite Final Yes https://youtu.be/f0ETLbphKMM
11FA Girls 1st Freshman 8+ Final Yes https://youtu.be/f0ETLbphKMM
12FB Boys 1st Freshman 8+ Petite Final Yes https://youtu.be/C2_110XENPI
12FA Boys 1st Freshman 8+ Final Yes https://youtu.be/C2_110XENPI
13FA Girls 2nd Varsity 4+ Final Yes https://youtu.be/QgTU-l2paQc
14FA Boys 2nd Varsity 4+ Final Extra https://youtu.be/mx50qcYz0fY
15FA Girls 2nd Varsity 8+ Final Yes https://youtu.be/FxeOT9wRxVE
16FB Boys 2nd Varsity 8+ Petite Final Yes https://youtu.be/p8UhElRjCxY
16FA Boys 2nd Varsity 8+ Final Yes https://youtu.be/p8UhElRjCxY
18FB Boys Junior 4+ Petite Final Yes https://youtu.be/sw4sxyBd-4w
18FA Boys Junior 4+ Final Yes https://youtu.be/sw4sxyBd-4w
19FB Girls Junior 8+ Petite Final Yes https://youtu.be/cWb5Ebvk63o
19FA Girls Junior 8+ Final Yes https://youtu.be/cWb5Ebvk63o
20FB Boys Junior 8+ Petite Final No https://youtu.be/PNgfhM0o1os
20FA Boys Junior 8+ Final No https://youtu.be/PNgfhM0o1os
10FB Boys Freshman 4+ Petite Final No https://youtu.be/nHiql32HaI0
10FA Boys Freshman 4+ Final No https://youtu.be/nHiql32HaI0
17FB Girls Junior 4+ Petite Final No https://youtu.be/ISj4FBi8Nx0
17FA Girls Junior 4+ Final No https://youtu.be/ISj4FBi8Nx0
21FA Girls Lightweight 4+ Final Yes https://youtu.be/QiCnesjbaV0
22FB Boys Lightweight 4+ Petite Final Yes https://youtu.be/K4xMlkcIbQc
22FA Boys Lightweight 4+ Final Yes https://youtu.be/K4xMlkcIbQc
23FA Girls Lightweight 8+ Final Yes https://youtu.be/yog0pXgbO44
24FB Boys Lightweight 8+ Petite Final Extra https://youtu.be/auFPCGDiI4Y
24FA Boys Lightweight 8+ Final Extra https://youtu.be/auFPCGDiI4Y
25FB Girls 1st Varsity 4+ Petite Final Yes https://youtu.be/fp4ElzvYBw8
25FA Girls 1st Varsity 4+ Final Yes https://youtu.be/fp4ElzvYBw8
26FB Boys 1st Varsity 4+ Petite Final Yes https://youtu.be/Wqaoc0VGA0w
26FA Boys 1st Varsity 4+ Final Yes https://youtu.be/Wqaoc0VGA0w
27FA Girls 1st Varsity 8+ Final Yes https://youtu.be/vSwiL9cg9FA
28FB Boys 1st Varsity 8+ Petite Final Yes https://youtu.be/ry627zeZMVs
28FA Boys 1st Varsity 8+ Final Extra https://youtu.be/WrDmVwE2-Ic
Website http://www.floridarowing.org
Contact Brice Crossley
Email [email protected]
Phone n/a
Chief Referee Not yet posted
Juniors Yes
High School Yes
Middle School No
Collegiate No
Open No
Masters No
Elite No
Para No
Inclusion No
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