FSRA West District Championship

  • Hosted By: Florida Scholastic Rowing Association, Sarasota Crew

2017 FSRA West District Championship 

Nathan Benderson Park 

April 1, 2017


Heat Sheet




The 2017 Championship will not take place on the usual buoyed course at the venue, but will instead take place along the eastern shore (closest to Cattleman Rd.) of the venue. Racing will be 1,500 meters.

Athletes are permitted to race only in 1 sweep event and 1 sculling event. 




  • The regatta will not be able to happen without the help from dedicated volunteers; all participating teams must provide volunteers to stakeboat hold, assist at the launch/recovery docks, and/or help at the finish line. 

Sign up: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0845abae2da3fc1-fsra

  • Note: registered volunteers will receive a pass waiving the $5 parking fee 


Friday practice and boat trailer dropoff: 

  • You are encouraged to drop off your trailers and equipment in advance of race day (there will be overnight security on the island). Boat trailer drop off time is 12:00pm-7:30pm. Contact [email protected] if you need to schedule an alternate time.  
  • The course will be open for practice on Friday. Launch docks for our FSRA crews will be open from 3:00pm-6:45pm. All boats must be off the water by 7:30pm. 
  • Traffic pattern (FRIDAY ONLY

Team tents & food trailers: SITE PLAN

  • Team teants will be lined up along the Eastern Shoreline (along Cattleman Rd.)
  • Vehicles cannot remain in the team tent area for the duration of the event. 
    • Food trailer drop off: prior to 7:00 am Saturday, April 1 (meet at the yellow dot on the site plan)
      • Trailers can be scheduled to be dropped off earlier. You are not advised to unload anything prior to Saturday morning as the security guard will remain on the island overnight.  


Seeding for the 2017 State Championship 

  • Teams must have an entry and row in that event in order to be seeded for States. In the circumstance that any event only has one (1) entry at Districts, that boat must still compete in order to get seeded. In an effort to stay most efficient with everyone's time at Districts, events that only have 1 entry may be combined and run together. If necessary, this schedule adjustment will be made following the close of registration and crews will be notified accordingly. 



Venue Information

  • A reminder that teams are only allowed 2-10'x10' tents. Any additional or larger tents must be rented through the SANCA 2 weeks prior to events. Tent rental link: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form?EQBCT=fe8462c97dec445485779292e65770fe
  • Any crews with 10'x20' tents set up at the event (unless rented through SANCA) will be asked to take them down.  
  • Parking at NBP is $5. You will get a tow vehicle pass. Registered volunteers will get a pass. 





Website http://www.floridarowing.org/
Contact Monica Whitehouse
Email [email protected]
Phone Please contact regatta via email
Chief Referee Not yet posted
Juniors Yes
High School Yes
Middle School No
Collegiate No
Open No
Masters No
Elite No
Para No
Inclusion No
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