Row Ontario Masters Championship Regatta

  • Jul 14, 2019
  • sprint
  • Welland, ON (CAN)
  • Hosted By: Row Ontario
  • Sanctioned by RCA and ROWONTARIO (2019)


THANK YOU to everyone for a fantastic day of racing and congratulations to all competitors.  See you in 2020!


FINAL DRAW (July 13th 6:10pm)


PRELIMINARY DRAW V.2 (July 12th 5:01pm)

Note: If you have submitted changes that are not reflected in this version of the draw, it is likely because they haven't been paid for yet.  Come see us in the regatta office tomorrow or on Sunday minimum 1 hour before your race and we will finish processing it.  If you feel something is missing in error, definitely email me and I will figure it out!  Looking forward to a GREAT day of racing on Sunday, everyone! 


Regatta Bulletin #1 (July 10th 10:30pm)

Updated Land Traffic Pattern


PRELIMINARY DRAW V.1 (July 9th 12:25pm)

Note: In events with 0 or 1 entries, I have sent a separate email to the contact listed at time of entry.  I have left them in the draw for now in case there are late entries on the fence, so please do enter if that's you!  But otherwise, please check your email and we can discuss how to get you a race or, if necessary, arrange a refund.  Thanks. 

Name Changes & Scratches can be submitted via email to [email protected] using the forms below, as per the Regatta Package, or in person at the regatta office during office hours, up to 1 hour before the posted start time. 

Late Entries will be accepted via RegattaCentral Wed. July 10th @ 9:00AM - Fri. July 12th @ 4:00PM then in person at the regatta office during office hours, up to 1 hour before the posted start time.  Late entry fees will apply. 

There are no late fees for the Parent-Child 2x! 



Notice: ROWONTARIO takes photographs and videos at regattas for internal use and promotional purposes in print and electronic format.  If you have any questions in this regard, please contact Sydney Boyes at [email protected] or 416-759-8405 ext3. 

The ROWONTARIO Masters Championships Regatta is a six-lane 1000m sprint race for Masters-age rowers (21+) 

Contact Stephen Ross
Email [email protected]
Phone 226-926-9374
Sanctioned by  
Chief Umpire/Referee Brian Fiori
Juniors No
High School No
Middle School No
Collegiate No
Open No
Masters Yes
Elite No
Para No
Inclusion No
Entry Fees (CAD)
Standard Cost Early Cost Late Cost
1x $65.00 $97.50
2x / 2- $80.00 $120.00
2x/- $80.00 $120.00
4x / 4+ $100.00 $150.00
8+ $120.00 $180.00
RCA Seat Fee $3.25
ON Seat Fee $2.25
Plus taxes if applicable