Head of the Lake

  • Hosted By Lake Washington Rowing Club

Hosted by Lake Washington Rowing Club and the University of Washington, the 40th Head of the Lake on Sunday, November 3, starts on Lake Union, continues through the Montlake Cut to Lake Washington and finishes near the UW Conibear Shellhouse.

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Website http://lakewashingtonrowing.com/home/hotl/
Host/LOC Lake Washington Rowing Club
Contact Janet Walker
Email hotl@lakewashingtonrowing.com
Phone 206-547-1583
Chief Referee Rachel Le Mieux
Juniors Yes
HS/Scholastic Yes
Collegiate Yes
Open Yes
Masters Yes
Elite No
Adaptive No
Inclusive No
Entry Fees (USD)
Standard Cost
1x $45.00
2x $75.00
4x/+ $100.00
8+ $180.00