Dogwood Junior Championship

  • Apr 24, 2021 To Apr 25, 2021
  • sprint
  • Melton Lake
  • Oak Ridge, TN (USA)
  • Hosted By: Oak Ridge Rowing Association, Inc.

    2021 Dogwood Junior Championship Regatta
            Saturday/Sunday April 24-25, 2021

                Hosted by  Oak Ridge Rowing Association
                                        697 Melton Lake Drive

                                         Oak Ridge, TN 37830

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Participation Requirements: If your State and Local Guidelines allow a specific crew class, up to and including 8+, and you are training in that same crew class, then Oak Ridge TN and Anderson County TN, Guidelines allow you to compete in that same boat class. ORRA will offer all boat classes for the Dogwood Junior Championship, including 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 4- 4+ and 8+.

Ensuring Athlete Safety: ORRA will explicitly maintain an Athlete Area, limited to athletes, coaches, and a limited number of boosters that are directly contributing to the care/feeding of the athletes. ORRA will require daily check-ins of all persons entering the athlete area, and will use color-coded armbands for a simple visible check at ingress points. Mask use is required by all persons in the athlete area. You are encouraged to reach out to us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. ORRA has appointed a Chief Medical Officer, Anne Knighton, not only for this regatta, but as a continuing presence for managing the safety of athletes, crews, and coaches. She has reviewed all of our plans and remains the ultimate authority regarding any need to curtail the event due to COVID. 

Advance Covid Protocols: To ensure the safety of our athletes, all persons that enter the athlete area will need to provide a response to the following questions and provide a curent body temperature that demonstrates no fever. There is no explicit need to demonstrate a negative Covid test. The questions, courtesy of the CDC, are:

  1.     Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 48 hours: fever or chills; cough; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; fatigue; muscle or body aches; headache; new loss of taste or smell; sore throat; congestion or runny nose; nausea or vomiting; diarrhea.                        
  2.     Do you have any reason to believe you or anyone in your household has been exposed to or acquired COVID-19?                        
  3.     To the best of your knowledge have you been in close proximity to any individual who tested positive for COVID-19?

A spreadsheet allows teams to pre-fill out this information each morning. A single person can deliver this to the Chief Health Officer and she will exchange armbands and bow numbers for the day.   You may alter/tinker with the formatting of this spreadsheet as you best see fit.            


Notification of Interest - Closed
Please help us understand the number of participating teams by submitting, at your earliest opportunity,  a no-cost entry to Event 0 - Notification of Interest. This will be very helpful to a number of items including trailer laydown, event timing/centers and other items.

Housing - Closed
Oak Ridge Rowing Association 
is proud to partner with HBC Event Services, a housing agency with a nationwide reputation for excellence in managing travel for sports events.  HBC Event Services provides an easy way for you to book your hotel rooms with our partnered hotels at the best rates.  These rates are lower than their best available rate and usually include breakfast for your team. Check out the special rates available to Dogwood Junior Championship participants HERE

Event Structure: ORRA offers an event schedule that includes 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 4-, 4+ and 8+. Further, there are Junior, U17 and U15 categories and events for lightweight rowers. See the Event list for details.  The Chief Referee reserves the right to adjust the race progressions.

For events that have 1-7 entries, that event will be raced as straight to final.
For events that have 8-14 entries, that event will be raced as two Heats, with the top 3 from each heat + the 7th fastest qualifier from the Heats to the Grand Final.
For events that have 15-21 entries, that event will be raced as a time trial, with the top 14 to Semifinal, and top 3 from each Semifinal + the 7th fastest qualifier from the Semifinals (3+3+1) to Grand Final. UPDATE: 8-14 to Petit Final.
For events that have 22 or more entries, that event will be raced as a time trial, with top 21 to Semifinals, and top 2 from each Semifinal + the 7th fastest qualifier from the Semifinals (2+2+2+1) to the Grand Final. 8-14 to Petit Final. 
The Chief Referee will manage the division of entrants in to the Finals. Time trial results will be used to seed lane assignments in the Finals. 

Timing: Time Trials will start early Saturday, and run across two parallel lanes on approximate 7-minute event centers.  ORRA will have a short break immediately after Time Trials to rotate referees and LOC to the marshalling and start dock and start platform positions. Heats will immediately follow Time Trials. This defines the Grand Finals for Events with 8-14 entries. Semifinals will immediately follow Heats, This defines the Petit and Grand Finals for Events with 15 or more entries . The DASH events will follow the completion of Semifinals.  All Finals will run on Sunday.  All events should be complete before 4pm on Sunday.

Contact Oak Ridge Rowing Assoc.
Email [email protected]
Phone 865-482-6538
  Information Packet
Chief Referee Andrew Cooke
Juniors Yes
High School No
Middle School No
Collegiate No
Open No
Masters No
Elite No
Para No
Inclusion No
Entry Fees (USD)
Standard Cost Late Cost
0500m DASH 1x $20.00 $25.00
0500m DASH 8+ $40.00 $45.00
1x ( Singles ) $40.00 $50.00
2x/2- ( Doubles/Pairs ) $75.00 $85.00
4x/4-/4+ ( Fours/Quads ) $95.00 $105.00
8+ ( Eights ) $115.00 $125.00
Notification of Interest
Plus taxes if applicable