Overpeck Spring Youth Series #1

  • Hosted By: Bergen County Rowing Academy
  • Cancelled

The Bergen County Rowing Academy in coperation with the New York Rowing Association would like to invite the rowing community to compete on beautiful Overpeck Lake in Bergen County with middle school, high school, and club juniors.  While our 2000 m course features four lanes, the 1000 m distance has a full 7-lane course. All races will use the 2000 m course except for our middle school or U15 events (1000 m). Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the lack of racing in 2020, our Novice races are open to rowers who have not competed before September 1, 2019 in any regatta. This will probably boost the number of rowers entering Novice events this year.

Please also take note of our Covid-19 Protocol:

MASKS: Everyone must wear a mask at all times, regardless of whether or not you have been vaccinated or already had COVID-19. The exceptions are rowers on the water. A rower must have his/her mask on until the boat leaves the dock and at that time, he/she may remove it. The mask must be put back on before the boat can dock after the race. Coxswains must wear a mask and shield during the race.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: We expect the coaches of each team to enforce social distancing rules to keep their team 6 feet apart around their trailer. We will make sure that boat trailers are parked with at least one trailer width apart in order to allow for enough distance between teams.

SPECTATORS: We are very serious about the no spectator rule. No tailgate tents or gathering of any kind are allowed. Yes, we know the park is public and anyone can walk in, but if anyone is observed spectating, they will be asked to leave immediately, or their team will be disqualified for the day.

HEALTH LIAISON: Every team is required to appoint someone as its Health Liaison. This can be a coach, parent, school official or volunteer. This person’s name and contact info needs to be submitted to the regatta director two days before the regatta. This person is responsible for reporting to us any positive COVID cases on the team or staff, any quarantine of the team or the school and any detailed information regarding transmission (with the exception of personal identity as that is protected by law.) The Bergen County Rowing Academy is not requiring you to take temperatures before and after the regattas but expects the health liaison to make sure all persons attending the regatta on their team are healthy.

FOOD: NO food or drink will be dispensed at the venue. Each person must bring his/her own lunch, snacks and drinks to be consumed with their team and in their team space. No buffet style tables or picnics on the lawn are allowed.

TENTS: As stated there can be no team tents erected along the course. You may set up a small tent near your trailer if the weather is inclement. However, this tent may not be large enough to allow social distancing of your rowers.

Contact Clemens Reinke
Email Coachclemens@bcrowingacademy.org
Phone 2013202951
Chief Referee Not yet posted
Juniors Yes
HS/Scholastic Yes
Collegiate No
Open No
Masters No
Elite No
Para No
Inclusive No
Entry Fees (USD)
Standard Cost Late Cost
1x $35.00 $40.00
2x/2- $55.00 $60.00
4x/4-/4+ $80.00 $85.00
8+ $110.00 $115.00
Plus taxes if applicable