Princeton 3-Mile Chase

  • Hosted By: Carnegie Lake Rowing Association

The Princeton 3-Mile Chase has grown over the years and has exceeded the capacity of our facilities (parking, trailer space, boat storage, dock space, race course, etc.) threatening to jeopardize the race-day experience.  In an effort to maintain The Chase as a quality event for coaches, student athletes and spectators, we limit the number of entries. Although entry permission is available to any collegiate rowing program on RegattaCentral, only those listed as 'Guaranteed Entries' on the 'Rules & Eligibility' tab will be a guaranteed entry if submitted by the entry deadline of October 10th.  All other entries are not guaranteed and will be reviewed after October 10th.  Based on available space, you will be notified of any accepted entries, if any, by October 13th.  We are sorry that we can not accommodate everyone that seeks to race at The Chase.

Princeton University COVID-19 Policy

  1. Spectators and competing athletes are not allowed inside the Princeton boathouse.
  2. Masking is not required for outdoor sports, but recommended for all coaches, staff, and non-competing personnel.
  3. All visiting teams must be vaccinated.
  4. Unvaccinated members of the travel party- 1 PCR test within 72 hours of arrival.

This year we are planning a two round format as we did in 2019 but with some adjustments.

  1. Round 1: 8+’s only
    1. Heavyweight Men
    2. Lightweight Men
    3. Open Women and Lightweight Women
  2. Round 2: All boat classes permitted
    • Entries required in Round 1
    • 8+, 4X, 4-, 4+, 2X, 2- & 1X permitted
    • Starting boats in waves of 15-20
    • Starting order from fastest to slowest based on relative speeds of each boat class.
    • The starters will exercise caution and create decent gaps between crews to give everyone a clean run of the course. 
    • Small boats are allowed but we ask that coaches only race those with good small boat experience in small boats. 
    • Please race lesser experienced rowers in 8’s and coxed 4’s. 
    • The event staff will reserve the right not to start any boat that cannot properly steer or manage the course and could cause harm or incident to any other crew racing. 
    • Second round Events 5-18, listed at Noon, 12:00 PM, will be started in order listed (based on relative speeds of each boat class) and assigned bow numbers.
Contact Tom Heebink
Phone 908-229-3492
Chief Referee Not yet posted
Juniors No
HS/Scholastic No
Collegiate Yes
Open No
Masters No
Elite No
Para No
Inclusive No
Entry Fees (USD)
Standard Cost
1x $54.00
2x/2- $108.00
4x/4-/4+ $122.00
8+ $228.00
Plus taxes if applicable