Fountain Point Beach Sprints and Sleeping Bear Endurance Panorama

  • Hosted By: Lake Leelanau Rowing Club
  • 2021 Registered Regatta

We are excited to offer Coastal Rowing (Open Water) Racing!



October 9 - Sleeping Bear Coastal Endurance Race

Coastal Endurance is the official racing format used by World Rowing (FISA) and USRowing.

The World Coastal Endurance Championships were recently held in Oeiras, Portugal on September 30 - October 2.

This year's Sleeping Bear Coastal Endurane Race will be held on Lake Leelanau. Next year, we are planning to hold this race on Lake Michigan.

Official race course distance on Lake 6,000 meters (6 km).


Race in your own Open Water (Maas, Peinert, Echo, Alden, Whitehall, etc.) or FISA Coastal Rowing shell!

Surf Skis welcome.

Race Packet for Sleeping Bear Endurance


October 10 - Fountain Point Coastal Beach Sprints

Coastal Beach Sprints is the official racing format used by World Rowing (FISA) and USRowing. This will become an Olympic sport at Los Angeles in 2028.

The World Coastal Beach Sprints Championships were recently held in Oeiras, Portugal on September 24 - 26 where Team USA won a Bronze medal for the Senior Mixed Coxed Quad and a Silver medal for the Juniors Mixed Double.

Fountain Point Beach Sprints will be held at Lake Leelanau and includes use of our matched single and double Coastal Racing shells. The coxed quad will not be available for this event.


We will supply the boats and equipment so that they are identical for fairness. 


Just bring yourself and be prepared to Run and Row!

The course will include a run on the beach of 25 m to start and to finish the race with an on-water distance of 250 m from the beach to the farthest turning buoy. The race will then comprise a 25 m run from the start line to the water, a 250 m (buoys at approximately 85 m + 85 m + 80m) row out, a similar 250 m row back and a 25 m beach run to the finish.

Race Packet for Fountain Point Beach Sprints


Captains and Coaches Meeting

Meeting will be held at 8:00 am on each race day, it will cover all of the informaiion that you'll need to know prior to racing including course and rules.


Contact Viktor Grebennykov
Email [email protected]
Phone 954-655-0270
Sanctioned by  
Chief Referee Eric Chiang
Juniors Yes
High School Yes
Middle School No
Collegiate Yes
Open Yes
Masters Yes
Elite Yes
Para Yes
Inclusion Yes
Entry Fees (USD)
Standard Cost
1x $55.00
2x $75.00
4x $95.00
C1x for Beach Sprints $35.00
C2x for Beach Sprints $70.00
Plus taxes if applicable