Head of the Rock

  • Hosted By: Rockford YMCA Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


Event Description Stage/Notes
01-Mens Open 2-.pdf
04-Men's Masters 2-.pdf
06- Women's Open 2-.pdf
07-Women's Collegiate 2-.pdf
08-Women's Masters 2-.pdf
100-M Jr Nov 8+.pdf
103-Mix Mast 4x 48+.pdf
105-W Jr 4x.pdf
106-W Op 8+.pdf
107-W Coll 8+.pdf
12-Men's Open Novice 1x.pdf
13-Women's Novice 1x.pdf
14-Men's Masters 1x.pdf
15-Men's Masters 1x 37+.pdf
16-Men's Masters 1x 48+.pdf
17-Men's Masters 1x 60+.pdf
18 Womens Master 1x
19- W Mast 1x 37+.pdf
20-W Mast 1x 48+.pdf
21-W Mast 1x 60+.pdf
22 W Open 1x.pdf
23-W Col Nov 4+.pdf
24- W Nov 4+.pdf
25- W Jr Nov 4+.pdf
26-M JR 8+.pdf
27- M Coll Nov 8+.pdf
28-M Open 4+.pdf
29-M Col 4+.pdf
30 - Womens Jr 4+
30 - Womens Jr 4+
31- Mixed O 8+.pdf
32- W Mast 4+ 27+
33- W Mast 4+ 37+.pdf
34-W Mast 4+ 48+.pdf
36- M Mast 4+ 27+.pdf
37-M Mast 4+ 37+.pdf
38-M Mast 4+ 48+.pdf
39- M Mast 4+.pdf
40-M Open 2x.pdf
41-M Jr 4x.pdf
42-M Jr Nov 4+.pdf
43-Mix Open 4x.pdf
44-W Col 4+.pdf
45- W Open 4+.pdf
46-M Open Ltwt 4+.pdf
47-W Jr Nov 8+.pdf
48-W Open Ltwt 4+.pdf
49-W Open 2x.pdf
50-M Mast 2x 27+.pdf
51-M Mast 2x 37+.pdf
52-M Mast 2x 48+.pdf
53-M Mast 2x 60+.pdf
54-W Mast 2x 27+.pdf
55-W Mast 2x 37+.pdf
56-W Mast 2x 48+.pdf
57-W Mast 2x 60+.pdf
58-W Col Nov 8+.pdf
59-W Nov 8+.pdf
60-M Open 4x.pdf
61-Mix Mast 4+ 27+.pdf
62-Mix Mast 4+ 37+.pdf
63-Mix Mast 4+ 48+.pdf
65-M Jr 4+.pdf
66- W Jr 8+.pdf
67-M Op Nov 8+.pdf
68-M Op 1x.pdf
69-M Coll Nov 4+.pdf
70-M Op Nov 4+.pdf
73-M Mast 4x 48+.pdf
75-W Mast 4x 27+.pdf
76-W Mast 4x 37+.pdf
77-W Mast 4x 48+.pdf
79-Mixed Open 4+.pdf
80-M O Ltw 8+.pdf
81-W Mast 8+ 27+.pdf
82-W Mast 8+ 37+.pdf
83-W Mast 8+ 48+.pdf
85-W Op Ltwt 8+.pdf
87-M Mast 8+ 37+.pdf
90-M Open 8+.pdf
91-M Coll 8+.pdf
93-M Rec 1x.pdf
94-W Rec 1x.pdf
95-Mix Open 2x.pdf
97-Mix Mast 2x 37+.pdf
98-Mix Mast 2x 48+.pdf
99-Mix Mast 2x 60+.pdf
Composite Results sorted by Club Entries
Head of the Rock Composite Results 2011.
Head of the Rock Regatta 2011 Points

See the Live feed of the finish Line on :   www.wnta.com

Gorgeous day! Great Water!