Head Up the Creek

  • Hosted By: False Creek Rowing Club


Event Description Stage/Notes
2014 Head Up The Creek: FCRC

2014 Head Up The Creek - Results final

Photos! (by Helen Gould) and coming to Row2K shortly: http://row2k.com/gallery/ from Alexandra Leask)

Photos from this and previous years.

Thank you to the following people and groups for helping put on our event: without their cooperation, none of it would have been possible:

  • Jericho Sailing Centre Association - Jericho Rescue: safety boats with crews and setting and retrieving racing marks
  • Kitsilano Yacht Club: Peter and Steve for rescue boats, the start boat and setting racing marks.
  • Vancouver College Rowing Program (especially Dereck): for 3 safety boats, several boat drivers and crew and advice continuing advice about False Creek.
  • Rowing BC's Umpires and Associate Umpires: for helping keep up safe and fair.
  • Peter M and Maksim for running safety boats.
  • Kate, Ben, Peter L, Tom, Kuhan for timing and results.
  • Rebecca and Leanne for bringing the boat they are going to row to Hawaii.
  • Barbara and Jennifer B for taking care of the registration area.
  • Helen for her awesome photos.
  • Alexandra of Row2K.com: for the photos to grace their pages.
  • The volunteers of St John Ambulance for helping supply first response services.
  • Yolk's Mobile Breakfasts for their yummy food.
  • Per at the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation for the alternative to the washrooms undergoing renovations.
  • Dave at the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation for the help with the parking business.
  • Roberto, Dave E. and David D. for checking your shoes and bow balls at Control.
  • Jennifer F for keeping track of VIP's and assorted odd duties.
  • Doug Vandor, RBC Olympian for giving us bigger goals.
  • And Jessica for the advice and effort over the past several months as this has been rolling along toward the big day.

To all of them, and all who rowed with us for our event, thank you for being able to make this event bigger each year. It certainly makes it worthwhile if you think it is worth coming to.