Colorado State Rowing Championships

  • Hosted By: Mile High Rowing Club


Event Description Stage/Notes
Results from 2016 Colorado State Rowing Championships        
Cherry Creek Reservoir,  Greenwood Village Colorado, Elevation 5630      
Thank you to our 4 Volunteer Referees and to the 3 Mile High Coaches who served as safety launches on the water    
6:15 AM   Coxswains Meeting Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3
Race Time   Event All Bow #s Yellow All Bow #s Pink  All Bow #s Green
. * CJC Parent Board chose to scratch all events while Mile High Novice 8+ waited at the start        
7:00 AM   Womens Jr Novice 8+ Mile High 6:23.7 CJC (SCRATCH)  
7:20 AM   Mens Jr Varsity 2x Waterford (Scratch)    
    Mens Jr Ltwt Varsity 2x   Mile High  
7:40 AM   Womens Jr Varsity 4+ CJC A(Scratch) Waterford (6:32) Mile High (6:44.7)
7:50 AM     *Ft Collins (straight 4)(6:21.8) CJC B  (Scratch) boat raced without a coxswain
8:00 AM   Womens Jr Ltwt Varsity 4+ CJC  (SCRATCH) Mile High (6:47.4)  
8:20 AM   Womens Jr Novice 4+ Mile High (7:08.4) CJC A (Scratch)  
8:30 AM     Waterford (7:16.6) CJC B (Scratch)  
8:40 AM   Mens Jr Varsity 4x Mile High (5:37.6) Waterford (5:24.4)  
9:00 AM   Womens Jr Varsity 2x Ft Collins (6:31.9) Waterford (7:34.9)  
9:20 AM   Mens Jr Novice 4+ CJC B (scratch) CJC A (scratch)  
9:40 AM   Mens Jr Varsity 4+ Mile High  (5:52.1) Waterford (5:22.4) CJC (scratch)
9:50 AM   Mens Jr Ltwt Varsity 4+ CJC (Scratch) Mile High (5:37.1)  
    Womens Jr Varsity 4x     Ft Collins (6:15.2)
10:00 AM   Womens Jr Varsity 8+ Waterford (6:38.2) Mile High (6:22.2)  
10:10   Womens Jr Ltwt Varsity 8+ Mile High (Lwt) (6:07.2) CJC Jr Varsity 8+ (scratched)  
10:20 AM Cancelled due to increasing winds Mens Jr 1x  Waterford, Moshifar CJC, Lyle  (scratched) Ft Collins, Volz 
10:30 AM     CJC, Valin (scratched) Waterford, Beck   
    Referee Break      
11:00 AM Cancelled due to increasing winds Mens Jr Varsity 8+ Mile  High  CJC (scratched)  
11:10 Cancelled due to increasing winds Mens Jr Ltwt 8+   Mile High (Lwt)   
11:10   Mens Novice 8+ CJC (Nov)  (Scratched)    
11:20 AM Cancelled due to increasing winds Womens Jr 1x  Ft Collins, Sutton CJC, Strugar  (Scratched) CJC, Bach (Scratched)