Head of the Genesee

  • Hosted By Rochester Community inclusive Rowing
  • 2018 Registered Regatta


Because of continuing rains in the headwaters of the Genesee River Basin, and the controlled release of increasing amounts of water from the Mt. Morris Dam, thorough and continual monitoring and evaluation of regatta was done.  Prior to the Sunday portion of the regatta concern was discussed among the Chief Referee and L.O.C. regarding river flow and weather conditions for safe and fair rowing conditions.  Most susceptible were deemed the H.S. Novice events (46-49, 51).  Criteria for safe conditions were documented and a review of conditions at noon was planned.  The condition review at noon determined that safe and fair conditions for novice rowers no longer existed on the Genesee, and continuing the regatta for the remaining events would be done with increased scrutiny and care.  Conditions which prompted the cancelation of the regatta include:

1. River flow volumes above those documented as safe for novice rowing by the local clubs.

2. Increased river flow changed from fast and uniform to fast and turbulent.

3. River flow was continuing to increase thruout the day.

4. Flotsam, logs, and debris was continually removed above the full head starting area, however obstacles generated along the lower head course could not be guaranteed not to enter the racing course.

5. The skill and cognitive capabilities of the novice coxes was unknown to the regatta staff and was of concern, as appropriate for novice crews.

6. If the case of a turned boat or an ejected rower existed, river flow was such that the rower in the water would likely be immediately separated from their boat.

7. River turbulence was such that steering was a challenge, even for the skilled boats, and collisions among crews turning for the start was likely.

Reimbursement and future registration considerations were offered by L.O.C. to impacted crews.  Our sincere regrets and understanding for crews impacted by this decision is expressed, however the reasoning is sound and confidence that the right decision was made remains.