Charlie Butt Scullers' Head of the Potomac Regatta

  • Sep 19, 2020 To Sep 27, 2020
  • virtual
  • Washington, DC (USA)
  • Hosted By: Potomac Boat Club, Potomac Boat Club
  • 2020 Registered Regatta
  • 2020 Registered Regatta
 Team Points
Event# Time* Event
September 19, 2020
On-the-Water Events
1 Mens Youth 1x (Sculling)
2 Women's Youth 1x (Sculling)
3 Mens Open 1x (Sculling)
4 Womens Open 1x (Sculling)
5 Mens Open Ltwt 1x (Sculling)
6 Womens Open Ltwt 1x (Sculling)
7 Mens PR(PI) (Sculling) (2250m event)
8 Womens PR3(PI) (Sculling) (2250m event)
9 Mens PR3(VI) (Sculling) (2250m event)
10 Mens PR3(VI) (Sculling) (2250m event)
11 Womens PR3(VI) (Sculling) (2250m event)
12 Mens PR3(AK) (Sculling) (2250m event)
13 Womens PR3(AK) (Sculling) (2250m event)
14 Mens PR3(SA) (Sculling) (2250m event)
15 Womens PR3(SA) (Sculling) (2250m event)
16 Mens PR1(AS) (Sculling) (2250m event)
17 Womens PR1(AS) (Sculling) (2250m event)
18 Mens PR2(TA) (Sculling) (2250m event)
19 Womens PR2(TA) (Sculling) (2250m event)
20 Mens PR3(D) (Sculling) (2250m event)
21 Womens PR3(D) (Sculling) (2250m event)
22 Mens PR3(ID-1) (Sculling) (2250m event)
23 Womens PR3(ID-1) (Sculling) (2250m event)
24 Mens PR3(ID-2) (Sculling) (2250m event)
25 Womens PR3(ID-2) (Sculling) (2250m event)
26 Mens PR3(ID-3) (Sculling) (2250m event)
27 Womens PR(ID-3) (Sculling) (2250m event)
28 Mens PR1(FISA/US Classification) (Sculling)
29 Womens PR1 (FISA/US Classification) (Sculling)
30 Mens PR2 (FISA/US Classification) (Sculling)
31 Womens PR2 (FISA/US Classification) (Sculling)
32 Mens PR3 (FISA/US Classification) (Sculling)
33 Womens PR3 (FISA/US Classification) (Sculling)
34 Mens Masters 1x (30-39) (Sculling)
35 Womens Masters 1x (age 30-39) (Sculling)
36 Mens Senior Masters 1x (40-49) (Sculling)
37 Womens Senior Masters 1x (40-49)(Sculling)
38 Mens Grand Masters 1x (50-59) (Sculling)
39 Womens Grand Masters 1x (50-59) (Sculling)
40 Mens Veterans 1x (60-69) (Sculling)
41 Womens Veterans 1x (60-69) (Sculling)
42 Mens Senior Veterans 1x (70+) (Sculling)
43 Womens Senior Veterans 1x (70+) (Sculling)
98 Mens Freedom Rows 1x
99 Womens Freedom Rows 1x (Sculling)
Erg Events
44 Mens Youth 1x (Erg)
45 Womens Youth 1x (Erg)
46 Mens Open 1x (Erg)
47 Womens Open 1x (Erg)
48 Mens Open Ltwt 1x (Erg)
49 Womens Open Ltwt 1x (Erg)
50 Mens Masters 1x (30-39) (Erg)
51 Womens Masters 1x (30-39) (Erg)
52 Mens Senior Masters 1x (40-49) (Erg)
53 Womens Senior Masters 1x (40-49) (Erg)
54 Mens Grand Masters 1x (50-59) (Erg)
55 Womens Grand Masters 1x (50-59) (Erg)
56 Mens Veterans 1x (60-69) (Erg)
57 Womens Veterans 1x (60-69)
58 Mens Senior Veterans 1x (70+) (Erg)
59 Womens Senior Veterans 1x (70+) (Erg)
60 Mens PR3(PI) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
61 Womens PR3(PI) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
62 Mens PR3(VI) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
63 Womens PR3(VI) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
64 Mens PR3(AK) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
65 Womens PR3(AK) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
66 Mens PR3(SA) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
67 Womens PR3(SA) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
68 Mens PR1(AS) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
69 Womens PR1(AS) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
70 Mens PR2(AT) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
71 Womens PR2(TA) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
72 Mens PR3(D) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
73 Womens PR3(D) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
74 Mens PR3(ID-1) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
75 Womens PR3(ID-1) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
76 Mens PR3(ID-2) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
77 Womens PR3(ID-2) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
78 Mens PR3(ID-3) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
79 Womens PR3(ID-3) 1x (Erg) (2250m event)
80 Mens PR1(FISA/US Classification) 1x (Erg)
81 Womens PR1(FISA/US Classification) 1x (Erg)
82 Mens PR2(FISA/US Classification) 1x (Erg)
83 Womens PR2(FISA/US Classification) 1x (Erg)
84 Mens PR3(FISA/US Classification) 1x (Erg)
85 Womens PR3(FISA/US Classification) 1x (Erg)
86 Mixed Youth 2x (erg only)
87 Mixed Open 2x (erg only)
88 Mixed (Parent-Child) 2x (erg only)
89 Mixed Masters 2x (erg only)
90 Mixed Youth 4x (erg only)
91 Mixed Open 4x (erg only)
92 Mixed Masters 4x (erg only)
93 Mixed Youth 8x+ (erg only)
94 Mixed Open 8x+ (erg only)
95 Mixed Masters 8x+ (erg only)
100 Mens Freedom Rows 1x (Erg)
101 Womens Freedom Rows 1x (Erg)