Greater Chicago Juniors Rowing Championship

  • May 6, 2017
  • sprint
  • Crystal Lake, IL (USA)
  • Hosted By Crystal Lake Rowing Club

Health department regulations prohibit any pets within the park boundaries.

The Greater Chicago Junior Rowing Championship regatta is a registered United States Rowing Association regatta and will follow the rules of USRA. 

The Course
The 1850 meter course will be buoyed on the outside of lanes 1 and 6. Buoys will be at the first 100 meters and every 250 meters, as well as the starting and finishing lines. Rowing will be from west to east, finishing in front of the Main Beach Building.

Coaches’ and Coxswains’ Meeting
A meeting of coaches and coxswains’ is scheduled for Saturday, at 8:00 a.m. at the Main Beach building. At least one representative from each club is expected to attend the meeting as last minute rule changes, flights, etc. will be discussed. All crews will be responsible for the information delivered at the meeting, regardless of attendance. This will be the last opportunity to discuss entry and schedule issues, no entry changes will be considered after the close of this meeting. USRowing racing rules will apply. Manuals are available from USRowing. Please familiarize yourself with these rules before attending the coaches/coxswain meeting. The regatta committee will not discuss rules of racing at this meeting.

Traffic Pattern
The warm-up area will be on the north side of the course. The traffic pattern within the warm-up will be counter-clockwise. Proceed off the launching docks toward the north side of the course. Go to the north of the course. Be aware of shallow areas along the north shore, and of the peninsula about 300 meters from the west end of the lake. Map will be posted by the launch area.

Bow Numbers
Bow numbers for each boat will be required. It will be your responsibility to supply your own bow numbers. If a team does not have their own bow number, the organizing committee will make them available to you after receiving a refundable deposit of $5.00 per number. Crews will not be allowed on the water without a bow number. No racing shell will be allowed to race or practice without a bow ball.

Foot Gear Release
Where the feet of the competitor are held by foot gear affixed to the stretcher of the boat, the design of such foot gear shall provide for the quick release of the competitors feet, without the use of hands, in case of a boat capsize. Such design may consist of Velcro or pull strings at the heels.

All boats will be checked for such appropriate footgear. If such footgear is not present at all seats that boat will not be launched. This checking of the boats will occur immediately prior to launch. All boats, even if they row in multiple races, will be checked prior to each race.

Lightweight events will be on the honor system.  Coxswains will not be weighed.


All race participants within a boat must wear one type of representative rowing uniform.

Calling Events
Crews will be called to launch by the dockmaster. First call will be 25 minutes before each event, with second call and last call 20 minutes and 15 minutes before each event, respectively. Launch officials at the launch docks will make every effort to launch boats on time. Coaches and coxswains should be ready to launch 30 minutes prior the scheduled time of their event. No crews will be allowed on the water before being called or for additional practice on the day of the race.

The Start
The Regatta Marshal and a USRowing referee will be positioned in launches in the starting area for the purpose of organizing participating crews above the start and getting the competitors into the proper starting order and time interval. Please listen to the directions of the officials. All oars must accompany boats to the launch area.

Crews shall be responsible for maintaining their proper order, for maintaining their proper interval between themselves and other crews and for staging in the start area.

The race will begin from start platforms with stake boat holders at each lane position. The USRowing referee start official will call crews to the start approximately five minutes prior to the start. All crews not currently involved in the staging of the start of the next race shall yield to crews being summoned to the start by the USRowing official.

Interference with the staging of the start may result in a penalty.

If racing is delayed, the USRowing Referee at the start shall provide for a sufficient amount of time between events so that crews in different events do not overlap at the finish line.

The Finish
After crossing the finish line, crews shall return to the return dock. Returning crews should yield to and avoid interfering with the launching crews.

Intent to file a protest must be indicated on the water immediately following the finish of a race. The protest must be made to a USRowing official before the crew leaves the area between the finish tower and the Main Beach return dock. After a crew returns to the return dock area, all right to protest is waived.

The regatta will consider a protest from the coach or coaching representative (only one coach/coaching representative per protest is allowed) per USRowing rules at a fee of $50.00. The protest must be filed with the Regatta Director and the fee paid within 60 minutes of the finish of the race in question.

Hot Seating
Hot seating must be arranged with the dockmaster prior to launching. Events will not be delayed to permit re-rigging of shells.  There must be a minimum of 3 events between races that rowers or equipment are being hot seated

Number of Entries
Each event must have a minimum of two entries to constitute a race. 


Overall Trophies:

A trophy will be awarded to the Women’s team and Men’s team that earn the most overall points. Points will be awarded based on the classification of event, the size of the boat, and the number of competing crews.


Medals will be given to first, second and third place finishers. Crews must finish ahead of one crew to medal.

Event Trophies

Trophies may be given to winning crews in selected events.