Greater Chicago Juniors Rowing Championship

  • May 6, 2017
  • sprint
  • Crystal Lake, IL (USA)
  • Hosted By Crystal Lake Rowing Club

Boat Storage
Boats can be stored on the grass at Main Beach. Boat trees will not be available and storage of boats is at your own risk. The CLRC can not be responsible for improper storage.  Trailers can be brought to Main Beach on Friday until sunset.  Please make prior arrangements with regatta staff.

Traffic Pattern
The warm-up area will be on the north side of the course. The traffic pattern within the warm-up will be counter-clockwise. Proceed off the launching docks toward the north side of the course. Go to the north of the course. Be aware of shallow areas along the north shore, and of the peninsula about 300 meters from the west end of the lake. Map will be posted by the launch area.