Long Beach Invitational

  • Hosted By: Long Beach Junior Crew
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Waivers and Roster

Please submit your alphabetasized team roster with waivers to the Clerk of the Course desk from 4pm to 6pm, Friday, April 11th, if you have not already emailed it.  Please note that there will be two waiver forms required for each rower.  Only rowers who did not turn in waivers for the President's Day Regatta, the Southern California League Cup, or are new to your club are required to submit the universal waiver.  Roster verification will be used.

Two Annual Waivers per Athlete and a verified Roster are required for each athlete to participate in this event:

Waiver #1 - US Rowing (two possible methods: online and paper)

Online Submission:

1.  Contact your club's administrator and request your club's USRowing Club Code
2.  Go to https://rosters.usrowing.org and follow the instructions
3.  You'll be assigned a USRowing ID if you do not already have one.

Individual and Unaffiliated USRowing members and Non-USRowing members may alternatively submit a paper waiver. If you prefer to submit a paper waiver or are unable to submit an online waiver you may download, sign (or signed by parent if under 18) and submit a paper waiver to the regatta.

Waiver #2 - LBJC Universal Waiver

The LBJC Universal waiver is an annual waiver: download. If a rower turned in this waiver form for the President’s Day Invitational Regatta or the Southern California League Cup an additional waiver is not required. Only rowers who did not turn in this form or are new to your club are required to submit waivers. Roster verification will be utilized. We only need the signed portion of the waiver.

Please remember to alphabetize your waivers.

Team Roster

Log onto your team's RegattaCentrol.com account.

1.  Under “Affiliations”, select “roster"

2. Make sure you’ve selected the Active Roster

3.  In the upper right, click “export”

4.  Delete all columns other than USRowing ID, First and Last Name, Gender, and Waiver Signed

5.  Either print your alphabetized roster, or email the document to

brian.deregt@gmail.com or betsyfelix@gmail.com before Friday April 11th.

USRowing ID   Last Name        First Name         Gender          Waiver Signed

 1035661          Anderson             Megan                  F                           Y