Festival Regatta

  • Hosted By: Merrimac River Rowing Association

All competitors should electronically sign the waiver, it is setup to allow parents/guardians signs for minors.

How To:

1. click on the link

2. Select Registration Type - 'MRRA non-US Rowing registered regatta event -participants'

3. Select Program/Event - 'Festival Regatta'

4. Select your organization (if your organization is not in the drop down, please read additional info below)

5. Enter your personal information/read waiver

6. Click submit


ADD New Organization:

1. Go to Regatta Central and get the official name and abbreviation for your organization.

  • This can be done by looking at past/future regattas your organization has participated in.
  • Clicking on 'clubs'
  • Writing down the official name and Alias/abbreviation of your organization.
  • EXAMPLE page - LINK


2. Scroll down the Organization drop down, click on 'unlisted Organization' (at the bottom)

3. Enter the organization name and the 'abbreviation' 

4. If this is too confusing - click 'yes' in contact us!