Heart of Texas

  • Hosted By: Austin Rowing Club
  • 2017 Registered Regatta

This regatta is registered with USRowing and accepts the once-a-year USRowing waiver.

Online Submission:

  1. Contact your club's administrator and request your club's USRowing Club Code
  2. Go to https://membership.usrowing.org/ and follow the instructions
  3. You'll be assigned a USRowing ID if you do not already have one.

Registration will be open Friday March 6th from 3-6pm for checking on your waiver status. 


Many coaches and competitors complain that although they’ve signed waivers on-line at USRowing, and have screenshots to prove it, they’re listed in RegattaCentral’s waiver compliance report as noncompliant. The main reason that USRowing waivers don’t show up in the RegattaCentral report is that competitors' names don’t match. 
Many name mismatches are caused by misspellings and inconsistent use of nicknames. Competitors are unlikely to misspell their own names, but coaches need to be careful to spell their athletes’ names correctly. 
Concerning nicknames, using them is OK so long as for a given athlete the nickname is always used and is always the same, but the safest policy is always to use competitors’ formal names. Here are a few of the many mismatches detected before the 2014 PumpkinHead:

RegattaCentral                        USRowing
Rachel Silkorski                      Rachel Sikorski
Allie Mitchel                           Allie Mitchell
Gel Greene                            Angelica Greene
Carolina Cirilo                        Guizar Carolina Cirilo
Tim Poole                             Timothy Poole
Saige Culberson                     Saige Culbertson

Competitors whose RegattaCentral names don’t match their USRowing names have to sign paper waivers at the venue. 
Another cause of waiver failures is that many athletes have multiple USRowing accounts. Because basic USRowing accounts are free of charge, it may seem easier for coaches and athletes to establish new accounts than to look up existing accounts. The price of this apparent advantage is paid when an athlete signs a waiver for one of their accounts, and then gets put into a line-up under a different account which has no waiver. An individual athlete can cure this problem by signing a waiver for every one of their accounts. A more global cure is for teams to trim their athletes’ USRowing accounts down to one per athlete; to avoid deleting accounts included in active line-ups, this trimming should be done only between rowing seasons.