St. Valentine's Day Massacre

  • Hosted By Pelham Community Rowing Association
  • USRowing Registered

TWO Waivers must be signed in order to compete:

2017 St. Valentine's Day Massacre Waiver for PCRA - All Competitors Must bring a signed copy on race day.

In addition, All USRowing members must follow the link:  to sign their annual Waiver for USRowing online.


**IF YOU ARE NOT A USROWING MEMBER** and do not plan on becoming one in 2017 or if you are unable to sign your Waiver online; Please follow this link to download, print and sign the 2017 USRowing Waiver and bring it with you as well to Registration.



This regatta is registered with USRowing and requires the once-a-year USRowing waiver.

Waiver instructions for ALL participants (Including international athletes):

  1. To submit the annual USRowing waiver, athletes must be active members of USRowing
  2. To join (or renew) and submit your waiver, go to (coaches: Forward this link to your club's participating athletes)
If you need assistance, contact USRowing at 800-314-4ROW or