USRowing Indoor National Championships/C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints

  • Hosted By: USRowing
  • 2020 Indoor National Regatta

****IMPORTANT UPDATE for athletes under the age of 18****
Boston University requires that all competing athletes under the age of 18 submit a separate Parental Acknowledgment, Consent and Release from Liability form completed by their parent or legal guardian. Athletes will turn in the completed form at onsite registration. NOTE: This is in addition to the USRowing membership requirements below.

Registration and Insurance Information

U.S. Competitors

USRowing Membership Requirements:

U.S.-based organizations must hold active organizational membership with USRowing. 

Competitors representing U.S.-based organizational members of USRowing and Unaffiliated U.S.-based competitors must hold at least a Basic Membership and have a current waiver on file to compete in this event. 

In addition to the USRowing Waiver, minors attending unaccompanied by a parent or guardian must sign the Boston University waiver, which will be available here shortly.

Competitors can join USRowing at or by calling the USRowing Member Services Department at (609) 751-0700.

Competitors who need to renew an expired membership can log in to their member profile at

For more information about individual membership with USRowing, visit the Become an Individual Member page under the Members heading on our website at

Memberships should be handled prior to arriving at the event. A current listing of your athletes, their member numbers, and expiration dates can be found on your online team roster through the membership portal at

International Competitors:

International competitors can join USRowing as Basic - International members at no cost but it is not required. International competitors that have not joined as Basic - International members will be asked to sign a paper copy of the USRowing Waiver in order to participate.

2020 Indoor National Regatta

For Membership and Waiver instructions, contact USRowing at [email protected] or this link.