Cascadia Masters Championships

  • Hosted By: Cascadia Regatta Association

Compliance Waiver 2021

Please use the link above to sign the waiver stated here:

This is a binding legal agreement. Clarify any questions or concerns before signing.

1. This Agreement must be signed by the Participant. The Participant acknowledges and agrees to the terms outlined in
this document.
2. The Participant is voluntarily participating in the sport of rowing and the spectating, orientation, instruction, activities,
competitions, programs, and services (collectively the “Activities”) of Rowing Canada Aviron and its Members (defined
in the Rowing Canada Aviron By-Laws). The Activities may include but are not limited to including competitions,
training, personal or strength training, dry land training, training using machines or weights, nutritional and dietary
programs, orientational or instructional sessions or lessons, and aerobic and anaerobic conditioning programs.
3. Rowing Canada Aviron and its Members and their respective Directors, Officers, committee members, members,
employees, coaches, volunteers, officials, participants, agents, sponsors, owners/operators of the facilities in which the
Activities take place, and representatives (collectively the “Organization”) are not responsible for any injury, personal
injury, damage, property damage, expense, loss of income or loss of any kind suffered by a Participant during or as a
result of the Activities and/or, when the Participant is the age of majority or older, when caused by the negligence of
the Organization.
4. The Activities have foreseeable and unforeseeable inherent risks, hazards and dangers that no amount of care, caution
or expertise can eliminate, including without limitation, the potential for serious bodily injury, permanent disability,
paralysis, and loss of life. These risks include:
a) Health: executing strenuous and demanding physical techniques; physical exertion; overexertion; stretching;
dehydration; fatigue; cardiovascular workouts; rapid movements and stops; lack of fitness or conditioning;
traumatic injury; sprains and fractures, spinal cord injuries, bacterial infections; rashes; and the transmission of
communicable diseases, including viruses of all kinds, COVID-19, bacteria, parasites or other organisms or any
mutation thereof
b) Premises: defective, dangerous or unsafe condition of the facilities; falls; collisions with objects or barriers that are
a part of the premises, dangerous, unsafe, or irregular conditions on the water or other surfaces; extreme weather
conditions; remoteness of certain locations and an inability to obtain emergency medical assistance; and travel to
and from the premises
c) Use of equipment: mechanical failure of the equipment; negligent design or manufacture of the equipment; the
provision of, or the failure by, the Organization to provide any warnings, directions, instructions or guidance as to
the use of the equipment; failure to wear safety or protective equipment such as a life jacket; and failure to use or
operate equipment within the Participant’s own ability
d) Contact: contact with boats, oars, paddles, docks, stationary objects, equipment, hazards or other participants; and
other contact that may lead to serious bodily injury, including but not limited to concussions and/or other brain
injury or serious spinal injury
e) Advice: negligent advice regarding the Activities
f) Ability: failing to act safely or within the Participant’s own ability or within designated areas
g) Sport: the sport of rowing and its inherent risks, including but not limited to drowning; rowing, paddling, and
sculling; entering the water by either falling, diving or jumping; Extended time in the water and/or underwater;
Entering, exiting or falling off a rowing boat; Rough water conditions, capsizing, or being swamped by waves; and
carrying boats in and out of the water
h) Conduct: the Participant’s conduct and conduct of other persons including any physical altercation between

i) Travel: travel to and from the Activities
5. Cyber. The Organization may offer or promote online programming (such as webinars, remote conferences, workshops,
and online training) which have different foreseeable and unforeseeable risks than in-person programming. These risks
include privacy breaches, hacking, technology malfunction or damage.
6. COVID-19. The COVID-19 disease has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization and is
extremely contagious. The Organization has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19;
however, the Organization cannot guarantee that the Participant will not become infected with COVID-19. Further,
participating in the Activities could increase the Participant’s risk of contracting COVID-19 or any other contagious
7. In consideration of the Organization allowing the Participant to participate in the Activities, the Participant agrees:
a) That the Participant is not relying on any oral or written statements made by the Organization or their agents,
whether in a brochure or advertisement or in individual conversations, to agree to participate in the Activities
b) That when the Participant practices or trains in their own space, the Participant (or the Participant’s
parent/guardian, if applicable) is responsible for the Participant’s surroundings and the location and equipment
that is selected for the Participant
c) That the Participant’s mental and physical condition is appropriate to participate in the Activities and the
Participant (or the Participant’s parent/guardian, if applicable) assumes all risks related to the Participant’s mental
and physical condition
d) To comply with the rules and regulations for participation in the Activities
e) To comply with the rules of the facility or equipment
f) That if the Participant observes an unusual significant hazard or risk, the Participant will remove themselves from
participation and immediately bring their observations to a representative of the Organization
g) The risks associated with the Activities are increased when the Participant is impaired and the Participant will not
participate if impaired in any way
h) That it is the Participant’s (or the Participant’s parent/guardian, if applicable) sole responsibility to assess whether
any Activities are too difficult for the Participant. By the Participant commencing an Activity, the Participant (or the
Participant’s parent/guardian, if applicable) acknowledges and accepts the suitability and conditions of the Activity
i) That COVID-19 is contagious in nature and the Participant may be exposed to, or infected by, COVID-19 and such
exposure may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, or death
j) That the Participant (or the Participant’s parent/guardian, if applicable) is responsible for choosing the Participant’s
safety or protective equipment, such as a life jacket, and the secure fitting of that equipment
8. The Participant agrees that the Organization has the discretion to cancel any scheduled Activities. The Organization has
no responsibilities to the Participant (including refunding registration fees or paying for any costs associated with
travel) if an Activity is canceled or postponed by the Organization or for any other reason including a public health or
safety issue.
9. The Participant agrees that the Organization has the discretion to modify the structure of any Activities due to a public
health or safety issue, which may include removing specific disciplines or age groups from a competition, changing a
competition format, or changing the manner in which individuals become eligible to participate.
10. The Participant agrees that the Organization may implement and enforce guidelines for participation that may include
adhering to ‘Return to Play’ protocols, signing declarations of compliance, or requiring that personal protective
equipment be worn by Participants (and their parents/guardians, if applicable). The Organization has the discretion to
remove any Participant who does not comply with the Return to Play protocols, sign a declaration, or wear personal
protective equipment. When required, the Participant is responsible for providing their own personal protective
11. The Participant:
a. Assumes all risks arising out of, associated with or related to, participation in the Activities and waives any and all

claims that the Participant may have now or in the future against the Organization. The Participant, when the age
of majority or older, accepts and fully assumes all such risks and possibility of personal injury, death, property
damage, expense and related loss, including loss of income, resulting from participation in the Activities.
b. Forever indemnifies and releases the Organization from any and all liability for any and all claims, demands,
actions, damages (including direct, indirect, special and/or consequential), losses, actions, judgments, and costs
(including legal fees) (collectively, the “Claims”) which the Participant has or may have in the future, that might
arise out of, result from, or relate to, participation in the Activities, even though such Claims may have been caused
by any manner whatsoever, including but not limited to, the Organization’s negligence, gross negligence, negligent
rescue, omissions, carelessness, breach of contract and/or breach of any statutory duty of care of the Organization.
12. The Organization is not responsible or liable for any damage to the Participant’s vehicle, property, or equipment that
may occur as a result of the risks relating to the Activities. This Agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is
permitted by law of the Province of British Columbia and if any portion thereof is held invalid, the balance shall
continue in full legal force and effect. The Participant agrees to file any lawsuit against the Organization in the Province
of British Columbia and further agrees that the substantive law of the Province of British Columbia will apply with
regard to conflict of law rules.
13. The Participant acknowledges that they have read and understand this Agreement, that they have executed this
Agreement voluntarily, and that this Agreement is to be binding upon themselves, their heirs, spouse, children,
parents, guardians, next of kin, executors, administrators and legal or personal representatives. They further
acknowledge that by signing this Agreement they have waived their right to maintain a lawsuit against the Organization
on the basis of any claims from which they have released herein.