Head of the Fort

  • Hosted By: University of the Fraser Valley
  • Sanctioned by RCA and Rowing BC (2021)




MARCH 19, 2022



The Cascade Rowing Society (CRS) committee has worked hard to implement a process for our club to hold the 2022 Head of the Fort Regatta safely, and in line with provincial, federal and rowing association directives.


CRS has produced a document and processes to demonstrate measures to keep regatta rowers, coaches, umpires, volunteers, supporters, friends (collectively, the regatta participants) and our community safe.


The plan meets the requirements of Rowing BC and Rowing Canada Aviron for an Outdoor Event, COVID Safety Plan. Please see Appendix A.


The current Stage 3 Provincial Health Office guidelines and ViaSport Guidelines have been reviewed in compiling this plan. This plan may change subject to the British Columbia, Public Health Plan, Stage 4 being implemented, or if the Province of BC, Public Health Office returns to Stage 2.


The plan also complies with COVID-19 guidelines by the Township of Langley, and Bedford Channel Society for the regatta  venue.


As we progress, regatta participants will be notified of changes dependent on the direction given by Rowing BC, Rowing Canada, ViaSport and the B.C. Public Health Orders.


Prior to the start of the first race, in the event that any of the above listed determine that it is no longer appropriate to host a public regatta due to COVID-19, or for any other reason, the CRS recognizes that priority, and the event will not be held.



To protect the health and safety of regatta participants and to protect the health of our community, by preventing the spread of COVID-19.



  • Regatta Staging Area
  • Health Protocols
    • Daily Health Checks
    • Stay at home if sick
    • Masks
    • Contact Tracing
    • Hygiene
  • Food and Water
  • Washroom Usage
  • Parking
  • Local Requirements
  • Access to the Dock Launching Area
  • Event Policies
  • Appendix A: COVID-19 Health Check /Safety Officer Contact Information
  • Appendix B: Rowing Canada Aviron COVID-19 Safety Plan updated Feb. 15, 2022



    Along the Fort-to-Fort trail, Open Plaza Area, Launch Dock, Brae island day use area.

The parking lots, open area plaza, Fort-to-Fort Trail, bridge over Bedford Channel, Brae Island Day Use area, ATC public washrooms etc. are shared with the public and are the property of the Township of Langley. This is a location that does not have controlled access. It is a public space and members of the public cannot be prevented from entering the site. Traffic cones will delineate the regatta staging area and regatta volunteers will direct members of the public and spectators away from the staging area and inform them that a regatta is taking place.




All regatta participants onsite during the event are required to complete a Daily Health Check and confirm their lack of COVID symptoms. Signage (Appendix A) will be posted as a reminder around the event at all tent locations and points of entry, as well as on the registration table.

  Contact information for the COVID-19 Safety Officer: ufvrowingclub@gmail.com or day of the event Alicia Borsoi on site at the regatta at the registration tent


All regatta participants are responsible for watching for symptoms of COVID-19. These include, but are not limited to, cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, stuffy nose,  loss of sense of smell, headache and/or fatigue. (See http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19/about-covid- 19/symptoms for a complete list.) Symptoms can range from very mild to severe.



It is strongly recommended that all individuals attending the event are fully vaccinated, and it is strongly recommended that individuals in high traffic areas or who are in close proximity to others should wear masks when distancing is not possible. This is for indoor and outdoor activity and does not apply when eating/drinking or training/competing.



See below for list of who is accountable/responsible for collecting and maintaining this information.


Type of participant

Who is responsible to ensure COVID Health check is completed.


Umpires/ officials

Chief Umpire

List of umpires, officials, associates or assistants &

hours worked


CRS – Volunteer Coordinator

List of volunteers, assignment

and hours worked


Coach from each club

Maintain list of athletes, confirmed at commission

control & regatta central


Coach from each club

List of coaches from each club

Club friends/supporters

Coach from each club or

designated member

Support to a club and

interacting with participants


Not feasible to track spectators on Blackie Spit/Crescent Beach as it is an

open public area



This information is to be kept for 2 weeks by the Cascade Rowing Society Committee for contact tracing, if required.



Disinfectant spray will be available for equipment if required and will be kept at registration desk.  Teams are encouraged to bring their own supply.


Hand sanitizer will be available at the registration desk, boathouse ramp entrance, outside the ATC and on the dock. Hand washing facilities, as required under the current health order, are available in the public washrooms in the ATC building.



Regatta participants are encouraged to bring their own water/beverage and food, however there will be a concession with prepackaged food and drinks available in single use cups/bottles. A 2-meter distance is required when lined up at the concession stand, when this is not possible, included the public using the area, masks are strongly recommended.

Additionally, there are multiple options for food in Fort Langley within a short walking distance of the regatta site.



The ATC building has public washrooms available as well as Brae Island Day Use area with hand washing sinks. Portable toilets will be provided for athletes, coaches and volunteer’s members associated with the rowing clubs. These will have hand sanitizer available. There will be washrooms available for umpires and other associated members in the ATC training room with sinks for hand washing. MASKS are required in public washrooms as required by the PHO.



There will be designated parking for umpires, officials and first aid attendants. There will be designated unloading areas and parking for vehicles with trailers and boats. All other vehicles are required to park in designated public parking areas in Fort Langley and Brae Island and adhere to local parking regulations. MASKS are strongly recommended to be worn when unable to maintain a 2-meter distance.



The Township of Langley or Bedford Channel does not have a capacity limit for the designated regatta area. This is not a seated event.

As this is a public area, directly attached to Bedford Channel, CRS is unable to regulate access.

The ATC and Boat Repair areas are not to be used by user group members if they have symptoms of a communicable disease.

A Covid Safety Plan will be completed for volunteers and provided to the Township of Langley



Traffic flow up and down the dock ramp is clearly marked with signage. The dock marshal will guide the flow of traffic on the dock.

It is highly recommended that MASKS are worn in this area due to limited spacing until safely launched on the water.



Spectators and the public will be informed by volunteers of the regatta restrictions and are not to enter the ramp or dock at any time. Volunteers will be assigned to manage the access point to the dock launch area.

It is recommended for race participants on the dock that physical distancing be maintained at the staging area and venue and that MASKS are worn when not able to maintain 2-meter distance from others.


Any regatta participants who do not follow the procedures will be asked to leave the regatta venue.

The Cascade Rowing Society, upon consultation and agreement between the key decision makers, the COVID-19 Safety Officer, the Event Chair, and the Chief Umpire will have the power to stop the regatta at any time if COVID-19 protocols are not being followed.

In the event that the regatta has been stopped, and the reasons for that cessation of activity have been addressed, the COVID-19 Safety Officer, the Regatta Chair, the Chief Umpire and a representative of the Emergency Medical Services provider or volunteer must collectively agree to re-start the regatta.

Any competitor who must cancel due to the provisions of this document will not be provided a partial refund. There will be a partial refund for any scratch.


   The Regatta Chair and the COVID-19 Safety Officer will work with the Chief Umpire to determine if       there are specific compliance issues related to the regatta officials either generically, or on an  individual basis.

Dock Marshals will be present to assist rowers in being spaced out from each other in accordance with physical distancing limitation as stated by Rowing BC and Rowing Canada.



Appendix A: COVID-19 Health Check

Each regatta participant, coach, volunteer, umpires or any other individual is required to stay home if they are feeling unwell and/or answer YES to any of the questions below.   


Please verify for each of your club/group regatta participants onsite during the regatta, that a COVID-19 Health Check has been completed:

COVID-19 Health Check:

  1. Are you feeling unwell?
  2. Are you experiencing any new or worsening COVID-19 symptoms?

Fever                Chills              Loss of appetite Cough

Sore throat/painful   swallowing  Shortness of Breath                   

Loss of sense of smell and/or taste

Nausea and/or vomiting           Diarrhea

Muscle ache Fatigue

  1. Have you been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 or symptoms in the past 14 days?
  2. Have you been swabbed due to experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and have a pending result?
  3. In the last 14 days, have you been advised to self-isolate or quarantine at home by Public Health?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, please do not participate in this regatta or be on site.






Event COVID-19 Safety Plans (Indoor and Outdoor) 


Updated February 15, 2022 


In addition to appointing a COVID-19 Officer and having a completed RCA Risk Assessment and Mitigation Checklist Tool on record, member organizations are required to create Event COVID-19 Safety Plans prior to hosting events. Recent updates to Event COVID-19 Safety Plan requirements are marked with an asterisk (*). 


Event COVID-19 Safety Plans may be stand-alone documents or included in Event Packages. Member organizations must also complete an assessment of the execution and associated outcomes of the Event COVID-19 Safety Plan and include it in the post event report. 


Many existing COVID-19 club protocols can be extended to event delivery and be included in the Event COVID-19 Safety Plan. Event specific requirements that must be included in the Event COVID-19 Safety Plans are as follows: 



  • Daily Health Check. All individuals onsite (event staging area, field of play) during the event, including event organizing personnel, rowers, coaches, umpires, and volunteers, are required to complete a Daily Health Check. 


Spectators who enter the event staging area must complete a Daily Health Check prior to or during the time of entry. 


Spectators who are in an isolated, designated area who will not enter the event staging area at any time must complete a Daily Health Check prior or at the time of entry. 


An individual appointed by the event organizers is responsible for ensuring that all individuals required to complete a Daily Health Check has done so. 


  • Contact Tracing. RCA no longer requires contract tracing to be completed*. Event organizers should ensure that all provincial/local requirements related to contract tracing are met. 







1.877.722.4769 / info@rowingcanada.org / 321 – 4371 Interurban Road Victoria, BC V9E 2C5 / ROWINGCANADA.ORG 


  • Hygiene, Cleaning and Sanitizing 
  • Event organizers should provide soap and hand sanitizer for common areas and have additional PPE available onsite. 
  • Event organizers should provide PPE, soap and hand sanitizer for all volunteers and other event personnel. 
  • Handwashing stations must be well-stocked, visible and easily accessible to all participants 
  • Event organizers should ensure cleaning and sanitizing supplies are available for equipment used to deliver the event, including Umpire Equipment 


  • Provincial/Local Specific Requirements. Any provincial/local event specific requirements as outlined in provincial/local public health orders/restrictions should be included. Contact your PRA to learn more about provincial specific event restrictions and your local authority to learn more about local event specific restrictions if applicable. 



  • Ergometers should be placed with at least 2m of space between each in all directions. The 2m should be measured “elbow to elbow” when side-by-side and from the front of an ergometer to maximal “lay back” of the ergometer immediately in front. Ergometer placement visual. 
  • It is strongly recommended that individuals in high traffic areas or who are in close proximity to others should wear masks when distancing is not possible. This is for indoor and outdoor activity and does not apply when eating/drinking or training/competing. 
  • Refund/scratch policies should be clearly communicated and include any COVID-19 specifics if applicable 
  • COVID-19 Officers should work closely with Chief Umpires and PRAs to ensure Umpire specific needs as outlined by RCA are addressed in the Event COVID- 19 Safety Plan. 
  • Participants may not be familiar with the event venue. Capacity limits in common areas and traffic flow must be clearly marked and any restrictions to certain groups (e.g. spectators) must be clearly communicated before the event. 
  • All protocols and expectations, in addition to any ramifications for any transgressions, should be well-communicated to all participants. 


Event Organizers are required to meet with their PRA and RCA to review the Event COVID-19 Safety Plan prior to being granted event sanction. Event Organizers who have already received approved sanction for previous events are not required to arrange a meeting for future even


 Please email the regatta/event host with any related questions