Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Jr. Regional Championships

  • Hosted By: Shrewsbury Rowing Club, Quinsigamond Rowing Association, Inc.
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

All regatta updates and notices will be posted here.  Please check back once a week for updates.  As we get closer to the regatta, updates will be posted more frequently.

-Regatta Staff

***Regatta Update***

   The draw for the weekend is posted under "Heat Sheets". 

    Additionally, the weigh in schedule can be found here. I am offering this schedule to help simplify your understanding of the weigh in process.  The rule is that athletes(coxswains and lightweights) may weigh in up to two hours before and no later than one hour before their event.  Additionally, we will allow lightweights to re-weigh so long as they are no more the .5(one half) pound over the weight maximum.  Coxswains will be required to provide their ownmaterials to add weight.  This includes plastic bags and tape for sand. 

Other important notes:

    1. We will be allowing trailers to start coming into the park at10:00 AM.  There will be a lot of trailers and limited space, so it is imperative that you follow instructions as you come into the park. There is a specific way that trailers must be positioned within the park.  It would be of great service to the regatta if you could share trailers with other teams close to yours.
2. To better prepare for weather issues this weekend, a"PLAN-B" schedule for Sunday will be published and will reflect the prioritization of Youth National Championship events.  That schedule will be release on Regatta Central in the next couple of days.  The decision to go to that schedule will be made on Saturday evening and an announcement will be made on Regatta Central under the "News" section.

    3.  Parent/Booster Tents:  For those who reserved space at the venue, there will be specific areas roped off.  Registration for those tents will take place at the Regatta Point Boathouse along with event registration.  Please tell your parent volunteers that tent may not beset up before NOONAny groups that set up tents before that time will be asked to take their tent down.  Space outside of reserved areas will be on a first come/first serve basis.

Please stay tuned to your e-mail in the coming days as final announcements are made.

***Regatta Update***

  1. In all instances where a "C" and/or "D" entry force the creation of heats or additional heats, those entries will be dis-allowed(YNC events included).  There has been precedence for this and it has been done in prior years at this regatta.  In fact it was the policy to simply not all "C" or D" entries at all.  This will not be the case for sculling events and will only effect sweep events this year.
  2. The 3rd varsity 8's and 2nd novice 8 events have been preserved as final only events on Sunday afternoon. 
  3. The Women's Novice 4+ and Men's/Women's Novice 8 events will award medals to the top three fastest times across heats.  The Women's novice 4+will run two "heats" on Sunday afternoon.  The Novice 8's will be run as three "heats" on Sunday afternoon.  There will be NO finals in these events.
  4. The Men's Novice 4+ will run as a final only on Sunday afternoon.
  5. To accommodate 2nd 4+s as fairly as possible, all "B" entries in those events will be dis-allowed.  This will allow them to run as final-only events on Saturday afternoon.

    For those whose entries must be scratched per the parameters above,please do so as soon as possible.  You will not be responsible for any fees.  If you would like I can delete that entry to remove it from your invoice.

     An early look at what events will be on what days is below as well as a basic time frame.  I will have the final schedule released this weekend.

A note on late entries:  Please know that the following events will no longer be accepting entries:

M&W 1x
M&W 2x and Lwt 2x
W 4x
M&W 2-
M&W 2nd 4+, and Novice 4+
M&W 8+, 2nd 8+, 3rd 8+, and 2nd Novice 8+
W Novice 8+

The late entry window closes May 6th.

Also remember than any events that you may have entered after last Sunday must include the $20 late fee.  All late entries that do not fit, have been deleted.  Please review your Regatta Central account to determine if you have been affected.

Official schedule of events(actual order and time assignments are TBD):

12:00PM - Park and Course open
2:00PM - Course closed
2:15PM - Coach and coxswain meeting
3:10PM - First event
7:00PM - Final event

M&W 1X - 2 HEATS
M&W 2X - 2 HEATS
M4+ - 3 HEATS
W4+ - 4 HEATS
M8 - 2 HEATS
W8 - 3 HEATS

7:00 AM - Coach and Cox meeting
8:00 AM - First Race
7:00 PM - Final Race

M&W Lwt 4+ - 2 HEATS; FINAL
W NOVICE 4+ - 2 "HEATS" Medals awarded to 3 fastest times.
M&W Lwt 8 - 2 HEATS; FINAL
M&W NOVICE 8 - 3 "HEATS", Medals awarded to 3 fastest times.


1. Novice 4s
2. 2nd Novice 8s (Not included in the original order)
3. 3rd Youth 8s
4. 2nd Youth 4s
5. Novice 8s
6. 2nd Youth 8s
7. Pairs
8. Lightweight Doubles
9. Singles
10. Doubles
11. Quads
12. Lightweight 4s
13. Youth 4s
14. Lightweight 8s
15. Cancellation of the regatta
  This order reflects how events will be canceled should there be any kind of regatta delay.  For weather related issues, there will be a standard 1 hour delay.  A revised schedule will be posted immediately  following the decision to cancel events.  Please refer to your regatta packet for further information regarding weather emergencies and regatta delays.


    Next deadline: Friday, May 1st.  Payments are due and scratches made after this point will not have fees returned  For mailed checks, they will only need to be post marked by Friday May 1st.   Fees not postmarked bythis date will be subject to the $20 per entry late fee or may risk having their entries scratched.


All Waivers due by: May 8th

    Please be aware that the NEMA regatta has been officially registered with USRowing and thus is linked with the waiver database. Please follow up with your athletes to ensure their electronic waiver is complete.  Remind them that it take 5 minutes to complete this process and can be done from their home computer.  Any crew that includes athletes without waivers will not be allowed to race.  What is most simple is to have all athletes on your Regatta Central roster submit their electronic form.  That way you avoid issues when changing line-ups at the last minute.

   Additionally, this is also a good time to remind you that all competing teams need to be members in good standing with USRowing.  Renewing your organizational membership can be done easily online at  Non-USRowing member programs are not allowed to compete at USRowing registered regattas.


    The entry window has closed and after a few scratches, it appears the regatta is much larger than it has ever been.  The final entry total is about 130 entries over last year and just about 100 entries over the 2007 regatta.  To accommodate these entries I am investigating many options.  There is still a very strong possibility that some if not all tentative events will have to be dropped.  I will have a final decision on this by Thursday.

     Additionally, the schedule is currently being worked out.  As indicated before I will have a final schedule by this coming Sunday.  I would prefer to give a more clear picture of the situation, however,the sheer volume of entries and the potential for major logistical adjustments requires me to take additional time to make the correct decisions.  Please be patient while I work through this.

     Finally, due to current status of the regatta I am extending the payment deadline to this Friday, May 1st.  Again, all fees being mailed need only be post marked by Friday May 1st.  This also means that the scratch deadline is extended to Friday.  Any entries scratched after Friday will not have their fees refunded. Please make note of this.  Thank you to those who have sent their fees already. 

    As always the overall priority is to provide a safe, fair, and competitive regatta.  I am making every effort to ensure that goal is met.

***Waiver Announcement***
Please be advised that paper waivers are not necessary for the NEMA Regatta.  When you click on the waivers link on regatta central you will see the following message:

"This regatta does not accept the USRowing online waiver. Please click here for the waiver form and instructions."

    Disregard this message.  The regatta has not be registered with USRowing and will not be until entries close.  Please make sure all of your athletes have completed their online waiver for your Regatta Central account. 

When the regatta is registered you the "waiver" link will bring up the following instructions:

This regatta is registered with USRowing and accepts the once-a-year USRowing waiver.

Online Submission:
  1. Contact the person who submits your entries (e.g. coach, rowing partner, etc) and request their Regatta Central 'Roster Code'.(this unique code enables the system to automatically link your waiver submission with the entries made by your coach or rowing partner)
  2. Go to and follow the instructions
  3. You'll be provided a USRowing Membership ID. Provide this number to any additional coaches or rowing partners who submit entries which include you as they'll need to include it in their Regatta Central roster.
Note: Have your coach contact us at if they need assistance obtaining their Roster Code.

    With the online system, you do not have to do anything in terms of submitting waivers to this specific regatta.  The NEMA regatta need only verify that all of your competing athletes have submitted their electronic waivers.  That can be done from this end. 



     The entry window closes in 6 days.  Please be aware that line-ups do not have to be submitted until the week of the regatta.  Additionally, if you entered a tentative event and that event does not run, you will not be charged for that entry.  The space between the entry deadline and the payment due date is to allow for those determinations to be made in time for you to send correct payment.  Clubs that enter tentative events will be allowed to scratch their entries if need be.  Remember that payments mailed, need only be post marked by the due date of April 29th.



     1.  We are offering a limited number of reservations for booster tents at the venue.  We have had some requests for space, so we are offering 10' x 20' spots for $150 for the weekend.  Space is limited and will be assigned at the discretion of the regatta.  Please contact Colin Regan at if you are interested.  Otherwise tent space will be available on a first come/first serve basis, beginning at Noon on Saturday, May 16th.

     2.  PROGRAM DIRECTORS: To help defray regatta expenses, it would be greatly appreciated if you could pay for your entries in the form of a check.  Credit card fees are passed on directly to the regatta, but can be avoided if entrants send check payments.  For those who pay by check, you need only have your payment postmarked by the payment due date of April 29th.  Thank you.


     The General Registration window is now open.  Several updates have been made to Regatta Central including new info under venue, event list, and rules/eligibility.  Additionally, the Regatta Packet can be found Here.  Included in the packet is the official regatta phone number,which will be available through race day.

      Please take note that due to the addition of the 2- event, time constraints have increased.  This means that some events are listed under "tentative" status.  Events will be removed from "tentative"status as time permits.  Every effort will be made to run as many events as possible.  However, it is still the goal of the regatta staff to run a safe, fair, and competitive regatta.  Those principles will not be abandoned to simply add more events.

      The volunteer needs have been met in large part to a local team to Lake Quinsigamond.  There may be a few additional opportunities, which will be posted as we get closer to race day.  As indicated earlier, teams who provide volunteers for specific positions can gain entry fee rebates.

      PhotoID will be required for all crews racing in Grand Finals of YouthNational Championship Events.  If your crew is not racing in a Youth National Championship event, photo ID is not required.  Please make sure your athletes have some form of photo ID if they are racing in Youth National Championship events.  Acceptable forms include: Driver's license, Driver's permit with photo, or school ID.   They will only be checked when launching for Grand Finals.  The names on the IDs must match the names listed in the line-up submitted on Regatta Central.