Erg Rodeo

  • Hosted By: Texas Crew
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

All individual events are 2000 meters and all times listed are approximate. In events requiring multiple heats, we will attempt to group competitors from slowest to fastest, in ascending order, based on entry-form predicted times. All competitors will pull only once, unless competing in the relay event, and racing should conclude no later than 2:30PM. Please plan to arrive at least an hour and a half before your event so that check-in, warm-ups, and racing can all run smoothly. There will be two calls for the start of each heat: a 20-minute warning followed by a 10-minute warning.

Please note that you must register online this year and there will be no same-day registration.  You must check in for your event at least one hour prior to the scheduled time. Athletes who check in later than one hour before their event may be able to race in that event, or a later scheduled event, but will not be eligible for a trophy or buckle.

Event Restrictions

Class Divisions:

Novice Events are restricted to first-year rowers.

Lightweight Events  are restricted to competitors who have verified their weight on race day at the Weigh-In table beginning at 7am. Men: 165 lbs.  Women: 135 lbs.

Coxswain Event participants must be primarily a coxswain (be honest!). There are no age or weight restrictions.

Junior Events are restricted to competitors enrolled in grades 6-12.

Open Events
have no age restrictions and will include collegiate events.

Masters Events participants are restricted to entering the appropriate age category.

Adaptive Events participants must enter into the appropriate category of A(Arms only), TA (Trunk and Arms), or LTA (Leg, Trunk and Arms). They must provide their own specific adaptations for access to the erg (including seating if you require a fixed seat). They must also have one assistant present at the race to assist with transferring to and from the erg if needed. The distance for he adaptive category is 1000 m.

Mixed Open 8+ Relays:

Relays will be 8500 meters long, with 8 rowers each responsible for 1000 meters and 1 coxswain rowing 500 meters. Each team will use one ergometer and a total time will be taken (including rower switches). Participation is free to anyone entered in other Erg Rodeo events.There are no age or weight limits, however, a true coxswain is required. Teams must have 9 members: 8 rowers (at least 4 of whom must be women) and 1 coxswain.

Lightweight Weigh-In:

Lightweights must weigh-in on race day at least one hour before their scheduled start time, and we recommend that you arrive at least an hour an a half before your race to ensure that you have time for check-ins, weigh-ins, and warm-up. You must check in before weigh-ins. Competitors who do not make weight will be placed in the appropriate heavyweight category.

Awards and Prizes:

The Coveted Trophy Buckles will be awarded to the male and female winners in the following events: Fastest Overall Men's and Women's Masters, All Open/Collegiate Events, Male and Female Coxswains, and Fastest Overall Men's and Women's Juniors.

Trophies will be awarded to winners in those events not eligible for buckles. If an athlete wins the 'overall' award for their category, and a buckle, they will not be eligible for a trophy.
A Travelling Trophy will be awarded to the winners of the Mixed Open 8+ Relay.

Interpretation of Rules:

The meaning and application of this information will be determined solely by the ErgRodeo Planning Committee and all decisions will be final. Schedules willbe updated, as needed, based on entries.