Erie Canal Firecracker 500

  • Hosted By: Rochester Community Rowing Inc.
  • 2016 Registered Regatta
The NEW July 4th, 2009 Erie Canal Firecracker 500 Regatta expects to be an ABSOLUTE "HOOT"!
This unique event features 2 boat, 500 meter sprint racing.  Each entry launches once,  competes in 4 - 500 meter races over 80 minutes.  Each event has a bracket format to determine the champion and 4 runner positions finishing with 3-1 records.  Awards presented for Champion (4-0), 4 runners-up (3-1) and the "Bucket" award for the entry finishing 0-4!

The Venue: Erie Canal, Town of Brighton, immediately outside Rochester, NY (Between Winton Road and Clinton Ave bridges)
...Google Map it!
When you get to the map zoom in until you see Clinton Ave to your left and Edgewood (the lock) on the canal to your right, launching close to the lock, spin and head to Winton for the first start line -----
Registration for the Erie Canal Firecracker 500 opens