Head of the Genesee

  • Hosted By: Rochester Community inclusive Rowing
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

NOTE: All checks must be made payable to

Rochester Community Rowing

NOTE: Sunday morning college head racing will now offer the opportunity to mens and womens novice 8+ entries - HOWEVER the novice will NOT be paired for the afternoon sprints

Maps of course and venue can be emailed now if you email tgiarrus@rochester.rr.com

These are teh instructions to be reviewed at the coach / cox meeting:


Head of the Genesee Regatta 2009

Coxswain Instructions - Head Race



Launching/ Event Start Times  

We will launch on time or possibly early per Dock Master John Galle. HOWEVER - ALL RACES WILL START AT THE DOCUMENTED TIME unless all boats for that event are present and/or accounted for (i.e. scratches). The start platform officials are NOT to start events ahead of time if they can not account for all boats. This is really imperative in the afternoon races on Saturday to insure all boats have a chance to get back for use by novice events.


Safety Check

Launching - Follow Dock master's Instructions

Travel Lane - Keep out of the way of racing boats!

The Course - See Map - enough provided to each team and multiple for coxs

Hazards - Logs, Leaf Rafts

Finish Line - Location/Procedure.  Keep Rowing, row thru Elmwood Bridge

Ejected Rower - Boat stays with rower

Your Boats - Conduct and Control

Right of Way

Clashing of Oars

If clashing, separate IMMEDIATELY

Continued Clashing is Poor Coxing

Oar to Person, Hull to Person == Safety Violation/Penalty

Interference/Failure to Yield (see below)

Fowl Weather Procedures


Launch and be at start ON TIME.  Coxies this is YOUR JOB. (Regatta Time Is ???)

Start Procedure

Marshals above the start ? Order, Align, Movement

Starter will bring your boat to the start (call to power)

Start line is APPROXIMATELY THE RED BUOYS.  Actual start time is determined by Timers.

No Breakage Zone.  Address equipment concerns in staging area.














River is wide enough for 2 to 3 boats wide entire course.

Overtaking boats MUST yield Right of Way:

Races start with 12-15 second intervals.  If the boat behind you has moved within ONE boat length, you ARE being overtaken,


Right of Way: A crew is deemed to be overtaking another crew when it has moved to within one length of open water of the crew ahead. On those portions of the course that are straight, a crew being overtaken shall move to the right and allow the overtaking crew to pass. Where the course turns, a crew being overtaken shall move to the outside of the turn and allow the overtaking crew to pass along the shorter path. Nevertheless, passing is not allowed, nor is the crew being overtaken required to yield, in cases where the overtaking crew's position clearly prevents safe passage or where there is insufficient room to yield.

Marshals will determine Fair Yelding and Passing - Be sure Overtaken Boat and Marshal Hear and See you signal intent to pass.


Protests (if you must)

Register ON THE WATER with finish marshal or dock personnel.  Discuss with Referee.  If determined to lodge, Check $25, Define your Protest, State your requested resolution.


Results Posted ________




Treat competitors with Respect ? Say it with your OARS.

Language/Unsportsmanlike conduct è Penalty

Don't go into Erie Canal

Several Outstanding Vistas, for Viewing (Not Coaching from Shore or Bridge)