Hoover Invitational

  • Hosted By: Westerville Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

4/26:  We have a number of lost and found item from the Hoover Invitational. Please let tchase@medtuity.com know if they belong to someone on your team:Wrench on an OSU lanyardChevrolet car key on a red shoe string type lanyardSet of Crysler (?) keys with a door openerGold wire rimmed glassesGreen and black reading glassesOmron pedometerSport watch with a blue bandGold necklace with a 'diamond' S3 pairs of black sunglasses


4/18: Results are up!

4/15: We will have a lot more boats.  All tents will need to be SOUTH of the TENT signs, which will be farther south than the shelter house - this is farther south than last year.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Please do not put any boats or tents on the bike path.

4/15: the heat sheets are posted


Thank you for registering your teams for the Hoover Invitational! We have a lot of entries this year and are looking forward to great competition.


PLEASE READ and then pass this along to you parents and other who will be affected.


BOAT TRAILERS: Option 1) Park at the Walnut & Sunbury Rd lot. We are utilizing both sides of the lot this year strictly for boat trailers (north and south). Please pull forward either to the right or left and then BACK in, landing parallel to the other trailers and 8 FT apart. That will give you room to off-load your boats to the grassy area.

Option 2) If the lots at Sunbury & Walnut are full, please proceed north about 200 meters to the Boat Ramp lot. Again, please park your trailer at an angle, 8 ft from the next trailer. Off-load your boats to the grass. THERE IS NO BOAT PREP OR BOAT STORAGE ON THE PAVEMENT. Also, please make sure that your boats are not on or hanging over the Bike Path.

Option 3) If all lots are full, we are reserving curbside lanes NORTH of Walnut and Sunbury. We recommend that you pull into the boat ramp lot (Option 2), offload your boats to the grass, then you can park curbside.

For all options, the truck pulling the trailer may return and stay with the trailer on Saturday. No other support vehicles will be allowed in these lots or curbside in the area designated ? NORTH of Walnut & Sunbury.


Option 1) The small Food Trailer Lot ? Just SOUTH of Walnut and Sunbury is reserved for Food Trailers. The vehicle pulling the trailer may return on Saturday; however, NO OTHER support vehicles will be allowed in that lot.

Option 2) Once the Food Trailer lot is full, the Food Trailers will park curbside (just SOUTH of Walnut and Sunbury up to the small Food Trailer Lot).


Buses/Team Vans will drop off rowers curbside. They are NOT to pull into any lot AT ANY TIME! Once the bus/team van is unloaded, the bus drivers will proceed to Windsor Bay shopping center (travel north and turn left right after the light at County Line Rd).

CARTOP BOATS: We had a big problem with car top vehicles last year. Car Top vehicles cannot park in any of the lots. You may park curbside NORTH OF BOAT RAMP Lot. You can then place your boat in the large grass filed designated for boat storage.

SPECTATORS: Please park at the upper and lower dam lot at Smoke Burr and Sunbury. We have two 15 passenger shuttle vans that will transport people from the parking lot to Regatta Central area. There is also a nice leisure path for those wanting to walk or cycle. Street parking is permitted on the WEST SIDE OF SUNBURY. PLEASE do not park within 8 ft of fire hydrants and do not block driveways or mailboxes.Friday night weigh ins: We have a one hour weigh in window open for Friday ? from 6:00 ? 7:00pm. Location will be the shelter house at Walnut & Sunbury.

There is also a coxswains? clinic on Friday from 6:30 - 7:30 for coxswains wanting to learn how to back into a start platform and sculling. Senior coxswain Allie Davis is hosting this. Location will be the shelter house at Walnut & Sunbury.Even though we are running qualifying head races for the novices in the morning, we recommend this clinic to all coxswains. It will last about 30 minutes.

C&C Meeting: 7:00am Saturday at the Shelter house. First call will be at 45 minutes. We ask that you have your crews organized at the dock. They will not be permitted on the dock without oar helpers. There will be a head wind going up to the start. Please get your crews out no later than 2nd call. 2nd call will be final call. Coaches, and coxswains, please listen for your launch windows! With the number of entries, we cannot hold races, not permit rowers torow in another heat


We are allowing boats to practice on Friday as long as there are ni thunderstorms or impending thunderstorms. All boat must be off the water by 7:00pm.HOTSEATING: We will be running a very tight schedule on Saturday. We will not wait for any boats at the start.Please refer to the NEWS section on Regatta Central for updates.Thank you and please have a safe trip!


4/12: Coaches: Varisty coxswin Alie Davis will host a coxswains clininc on Friday evening fropm 6:30 - 7:15 for coxswains who need instruction backing into a start platform and sculling.  Please meet at the shelter house at Walnut and Sunbury Rd.

We have revised the start time.  The start time will be at 8:00am.

Please note: All novice races will run head races to qualify for finals.  The top 6 in all novice events will advance to a sprint final in the afternoon.

4/5: Coaches:  We have switched races 21 (Mens Lwt 4) and 22 (Womens' Var 4).  This was to allow for more time between the men's Lwt 8 and the men's Lwt 4.

3/10: COACHES:  The schedule is now posted under Event List.  This is a different schedule than last year.  Please email me today (3/11/2010) if you have problems with the schedule and I will see if it is feasible to make the change.  The window opens tomorrow (3/12/2010).  No changes will be made once the window is open.  Thank you, Trish Chase  tchase@medtuity.com

3/16: The Coxswain/Coaches Meeting is at 7:00am

Racing begins at 8:00am