Head of the Lake

  • Hosted By: Lake Washington Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


There are numerous parking lots surrounding Conibear Shell House. Spectators may use lots E-1, E-12 and E-11. Do not park in the lot directly next to Conibear as this will be reserved for boat rigging only (Lot E-8). Improperly parked vehicles will be towed.


Trailers may arrive and start parking in Lot E-1, north of Conibear Shellhouse, on Saturday afternoon beginning at 12:00 pm.  However, due to a Husky Volleyball Tournament all trailers MUST park at the northern most end of the lot. Trailers may be moved closer to the shellhouse on Sunday morning. If you are coming with a trailer, please contact Andi Day atandi@lakewashingtonrowing.com or at 206-714-5087 for registration and additional parking information.We need your contact information so we can keep you updated. We apologize for  any inconvenience and we will do everything possible to assist you and your crew.

Lot E-8 and the wood chipped area are for rigging only. NO Trailers!

Car toppers are highly encouraged to launch and recover from the Waterfront Activites Center near the old Canoe House on the south side of Husky Stadium (Parking Lot E-12). Please note: the perimeter road between the docks and parking lot are for loading/unloading only. Do not leave your vehicles on this road or it will be towed and/or ticketed.

NEW for 2009! There will be no trailer parking or launching for out-of-town crews at Pocock Rowing Center.