Princeton 3-Mile Chase

  • Hosted By Princeton University & Carnegie Lake Rowing Assn

Invitation only

Collegiate entries only (including the small boat event)

Entry fees:
eights - $40
fours - $20
small boats - $5

Events 1,2,3,5,6 &7: limit of two entries per event.  Special exceptions by making a request

We are encouraging the sharing of boats within your team and, for those who can, the sharing of trailer space.  We have limited trailer parking space and we need to limit each school, with a few exceptions, to one trailer.

Mugs to winning crews

The BELLY BOWL trophy awarded to the school with the combined best time for the top boats in all three freshmen/novice events.

Computer timed; results by Powerhouse Timing available immediately 

Entry closing date:  Thursday, October 15th