Ohio Governors Cup Regatta

  • Hosted By: Central Ohio Rowing
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Crews will be allowed to practice the course on Friday, until 7pm.  Please obey the following traffice patterns on the waterway.......(we share our waterway with the wakeboarders and waterskiiers, so on Fridays, if the weather is warm, there will typically be lots of boat traffic).  For safety purposes please follow the following rules:

Stay close to the east shore, going north, after launching from the docks.  Please stay withing 100 feet of the shore line, and beware of debris due to the high water levels and recent storms.

Do not cross the course except when you reach "the wall", which is where the START and Stake Boat platforms are located.  Please cross to the west side of the river at the START area, and row/practice in lane 6 (which is the lane closest to the west shore).  Use lane 5 if you need to pass a boat, but return to lane six asap. 

Please remind your crews to watch for boat traffic and beware of debris and for wake that the speedboaters may create!