Quaker City Masters Regatta

  • Hosted By: Fairmount Rowing Association


Parking: Parking for cars and trailers will be available at the Canoe Club parking lot on Kelly Drive.  Please let the regatta personnel direct you.

Parking directions are as follows: All trailers and cars carrying boats are to park in the Canoe Club lots on Kelly Drive. Trailers will park in the down river lot between the Canoe Club and St. Joe's boathouse. Cars carrying boats will park in the first lot as you enter the Canoe Club area. The only way into the lots is by driving down river [toward Center City] on the Drive and entering at the first driveway to the Canoe Club. Signs will be posted to guide you into the lot. Do not attempt to take a left-hand turn from the outgoing lanes of Kelly Drive into the Canoe Club area. Please be sure to pull your trailer completely off the roadway when you turn in. We will have volunteers available once you are in the lot to show you where to park.  Follow their instructions and all will be well. We are asking that all clubs try to limit the number of trailers and cars carrying boats - please help by doubling up with other clubs on trailer space or borrowing boats from friends in Philly. We don't want to see any half-empty trailers this weekend.

If you do not have a boat on your vehicle DO NOT PARK AT THE CANOE CLUB!  Parking is available either at the finish line/grandstand lot or up the hill in Fairmount Park just before the Canoe Club [get in left lane and take the road up the hill. After the stop sign the overflow parking area is to your right. Then walk down the hill and over to the Canoe Club.] DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS ANYWHERE ALONG KELLY DRIVE - YOU WILL BE TICKETED AND/OR TOWED.

Regatta staff will be available from midday Friday into Friday evening [until 8PM] and again on Saturday from 6AM onward to assist with parking arrangements. Keep in mind; the later you arrive, the greater your risk of not finding parking. Since most, if not all, out of town boats which have not made arrangements with local clubs will be launching from the Canoe Club area, you will want to secure a place early on.

Any questions call Tom Monnat, Quaker City Regatta Parking Official [610-789-9613] or email tomm12@verizon.net.