Covered Bridge Regatta

  • Hosted By: Oregon Association of Rowers
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


Latest waiver report available here.



Version 2.0 of the schedule is here. Please print yourself a copy and bring it to the coaches' and coxswains' meeting at 6:15 AM on Saturday.



A PRELIMINARY (April 8th) heat sheet is available here. If coaches catch errors or omissions, please email An undated version will be available later in the week (Wed?).


   Registration for CBR12 and the DASH close on Friday April 6th

  DASH by email to

  Please double check your ‘registration’ page, especially as regards number of athletes entered.

  To confirm a trailer (bus/van) parking spot, please email our parking coordinator, Jon Juhlin (, if you haven’t done so already. All other parking will be in the town of Lowell.

  If coaches have information they wish to share that might affect a crew’s seeding, please do so now to the entry coordinator (



   In going to two days we have opened up a small bit of increased flexibility for Saturday racing. 
We hope this helps obviate the need to reschedule races to Sunday. In the event of schedule delays, 
we will first attempt to reschedule delayed Saturday races for later in the day on Saturday, with the 
Collegiate eights being a high priority (because they will not be back on Sunday). All rescheduling 
will attempt to make things work for the largest number of teams possible.

   If we are forced to move races to Sunday, we will not displace Sunday's events, but will try to 
incorporate (add) as many missed Saturday races as possible. This may include moving the start of
racing up to 7:30 AM and continue racing until 3 PM. Recognizing the travelling and other commitments 
of both rowers and volunteers (including officials) we will not extend Sunday racing beyond 3 PM. 
(Currently our hope is that Sunday racing will fall between 8 AM and 1 PM).



   We have made two changes to the listed order of events.

Event #28 (W Mas 2x) will move to the end of the day on Saturday (following event#34).

Event #47 (M Mas 8+) will move to the end of the schedule on Sunday (following event#51).


The Covered Bridge Regatta is going to 2days see the 'Event List' for approximate order of events.

Saturday, April14th, races for Juniors, Colleges, Masters - all day. (Meeting at 6:15AM)

Sunday, April 15th, races for Juniors, Masters - until about 12 or 1 PM. (Meeting at 7:00 AM)

CBR12 Information Packet available HERE


The Dexter Dash … and Dinner

Friday April 13th - late afternoon


5:00 PM Friday, brief ALL rowers & coxswains meeting - under the picnic shelter

6:00 PM start of the 500m relay

6:30 PM dinner by South Fork Catering - under the picnic shelter


Dash Relay: The main focus of the Dash is fun and camaraderie. Relay teams will consist of eights-only this year.  Boat, seat and relay-team assignments will be made by the regatta directors at the coxswains/rowers meeting. All boatings will be assigned at the meeting. Sweep rowers without enough teammates to field an eight are encouraged to enter and will be incorporated into lineups at the meeting. Clubs are asked to make available a coxswain and eight-oared shell for every four sweep rowers they enter.


Dinner: A scrumptious lasagna dinner (included in your $20 per person entry fee) will be offered immediately following the racing, under the picnic shelter. A vegetarian entrée alternative will be available. Non-rowing spouses and friends are welcome at the dinner for $12 per person and should be noted on the entry.


Entries: Send an email to (subject line ‘DASH’) with the following information:

            Name of club and contact information.

            Number of rowers participating (x $20 each)


                                    # ports,



                                    Name(s) of coxswains

                                    Names of most experienced stroke-pair

            Number of non-rowers/non-coxswains for dinner (x $12 each)

            Total dollar-value and date of check mailed to :

            DexterDash  c/o Oregon Association of Rowers

            P.O. box 11963

            Eugene OR 97440


Make checks payable to O.A.R. – DexterDash


Questions should be directed to with the subject: ‘DASH.’